New Moon in Scorpio!

Today is a New Moon in Scorpio – my birth sign! New Moons are the perfect time to plant your seed of intention in the womb of the Great Cosmic Mother. According to Keiko’s book ‘The Power Wish‘, when the moon is in your moon sign, you stand an even greater chance of your wishes being granted!

The new moon in Scorpio helps you:

  1. Focus on one thing at a deeper level
  2. Demonstrate outstanding focus
  3. Deepen your bond with a loved one
  4. Attract a soul mate
  5. Turn around a hopeless situation
  6. Restore or resurrect what has been ruined
  7. Turn a past mistake into success
  8. Achieve a stunning transformation
  9. Purchase real estate
  10. Gain passive income

4-10 resonate with me!

Take some time today to write down your intentions and focus on what you want to create in your future. Here are a few pointers from The Power Wish to get you started:

  1. What mission would you like to dedicate your life to?
  2. What situation would you like to turn around?
  3. If you were to be reborn right now, what kind of person would you like to be?
  4. What is something that didn’t go well in the past that you’d like to give another try?
  5. What kind of real estate would you like to own, and where?

Keiko gives 3 Power Wish examples that are likely to come true with a Scorpio new moon:

  1. I intend to part with my past self and begin a completely new life.
  2. I intend to share the rest of my life with a soul mate.
  3. I intend to take this New Moon as an opportunity to get out of my rut and ride a wave of good fortune.

She gives a long list of keywords that you can use to grab the Universe’s/Yoni-verse’s attention, covering all aspects of life. I’ll name some of them: transformation, resurrection, reset, meditation, strength, faith, value, truth, honest feelings, fresh start, comeback, try again, ancestor, DNA, life partner, past life, destiny, better half, sex, inheritance, asset, investment, real estate, royalty, passive income, finance, life’s work, sexy, alluring, the other side, secret art, psychic powers, unshakeable, true, precious, astronomical, at the soul level, fated, deepen a relationship, understand each other, commit, share, bequeath.

Some suggestions from the book around…


  • I intend to meet my soul mate and establish a bond that transcends time and space (I like that!)


  • I intend to fully master my current vocation and become a charismatic leading figure in the field of couples counselling.
  • I intend to find work that I can call my life’s purpose and devote the rest of my life to it.


  • I intend to compose numerous songs (in my case poems), and live comfortably on the royalties for the rest of my life.


  • I intend to donate 10% of all unexpected income and bonuses to charity.
  • I intend to make a habit of meditating before I go to bed, preparing myself to sleep soundly.


  • I intend to allow the talent and genes I inherited to fully blossom in my life.

I wrote a blog for the last Full Moon, and you may notice that the wording is different; on a New Moon you set your intentions, and on a full moon you give thanks for the seed you planted on the new moon, the two go hand in hand. I do recommend getting the book, I’m having such fun learning about each new moon and full moon, and following Keiko’s guidance. For instance, she suggests starting to write your intentions just after the new moon or full moon has peaked, and within 10 hours.

As this new moon is around attracting a soulmate, I put this video together earlier today for your enjoyment – Scorpio is all about sex, transformation and rebirth, and that’s my intention, wishing you great success in your intention setting too!

You can now download The Preparation as an mp3! It features in Year Two of Journey of a Sister, download the audiobook to see how I’ve interwoven it into the story! 

You can also read my blog about the Full Moon Power wish, including how to make moon water to amplify your intentions!

In your service,

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