BHM Day 27: The Unprotected Black Woman

Something happened yesterday that inspired today’s post, which is also a follow-on from yesterday’s post. I received a WhatsApp message from a brother I know in Ghana. He had received a message from a sister in the UK saying “Cezanne has mental health issues after stealing people’s money in Gambia…

I contacted her direct, and asked her not to slander my name. She responded in absolute disgust, saying she saw the YouTube video ‘The Unapologetic Negropean’ had made about me.

She threatened me with her ancestors, and told me I’m a disgrace to myself and my community.

The same commUNITY I’ve been uplifting through my books, art and poetry for the past 10+ years. The same commUNITY I’ve been awakening from the mental slavery of religion. The same commUNITY I’ve been reminding of who we are, and the power we have when we UNITE.

Two days ago I wrote a blog about the importance of Sisterhood. At no point during the 10+ years I was in the Black ‘conscious’ community did I experience ‘Sisterhood’. After my ‘mental breakdown’ no-one came to ask me personally “What happened?” No, they would rather hear it from a sellout who made a video about me even though he’s never met, spoken to, or even tried to interview me to get the facts for himself (even after I emailed him asking him to do so). Why? Because it was never about ‘the Truth’.

I’m aware that there are people in our community who still think I’m a fraud, so today I will give you all the FACTS, even though they will probably make you think I need to be taken back to the psychiatric ward; if you’ve never experienced it, I don’t expect you to understand.

I have experienced spiritual, psychic and technological attacks ever since my ‘Awakening’ in 2001, triggered by meeting my Twin Soul (Twin Souls meet to help raise the Collective Consciousness).

Looking back, I had to go through all of it to prepare me for the path I’m on now. I am one of the Chosen Ones, and my specific calling is to help my people break free from mental slavery.

The last psychic attack forced me to learn how to protect my mind.

Psychic attacks are ‘suggestions planted in someone’s subconscious mind while they are asleep, so that when they wake up, they think it’s their own idea. A severe psychic attack caused me to sabotage the project I was doing in the Gambia, and almost take my own life.

Symptoms of psychic attack: brain fogs, not being able to think straight, inaudible ‘commands’ that you feel you have to carry out, making certain decisions you wouldn’t normally make if you were in your ‘right mind’. The film ‘Inception’ explains what a psychic attack is, only whenever I was under an attack, I didn’t dream.

A technological attack in 2016 had already shut down my Third Eye vision and locked me into this third dimension. Prior to this attack, I was able to travel freely between the physical and spiritual worlds, which is where I got inspiration for my books, art and poetry.

The tech attack confirmed my ex was working for the government because he couldn’t have done what happened that night by himself. He lured me into the garden at 4am (mind control), and I was ‘zapped’ by some sort of technology from a ‘telephone mast’ (click on image for more info):

Love will find a way

Because I wasn’t being inspired to write or paint anymore, I started organizing The Self Love Retreat in the Gambia from late 2017-2018. While I was there I had a premonition in which I saw large numbers of Black people fleeing England and America, as if they were running for their lives. I didn’t know why they were running, but I started encouraging my people to put their money together, buy land and build villages with the hashtags #kaicikurbi (Come Home) and #getout2020

When I saw the miles and miles of deserted beach with land beside it to build upon, I thought “Our ancestors have made sure we have land!” They were calling it TDA land (government owned) but in my mind it was for US, the descendants of enslaved Africans who were returning home.

I’ve since realized that the last thing Western governments want is the descendants of enslaved Africans returning to their Motherland EN MASS. Building villages. Rebuilding our commUNITY.

They did a good job cutting us off from our ancestral roots to prevent this from happening! They want the wealth and resources of Africa for themselves.

I returned to England to put everything on a container for the Retreat Home I was setting up. I thought by renting the 6 bed house, I would be able to offer low-cost holidays, since part of my work is helping reconnect the descendants of enslaved Africans with their Motherland. I had collected £3,000 from sister Angie towards the land for the village project, and money from 6-8 people who were coming on the Retreats.

The previous two times I travelled, I didn’t tell my ex until the actual day I was due to fly, because I would end up not going anywhere. (I was living in his house due to homelessness). But on this occasion, I had to take all my things from the house to put on the container. Instead of getting on a plane, I ended up on a psychiatric ward, after taking an overdose and almost committing suicide.

