Self Love Challenge Day Three: Find Your Self! 🧘🏾‍♀️

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with your Self. Self Love is the only love story that has 100% chance of a happy ending. When you love yourself, you’re guaranteed to live happily ever after!

Yesterday I explained why Self Love is so important.

Three years ago I suffered a very public ‘mental breakdown’. I lost everything, including my reputation. Everything I’d been working towards for the last 20 years lay in ruins.

I could have stayed in the shadows, and disappeared from the public eye. But instead, I went into radical Self Love mode! I gave myself pep talks every day, and reminded myself of how great I am, despite what it looked like. I didn’t beat myself up for my failure, I held my head up high and focused  on my healing, and re-building my business.

Self Love really is a revolution!

When you’ve hit rock bottom and there’s no-one to pull you back up, you have to know how to rebuild your own self-esteem, your own courage, your own faith in yourself.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the key, because everything has a frequency. Love is the highest frequency you can vibrate on, and it’s the complete opposite of fear. Pure Love eradicates fear. The purest love you can have is with your Creator, and the only way to truly have a connection with your Source is by going within. I’m trying not to sound religious by using the word ‘God’, but God is Love!

It was my faith in a Higher Power that got me through, and my connection with my ancestors.

Developing love for yourself requires you to spend a lot of time alone. How do you get to know someone? By spending time with them, talking with them, and asking them questions.

Being alone and being lonely are two different things; being alone gives you the chance to connect with your inner Self.

In today’s society we’re taught to focus on the external, and to neglect our inner world. There are so many distractions!  When was the last time you sat alone, in the Silence? No TV, no radio, no social media; just you, and your Self.

Sitting in Silence has a powerful effect on the mind and body. It helps to quiet your mind, relax your body, and get you in tune with your Self. Sitting in Silence in nature is even more healing (preferably under a tree).

Today’s Self Love task is to turn off all outside distractions, close your eyes, and sit quietly with your Self.

Whenever I capitalise the word ‘Self’, I’m referring to your Higher Self, the part of you that’s made in the image and likeness of the Great Creator.

We are all creative, because we all think.

When you turn your focus inwards, your priorities change.  You realize that there’s another you within, a higher version of yourself. See how long you can sit quietly, and if you receive any profound insights, write them down.

Today’s affirmation is “I am perfect, just as I am.”

See you tomorrow, and remember to look in the mirror every day and tell yourself “I LOVE YOU!” ❤

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