Day 5: Your Natal Chart

This is the last day of your Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge!

By now, you should know your Life Path Number, your Moon Sign, the Phase the moon was in when you were born, and your Archetype.

These should be written in a special notebook, ready for the next part of your Soul Purpose Discovery journey – if you choose to continue!

Today, you’ll get a free natal chart reading like the one I shared in my e-book ‘DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose!

Get your free Natal Chart reading here!

As part of my 6 Month Soul Purpose Discovery Program we will study our natal charts more indepth, to learn what the placements of the planets in each House means, so we can plan accordingly.

When I first started on this journey of Self-discovery I was naive. I was told that ‘I view the world through rose-coloured glasses’. I thought life was all about ‘Love and Light’. If I had known the experiences I would have to go through to get to where I am now, I probably wouldn’t have started the journey!

Can you relate?

However, working with our Natal Chart would have helped us to be better prepared for life’s challenges.

Our Natal/Birth Chart is like a snapshot of the planets the moment we were born. Each planetary placement has an influence on our behaviour, innate gifts and talents, and the things we will experience in life. Your Natal Chart can help guide you through life, and reveal what you came here to be.

In your free reading, you’ll not only get a free Natal Chart, it will also explain some of the planetary alignments.

Write down what resonates with you in your special notebook!

That’s it! You’ve completed the 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge, well done! ✨️ 🎊🥇

Has the 5 Day Challenge helped you to innerstand yourself better? Do you have a clearer idea of what you came here to be? How aligned are you with your true purpose? Do you want to feel supported in fulfilling your soul purpose?

If you would like to continue your journey of Self-discovery with me, join my Tribe! In this video I share some of the benefits of joining the Soul Purpose Tribe:

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Take the next step on your journey of Self-discovery: message me what you discovered about yourself, e.g. Your Sun and Moon signs, your Life Path Number, your Archetype, and anything else you’d like to share! (or fill in the Contact Form below).

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LOVE is the Solution!

When you become a Soul Purpose Tribe Member you’ll get a FREE T-shirt with the SPT logo with your first name, and the glyphs for your Star, Moon, Archetype and Life Path Number – this will help us identify each other more easily!

The SPT Model means you’ll be able to join a tribe which suits you, or build your own tribe. Bearing in mind this is a global support network, most of it will be online, or in the app we are having built. We will also be organising in-person events and Retreats, exclusive for SPT Members.

High Vibe Music

I’ve been creating music for the SPT YouTube Channel for meditation, and to help keep us on a high vibe. Listen to ‘Imagine a World‘, ‘Chasing P’s with a Purpose’, Ho’oponopono Healing Prayer, DNA Ascension Activation, and Dhyani Love’s Grounding Meditation.

Earlier this year I wrote two short stories; one about the purpose of flowers 💐 and the other about a sheep who dares to break free from the herd mentality:

Please donate to my GoFundMe to turn them into animation to be watched freely on the Soul Purpose Tribe YouTube channel! I turned this GIF into a sample of what I’d like to create!

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