If you know me personally, I don’t even take headache tablets, let alone 6-8 boxes of various over-the-counter pills. But I had woken up that morning with a swollen right eye, and an urge to kill myself, which I had to carry out. When I failed suicide the first time, in my mind I was thinking “I’m going to go somewhere far where no-one knows me, hide in a bush, take these tablets, and no-one will ever find my body.”

I took the coach to Wales, took an overdose of pills, and wound up in hospital on a drip for 7 days, repairing the damage to my liver. From there I was escorted to a psychiatric ward for ‘observation’.

I was under a heavy spiritual and psychic attack and I didn’t know how to protect myself. There are people in the Black ‘conscious’ community who charge an arm and a leg to do spiritual work, instead of teaching you how to do it for yourself.

I learned the hard way, after almost dying.

Guard Your Mind

In this ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series I’ve been talking a lot about the subconscious mind. The trauma our ancestors suffered remains in our collective unconscious, passed down through our DNA. Fortunately, our ‘Genius Gene’ is also passed down genetically. I know it’s possible to repair the damage to our psyche caused by slavery and colonialism. I’ve spent 15 years working on my own mind; I’ve spent years studying how the conscious and subconscious minds work. I’ve used positive affirmations to build confidence and self-esteem. Healed my inner child. Unindoctrinated myself from religious programming. Intuitively healed myself from Seasonal Affective Disorder using the Colour Therapy in my paintings. Developed my Creative Visualization faculty (shut down again by the tech attack). I shared my spiritual growth through my books, art and poetry. Journey of a Sister isn’t my autobiography but it is my life’s work.

I didn’t deliberately “steal people’s money.” I was under heavy psychic and spiritual attacks. Angie, who had paid for a plot of land wanted to purchase a second plot; if I had been trying to scam her, I would have taken that too. I was genuinely trying to create something for people who wanted to escape to the Motherland. Which leads me to spiritual attacks.

Our whole community is under spiritual attack.

In Day 11 of this ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series I mentioned that our ancestors were forbidden from practicing their African spirituality. Their traditions were replaced with powerless religions, and the same African spirituality we were told not to practice is now covertly being used against us.

Our enslaved ancestors were forced to whip each other on the plantations, and were set against each other (light-skinned against dark-skinned, men against women, young against old etc.) We are still carrying that trauma in our DNA.

Something I noticed in the Black ‘conscious’ community and in Africa; Black people will ju-ju each other instead of attacking their oppressor. We have been programmed to self-destruct, and unless we recognise that, we will continue to carry out their (subconscious) orders.

The first spiritual attack in 2001 left me ‘homeless’. I ended up moving in with the government agent (I didn’t know he was at the time) which made it easier for him to monitor me.

Since starting business in 2001 I’ve made less than £10,000 from my creations (books, art, poetry, events). Not because my products aren’t great or needed, but because something was done to spiritually block my finances. For instance, since I’ve been writing this BHM blog series I’ve only had two e-book sales, and that was from a woman who’s husband sent her the link. Since I started advertising my greeting cards down the side of this blog, I’ve not had one sale – I used to get at least one a month with no promotions!

But I’ve continued doing this work, because it’s my calling.

There are many creative people in our community who have had their finances blocked, or even had their intellectual property stolen. Either by the government, or their agents.

Some years ago, I had a psychic reading done and everything was revealed. We did the work to reverse the curse, I got a lump sum, moved into a new home, and started my business (again). But within a few months I was back to square one.

I’ve now learned how to protect myself from psychic and spiritual attacks; I’m now working on how to protect my business and finances.

I’m the type of person who would build a whole village and tell people “Come!” if I could. From my very first Business Plan I created ways to benefit the whole community. That’s why when I hear that people think I’m crazy and deliberately tried to rip off people in my own community, it saddens me.

As I was descending into my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ in 2018, my best friend kept saying “Cezanne, you need to have people around you constantly sending you light. The work you’re doing is like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X….”

I prefer to think of myself as a modern-day Harriet Tubman; helping people break free from mental slavery – especially the mental slavery of religion.

It stands to reason why the government would send an agent who’s adept in mind control techniques.

In 2001 I uploaded a fearless letter I’d channelled, to Myspace. It challenged a lot of the bible stories we were led to believe, and pointed out their inconsistencies. At the end, I asked for “the Truth!”

This led me from being a church-girl, to discovering the his-story of the religion I had been indoctrinated into, to learning about my ancestors, to visiting my Motherland (Ghana and Gambia), to committing to use my gifts to help my people break free from mental slavery. I could see the psychological effects slavery is still having on the descendants of enslaved Africans, and what colonialism had done (and is still doing) to our Motherland.

