BHM Day 31: Who Am I?

Today is the last day of ‘Black His-story Month’ but OUR story is 365 days of the year!

Writing a blog a day has been a great personal challenge, and I also learned some things along the way – especially the in-formation about the Divine Mother! It’s been a great honour to pay homage to my ancestors through this blog series!

I have accepted my calling to help the descendants of enslaved Africans heal from ancestral trauma, and reconnect with their Motherland.

I recited this poem in the dungeons of Cape Coast Castle to honour my ancestors when I visited my Motherland (Ghana) for the first time in 2014:

The ‘call’ at the end erupted from somewhere deep inside me.

Some of the photos in this video are from my pilgrimages to Ghana 🇬🇭 (2014-2015) and the Gambia 🇬🇲 (2017-2018)

Who Am I? features in Year Two of Journey of a Sister. Are you seeking to repatriate to your Motherland? Join my Tribe! To get to know me better, and to see if you are aligned with my ideals, read my novel, and read the whole of this blog series. I’m seeking to build an army of Africans and their descendants who will return to our Motherland EN MASS and help undo the damage caused by slavery and colonialism.

Below are the links to all the posts in this series, for easy reference:

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Day 28: All Souls Day (Halloween)

Day 29: Black OUR Story!

Day 30: Let the Healing Begin!

Continue your journey of Self-discovery with me!

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“Anything I WILL to happen is happening NOW!”

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