Day 2: Your Life Path Number

This is Day 2 of my Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge!

As Founder of the Soul Purpose Tribe, I’m seeking to build a 3,000 strong army of melanin-rich warriors!

By the end of this Soul Purpose Discovery Blog Tour you’ll know if you want to join my tribe, or whether you want to start your own, or join someone else’s. We’re aiming to build 48 Soul Purpose Tribes globally!

Today’s Challenge is to discover your Life Path Number and what it means. Click here to listen to your free mini reading; write down what resonates with you in a special notebook just for this Challenge!

In my free e-book DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose, I revealed that my Life Path Number is 1. I also shared what all the Life Path Numbers mean.

Are You a ‘Chosen One’?

I’ve been a Targeted Individual since 2001; I was assigned a government agent at the very beginning of my ‘Awakening’.

If I told you half the things I’ve experienced you’d think I was mad, because it would sound too far fetched. For instance, being ‘zapped’ by government technology in 2015 which shut down my Third Eye. This DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) attack prevented me from being able to access the 5D (fifth dimension) where I get my ‘downloads’ from.

If it wasn’t for plant medicines, I don’t know where I would be today.

In my e-book PiMP! (Plant Medicine Pusher) I shared how plant medicines, including psychedelics, have played a key role in my healing. (Click on the book image to download it free – after you’ve finished reading this blog!).

The spiritual attacks, DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) and psychic attacks may have slowed down my progress, but they haven’t stopped me from fulfilling my purpose!

I’m now convinced that when parents give their baby’s birth certificate to the government, they use it to work out the child’s Life Path. So much can be discovered about a person just from knowing their date and time of birth!

I’m pretty sure they knew who I was before I did, just like Neo in The Matrix!

As soon as he started ‘waking up’, government agents were sent after him. He took the red pill to learn “the Truth!” about life, and was thrown into a world of confusion as he tried to break free from this false 3D ‘reality’.

Agents tried to block him at every turn.

Eventually, he learned how to dodge the bullets, and to fight the agents faster and more tactically. LOVE was the force that prevented him from dying, and he fulfilled his role as ‘the Chosen One’.

Are YOU a ‘Chosen One’?

‘Neo’ is an acronym for ‘One’; are you one of the Chosen Ones?

If so, you belong in my tribe!

I’m not sure if all Chosen Ones have a Life Path Number 1…we’ll soon find out!

Someone once commented that ‘the Matrix’ is actually a documentary, not a film. Now I can see how my experiences as a TI have similarities to Neo’s ‘hero journey’.

There are many more ‘Chosen Ones’ out there, I know I’m not alone. We’ve been through many battles which have battered us, but have served to toughen us up to become the warriors we need to be, to lead humanity out of this slow evolutionary decline, into raising our levels of consciousness, and co-creating a New Earth.

Earlier this year I downloaded a revolutionary Spoken Word piece called ‘Imagine a World from the fifth dimension (5D).  The first half explains how governments are manipulating our minds to create what their masters want, which is a slave nation – after they’ve culled the population. The second half takes you through a guided meditation to begin imagining ‘Heaven on Earth’:

They know the power of the Collective Consciousness; if they could have achieved their ‘New World Order’ without us, they would just get on with it. But they have to rely on the masses to create it for them using our imagination!

I’m creating a number of meditations and high-vibe music for the SPT YouTube channel, and I’m giving SPT Members the opportunity to contribute to it too! I just uploaded a Grounding Meditation from Shaman/Healer Dhyani Love, who I’ll be interviewing shortly; she will be building her own Soul Purpose Tribe! (More info on Day 4 of this Challenge) Subscribe to the channel and set notifications, so you can know when new videos are uploaded!

Back to your Life Path Number:

While you’re listening to your free Numerology mini-reading, write down anything that resonates with you, including your four Core Numbers; you’ll need them later on, if you decide to join me on the 6 Month Soul Purpose Discovery Program!

Watch this breakdown of The Matrix, to innerstand how all those who are Awakening/Awakened are the Chosen Ones:

And watch this video which explains why Chosen Ones come under attack:

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