BHM Day 30: Let the Healing Begin!

There are some healers in our community who don’t really want you to heal because if you do, you’ll have no more use for their services. (A bit like the NHS and Mental Health system). 

I had to learn how to take my healing and protection into my own hands.  

In Day 27 ‘The Unprotected Black Woman‘ I explained that when I almost committed suicide in November 2018 (through a psychic attack), I was admitted to a psychiatric ward for a month. They tried to get me to take their chemical drugs, but I refused.

When I discharged myself in January 2019 I was intuitively led to use the seeds of a flower which seemed to reset my brain, and erase all the subconscious ‘programs’.

But I was still under spiritual attack, so while I was healing I was also learning how to protect myself, with the help of plant medicines and herbs.

My very first encounter with (psychedelic) plant medicines was in 2017 with cannabis oil. I ended up in a trance state for around 10 hours, during which time I was receiving a spiritual ‘download’. It felt as if it was affecting my PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

When WE heal, we’re also healing our ANCESTORS and FUTURE GENERATIONS.

My second encounter with plant medicines was with psilocybin (magic) mushrooms. They took me on a deep inner journey through my ancestry, before slavery. They showed me that my ancestry was Royalty, but the trauma my ancestors suffered during their enslavement altered their DNA structure. The message I received from my first ‘trip’ was ‘DNA repair‘. Plant medicines are our Fast Track to repairing the damage to our DNA.

This is why governments have labelled them ‘illegal’, while their ‘big pharma’ drugs are distributed through legalized drug pushers (Doctors and GP’s).

Plant medicines are provided by Mother Nature; they grow out of the ground. Big pharma drugs are constituted from a plant, then a chemical is added in order to be able to patent it. For example, the plant medicine Iboga is illegal, yet the key component of the big pharma drug Ibogaine, is Iboga. They use it to treat addictions, but that’s not the plant’s true purpose

Do you remember two parts in the film Black Panther where they gave T’Challa and Killmonger a concoction to drink from a sacred plant? They buried them under the soil (representing the subconscious), where they met their deceased father in the spiritual realm:

(I couldn’t find a clip with the actual plant, but that’s not what it looks like in real life anyway).

Iboga will connect you with your ancestors. 

I wasn’t meant to recover from the tech attack in 2016, or the psychic attack in 2018. Plant medicines have been my fast track to healing, and have also helped me clear some of my ancestral trauma (I still have work to do).

If it wasn’t for plant medicines, I don’t know what mental state I would be in today. Our ancestors suffered both physical and psychological trauma, and many of us are still carrying that trauma in our DNA.

We Are Our Ancestors

The PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE are all happening simultaneously.  With timeline therapy I was able to go back and heal myself as an unborn child, as a newborn, and as a young child. With the help of plant medicines I was also able to heal my ancestors, and future generations. 

On one occasion I was sobbing loudly and uncontrollably; not just from the pain of being separated from my three suns, but at the same time, I was feeling the grief of one of my ancestors on a plantation.  She’d had her children taken away and sold, never to be seen again. As I was experiencing her grief, I kept saying “Heal her, heal her….” 

On another occasion, the medicine was guiding me on how to break generational curses from my children. While doing the (inner) work I was thinking “I didn’t even know I had the power to do this as a mother!”

Now, my grandchildren (the next generation to be born) won’t carry that ancestral trauma in their DNA.

Ancestral Healing

Until we do this inner healing work, we won’t heal as a commUNITY. Remember, we’re not just healing OURSELVES, we’re healing our ANCESTORS and FUTURE GENERATIONS. 

To neglect our ancestors is to neglect ourselves, and also our descendants.

It’s time to HEAL – PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!

Read my blog on How to Set Up an Altar to Your Ancestors and the true meaning of Halloween for more information.

We must acknowledge that our ancestors are part of us, and do the inner work to heal all timelines.

Let the healing begin!

In your service,

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