BHM VLOG Series!

Last year for Black His-story Month I wrote a blog-a-day for 31 days!

This year, I’ve turned them into vlogs to make it easier for you to digest the in-formation! Here’s the video for Day 1 ‘The Bible and Mental Slavery’:

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Here’s the link to last year’s BHM Day 1 blog where you can listen to my fearless letter to God, and a new scene I wrote for the Third Edition of my novel Journey of a Sister, where Charles explains to Suzanne that she’s a displaced African and needs to find her way back home, to her Motherland!

Go to Day 2: The Origins of Christianity

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I wrote my poem ‘Who Am I?‘ in 2007 when I first discovered my roots were in Africa! I recorded this version in 2020 while still in recovery from a psychic attack which almost cost me my life, and put me in a psychiatric ward for a month. By the time you finish reading/watching this BHM series you’ll understand why my mind was under so much attack!

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