Africa is a living, breathing maternal being. She has been continuously raped and plundered, and she’s had enough. She is calling for the descendants of enslaved Africans to “Come home.” She needs those with a warrior spirit to rise up and fight for her.

The title of this blog is ‘The Unprotected Black Woman‘. Yesterday I explained that Black Women are a physical representation of the Feminine aspect of God, and that Mother Earth is the physical part of the Great Cosmic Mother (the same way we are spirits living in bodies).

Black Women and Mama Africa have been left unprotected through slavery and colonialism. There’s no such thing as a ‘Strong Black Woman’, it’s a facade (mask).

Where are all the Killmongers at?

I was in the Gambia when Black Panther came out; I couldn’t wait to get back to England to watch it on the big screen.

I was sitting there fuming, thinking “What’s wrong with my people? Can’t they see all the subliminal messages in this film??”

T’Challa was a sellout – Killmonger was my hero! He wanted to take the ‘technology’ developed in Africa back to the USA and use it to free his people from white oppression. T’Challa wouldn’t give it to him, but gave it to the United Nations. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Killmonger wanted to take back everything that had been stolen from him, starting with the museums.

My sister Lady Leo, was the only other community-focused person in our family. She transitioned to join the ancestors last September, another warrior spirit I can now call upon.

Ancestral Trauma

In Day 16 of this blog series I explained how we are still living on a Modern Day Plantation. I can still see the different types of enslaved Africans in our community today. Africans who escaped enslavement ended up with a colonized mind. There are some things that are ‘swept under the carpet’ in our community, and until we start talking about them, we can’t heal.

Back in the 60’s, many Nigerians came to England and would put their children into Foster Care. Many of these children were sexually abused by their white foster carers, or while in the Foster Care system (which was basically a huge paedophile ring).

I explained in ‘A Modern Day Plantation‘ that some enslaved African men were ‘buck-broken’ (raped) and forced to whip their women, sometimes to the point of death. I’m not the only woman who has taken a psychological whipping from the man who was supposed to love and protect me.

But some of these men were programmed to treat us this way.

The father of my youngest son is Nigerian; he was one of those children who was sexually abused. When a child suffers sexual abuse, the violation to their body does something to them spiritually; it creates a tear in their aura which allows entities in.

Many men (and women) in our community are mind-controlled by the government because of these entities that are attached to them. My youngest son’s father was ‘sent’ by the government. Secret ‘black ops’. A Master NLP Practitioner, he had also learned other mind control techniques. I was unaware that he had me under mind control until 2014, when I found a book in his possession explaining how to do psychic attacks. Then everything began to make sense.

I confronted him about it and they stopped. But when I started encouraging my people to return to their Motherland, I came under a huge attack which not only almost cost me my life, but ruined my reputation.

I bet it never ceases to amaze white men how easily Black men will oppress their own women for enough money (my son’s father gets paid via lottery ‘grants’).

Black men have been emasculated by this system of white supremacy. Black women have been left unprotected (including our Motherland). Our ancestors have been neglected. It’s time for us to re-member who we are, and start doing the work to reclaim our rightful position in this world.

No amount of marching will work. Call on the blood of your ancestors who died in the Black Holocaust. (Not all ancestors are worthy to be called upon; some of them are the reason we’re in this mess). Learn how to set up an altar and do your altar work. Christians are afraid to call on the blood of their ancestors, but will call on the blood of a white saviour. I call it ‘White Saviour Syndrome’. Until we learn to call on our spiritual family we will never BE FREE. While I was still in recovery, I performed The Burning Ritual with Leader of the Ptah Council, Yash, to de-program the subconscious mind from the white saviour image:

As we were looking for somewhere to perform this ritual we came across this ancient tree, which we were inside!

I’ve already written blogs in this series on How To Set Up an Altar; tomorrow I will go into the his-story of ‘All Souls’ (Halloween), and why it’s the best time to make contact with your ancestors.

I’ve been writing a blog a day for ‘Black His-story Month’, read Day 1: The Bible and Mental Slavery and Day 11: Afrikan Spirituality vs Religion.

If you would like to help me clear my name and get back on my feet again, download the e-book of Journey of a Sister, or contribute to my GoFundMe.

For some light entertainment, here I am performing my poem “I Need a MAN!” with music by Robert Glasper!

Read the next post in this series about ‘All Souls Day’ (HALLOWEEN), and why it’s the best time to contact your ancestors!

In your service,

Visual & Spoken Word Artist | Author | Truth-seeker | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

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