Are You a Chosen One?

Do people call you ‘crazy’?

Are you a misfit in society?

Do you feel like you’re here for a purpose, to help create a New Earth?

Watch this video:

I identify with just about everything he said, so I wanted to pass this message on:

WE are the ones who are helping to change this world by aligning with our true purpose.

As you ascend to the 5D through this 11:11 gateway, know that you are not going crazy, it’s all part of the process!

If you identify with the message in the video, join my Soul Purpose Tribe and help create HEAVEN on EARTH!

I’ve been on this journey for the past 20 years; my ‘Awakening’ began in 2001 when I was still a Christian.

As the descendant of an enslaved African born in England, I was suffering from a self-identity crisis; I had low self-esteem, had been programmed to think of myself as a ‘poor, wretched sinner’ who needed a white saviour, and new nothing about Africa, my Motherland.

Yet still, I QUESTioned why I had to wait until I died to go to heaven, why can’t I just live in Heaven on Earth?

I wrote a fearless letter which began my QUEST for “the Truth!” I recorded the letter and uploaded it to MySpace, which caused me to become a ‘Targeted Individual’. It was obvious I was ‘waking up’ from the religious programming:

That same year I met my Twin Soul, which had triggered my Awakening. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was assigned a government agent and came under my first psychic and spiritual attack. It left me homeless, and forced me to break up with my Twin Flame.

Despite my circumstances, I still continued my Self-discovery and self-healing journey, which I documented through my books, art and poetry.

I visited my Motherland for the first time in 2014. My five month stay in Ghana changed my perception of Africa; I saw firsthand how much damage colonialism had done.

Africa had been (and continues to be) raped and plundered by Europeans, and now Chinese, who drain her rich resources, while preventing the natives from benefitting greatly financially.

As the descendant of an enslaved African, I had been cut off from my Motherland both physically and spiritually. I was given a disempowering religion in place of my forgotten African spirituality. I was told I had a new identity ‘in Christ’ while my original name, Mother Tongue, culture, heritage and inheritance were taken from me.

I left church in 2007 and joined the Black ‘conscious’ community. I learned how European missionaries flooded Africa with free bibles to pave the way for colonialism, after slavery was ‘abolished’. All prominent biblical characters were whitewashed, including Jesus.

As a child, my bible had beautifully painted illustrations – but even the hand coming down from heaven was white!

Thinking of Jesus as a white man, and believing he’s the only one who could ‘save’ them, developed a psychological disorder called ‘white saviour syndrome’ in Africans and their descendants.

Now, white people can travel anywhere the bible has previously been accepted, and be treated like gods. This is because Africans were subconsciously programmed (through the bible) to see the white man as God.

Elitists developed other complex systems to put themselves in a position of power. Their systems were not designed for Africans and their descendants to benefit from, they were designed to give themselves the upper hand.

This is why Africa is indebted to Europe, even though Europe needs the rich resources of Africa to survive. Rich white corporations continue to bleed the Motherland while preventing her natives from benefitting financially from her wealth-creating resources.

Up to now, white people in general have benefitted from this system of white supremacy while denying it exists.

In order to create a ‘New Earth’, the systems of white supremacy must be COMPLETELY DISMANTLED – and the ones to make this happen must be those who still benefit from it:

If you are the descendant of an enslaver living off the proceeds your ancestors made from owning stolen Africans, I’m talking to you.

If you are a rich white man profiting from the wealth of Africa, I’m talking to you.

If you are a white woman who has children for a Black man, yet does nothing to help him become free from white oppression, I’m talking to you.

If you are a white employer who exploits cheap Black labour, I’m talking to you.

I discovered a few years ago that the government had only JUST finished paying compensation to the ‘owners’ of enslaved Africans who had lost their ‘stock’.

When they said ‘millions of you’, that includes the descendants of enslaved Africans whose taxes helped pay their ancestors former oppressors off! How much did freed Africans receive in compensation? ZERO. As a result, many were forced to carry on working for their former enslavers at a minimum wage.

To date, the descendants of enslaved Africans have still not received compensation, nor treatment for the psychological trauma which was encoded into our DNA.

My mission is (partly) to help free my people from the mental slavery of religion, and to help reconnect the descendants of enslaved Africans with their ancestral roots.

And that’s going to take a lot of money. I’m talking about buying large pieces of land and building villages where people can relocate to, even if they don’t have the money.

I also plan to turn my novel into a film so those who don’t read books can still benefit from the ancestral messages I channelled into the story. This will help to rebuild our community too. I’m committed to the cause, and YOU can support me.

If the government REALLY wanted us to leave this country, they would have given us the financial means to do so. Give us what was stolen from us so we can “go back to where we come from”. We’d all be multi-millionaires, just like those enslavers who were paid off, who now have generational wealth to pass down to their descendants. We don’t have generational wealth due to our stolen inheritance.

