BHM Day 28: All Souls (Halloween) πŸ’€πŸ‘» πŸŽƒ

Most people associate Halloween with Trick or Treat, dressing up in Goulish costume, and pumpkins.

But what is the true meaning of Halloween? Today we will look into its HISTORY, and why it’s the best time to contact your ancestors.πŸ’€

What Does ‘Halloween’ Mean?

Hallow β€” or ‘holy person’ β€” refers to the saints celebrated on All Saints Day, which is on November 1. Een is short for ‘Evening‘. So basically, Halloween is an old-fashioned way of saying “The night before All Saints’ Day.” Halloween falls on 31st October.

What is ‘All Saints Day’?

Pope Gregory III designated November 1, as a time to honour all saints and martyrs. This was known as All Saints’ Day.

All Souls Day falls on 2 November, thus making this a 3 day celebration to acknowledge ‘saints’ or ‘holy people’ who have died. Hmmm…I’m sure I would remember if we’d done this every year!

In all my 35+ years of going to church, I never once remember hearing a sermon on the significance of All Souls/All Saints Day. Was it excluded from Black churches? πŸ€” Maybe that’s when they did all night prayer meetings

So…I called my Mother and former Pastor to confirm whether all night prayer meetings are held on Halloween? No, they’re held for New Year’s Eve.

What was once a Christian ‘holy day’ became shunned by the church, who over time associated it with demonic activity, spirits and curses.😈

Modern-day Halloween

Today, Halloween is more of a commercial occasion aimed at children dressing up and eating candy, or adults looking for a reason to dress up and misbehave publicly.

People generally wear costumes of a spooky nature, with vampires, witches, skeletons, mummies and zombies being the more popular options.

Houses are decorated and young children are encouraged to play β€œtrick or treat”. Pumpkins are carved out and placed outside to scare away evil spirits. πŸ‘Ή

The Spiritual Meaning of Halloween πŸ‘»

HALLOWEEN is said to be the one night of the year when the barriers between the living and the dead break down, when spiritual activity is believed to be at its highest.

The veil between this physical world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest, making it the ideal time to communicate with the deceased and to divine the future. πŸ’€

Some astrologers believe the start of November 1 is a powerful date to communicate with the dead because it’s the first day of the 11th month – the number 111.

This particular number represents three pillars, with the one in the middle symbolising a veil or barrier between two worlds.

On the night of Halloween, this veil is lifted or weakened enough to let the living and the dead mix together.

We are now in Scorpio season, which is the zodiac sign for death and transformation. I’m a Scorpio, and I suddenly feel as if I’m really coming into my Self, teaching others how to set up an altar to communicate with our ancestors!

I started doing altar work in November 2019, after attending 3 days of events which taught the true significance of Halloween.

I’ve had some profound insperiences at the altar; on one occasion my ancestors commended me saying “Look at you! Look how far you’ve come; you used to go to the altar at church, now you have your own altar!” (That made me LOL).

On another occasion, I dreamt my dad for the first time since he passed over 20 years ago. The message I got from that dream (and two subsequent readings) was that his mother was trying to make contact with me.

Recently I dreamt my sister for the first time since she transitioned last September, reassuring me that she ‘has my back’ (and all the others).

Spirit is Eternal

In previous posts in this series I’ve explained that we carry the genetic coding of our ancestors in our DNA. Yes, we have inherited some trauma, but we’ve also inherited the Genius Gene, and a wealth on in-formation we can tap into (I call it channelling).


If you want to know what I mean, read my novel Journey of a Sister (46,000 words were channelled), or the whole of this blog series. We can tap into ancestral wisdom by tuning in.

Start by setting up an altar to your ancestors. This gives you a focal point to direct your energy.

What to Put On Your Altar

  1. Start by covering a table with a white cloth. (preferably wooden, or glass). If you have a cloth with an African print, that will work too.
  2. Include items which represent the four elements; air, fire, water and earth, e.g. a feather, a candle, a glass of water, potted plant or flowers in a glass vase, and crystals, stones or sea shells.
  3. Add photos of your loved ones who you wish to make contact with, and/or pictures of great leaders (deceased) such as Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, and Malcolm X.
  4. Burn incense.

Feel free to include other items that are significant to you.

Use Florida Water and/or Kananga Water for protection; pour some in your hands, and douse your aura from head to foot. You can also burn San Paolo (wood) for protection from any evil spirits 😈. We’re only making contact with the good ones!

Once you have set up your altar, choose a time of day that you will do your altar work. If you work flexible hours, your ancestors will work around you! (I’ve made contact during the day and at night).

Start by just sitting at your altar in Silence. Light the candle and stare into the flame as you meditate. Take deep, slow breathes as you focus your intention on making contact with your ancestors (in through your nose, out through your mouth three times). When you feel relaxed and at ease, pour libation into the plant with some of the water, calling the names of the spirits you wish to invoke as you do so.

This will be my first time doing altar work on the night of Halloween, so I can’t tell you what to expect. (Last year I was still mourning my sister’s passing). Have no fear. If you’re going to be fearful it’s best not to do it (like attracts like).

Before you begin, burn frankincense, benzoin, or San Paolo incense in the room, and aim to keep it going throughout the session. They will help keep bad spirits away.

Depending on why you’re calling them, light the corresponding coloured candle:

If this is your first time doing altar work, I suggest calling upon one ancestor e.g. parent or close relative.

Call upon the ancestors in your direct bloodline, those known and unknown, who were working for the upliftment and liberation of our people. Offer them some of the food you cooked (e.g. pumpkin soup or their favourite). Thank them for hearing your call, and for guidance and protection. Tell them what you need. Listen to see if they give you a message. The message can come through your spirit, or in a dream.

Joint Ancestral Veneration

If you are interested in calling upon our ancestors as a commUNITY (energetically) say this prayer while at your altar each day, from 31st Oct to 3rd November:

For more information read my blog ‘How to Set Up an Altar to Your Ancestors‘ and watch the video where we set up an altar outside my sister Lady Leo‘s house to honour the work she had done in our community.

This is a poem I wrote in rememberance of my sister:

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In your service,

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