I’m not one to just sit and ponse off the government, but I’ve been forced to claim ‘Universal Credit’ because I’ve been prevented from making a living from my creations. Since I started my business in 2001, I’ve experienced covert government operations to block my progress. They know the people who would put money back into our community and help rebuild it. People like me.

When I started ‘waking up’ from the comatose of religion, I was assigned a government agent. I think they knew my purpose before I did, like Neo in The Matrix (Neo is an anagram for One, as in Chosen One).

These governments have developed secret technologies which they use to control the minds of the masses. I personally don’t watch TV or listen to the radio because of subliminal programming. Yet this hasn’t stopped them from attacking my mind in other ways, e.g. telephone masts.

This isn’t about controlling Black people anymore. They may have tested their systems on us first, but now they’re rolling their mind control programs out to the whole population. I’m sure I don’t need to validate what I’m saying, you can see it for yourself (or click on the above image and do your research – but don’t use Google!)

I used to believe that life was all about ‘Love and light’, but the more ‘self-development’ work I was doing, the worse my life got – it wasn’t making any sense! Until I discovered I was a TI (Targeted Individual) in 2015 – the year I was ‘zapped’ from a telephone mast.

I’m grateful for everything I’ve been through because it’s toughened me up for the rest of my journey. When I complained to God that “You didn’t prepare me for this journey!” He replied “You were prepared ON the journey!”

So now I’m ready for the next part of my journey and I’d love you to join me!

We CAN co-create a New ‘Heaven on Earth’, I’ll talk more about that in my next post!

In the meantime, download my novel Journey of a Sister to see where I’m coming from – it’s not my autobiography, but I’ve shared what I discovered since asking for “the Truth!” in a beautiful story form:

Journey of a Sister features my artwork and poetry, download the e-book or audiobooks – at the back of the e-book you’ll find a £5 DISCOUNT CODE towards your personally signed paperback!

In 2018 while in the Gambia, I had a premonition that something bad was going to happen in 2020. I had a vision of Black people running from England and America, literally running for their lives

I started encouraging my people to put our money together to buy land and build villages, using the hashtags #comehome (kai ci kurbi) and #getout2020

I came under a severe psychic attack which almost cost me my life, and put me in a psychiatric ward for a month. It took two years for me to recover, but the game-changer for me was learning how to call on my ancestors and spiritual family for backup. 

What I now realize is…they DO NOT WANT THE DESCENDANTS OF ENSLAVED AFRICANS RETURNING TO AFRICA – they want the wealth of Africa for themselves, which is why they did a good job cutting us off from our spiritual roots in the first place! 

Through colonialism, their man-made religions, the ‘justice’ system and the media, white elitists have been destroying the image of the Black Man and Woman, breaking down the Black Family, keeping the majority of Africans and their descendants in poverty, hiding our true identity, and keeping us as a slave race. They want us to be financial slaves to their system, not benefitting from our natural creativity and genius. 

The reason European governments don’t want us returning to our Motherland EN MASS is because their financial systems would collapse. We were programmed to spend our money on expensive clothes, trainers, hair, watches etc. in order to feel good about ourselves.  The physical chains were removed, but were replaced with mental chains – religion being the biggest mind-fuck.

White male elitists wanted to be like God, but they have failed to spread Love (God is Love). Instead, all they’ve done is promote fear and create havoc upon the earth, including the latest ‘plandemic’.

We have reached a critical point in history. 

We are moving out of the age of Pisces, and into the age of Aquarius.  What does this mean? Pisces is the age of religion (hence Jesus and the fish aka Vesica Piscis). The age of Aquarius is the Golden age, the age of enlightenment. Lockdown helped many people find their Self.

Their time is up and they know it. Everything happening externally is a BIG DISTRACTION. Focus on GOING WITHIN because that’s where change takes place, in the dark soil of your subconscious mind. IMAGINE A WORLD filled with LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL. Spend time each day visualizing what this world would look like if there were no wars, racism, dis-ease, trauma, or pain. What would it be like if everybody treated each other nicely? Just nice, that’s all I’m saying…

What would this world be like if it became Law to limit the use of ‘smart’phones to two hours a day, and we went back to using the old phones the rest of the time? (Are these phones advancing us as a human race?) What would life be like if we didn’t have to work 40 hours a week to pay bills (modern day plantation), but all our needs were met anyway?

What would life be like if instead of spending years healing from past trauma, we spent that  time evolving our souls? How have we gone backwards in our consciousness instead of evolving to higher states of being? 

We have the power to create positive change. We can reverse the damage caused by the system of white supremacy, but it must start with those who benefit from it; they must be willing to give up their white privilege, and help dismantle the systems that are not serving the whole of humanity.

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The Migrant Online is an alternative media that provides useful information relating to migration and its processes. It seeks to bring immigrants and their hosts together so that people will be able to tolerate other cultures. They interviewed me about my work, time spent in Africa, and aspirations, read our interview ‘Growing Up in England Was Like Being a Fish Out of Water‘.

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