BHM Day 26: I Met God…She’s Black!

Did you know that Black Women are the physical representation of the feminine aspect of God here on Earth?

The Black Woman is known as the ‘Mother of all Nations’ because she can create all other types of human beings, which is known as Mitochondrial DNA.

Through mainstream media, she has been made to believe she is the least desirable, has been seperated from her ideal match (the Black man), and has forgotten who she is.

She has also been psychologically abused, disconnected from her ancestral roots, her Motherland, and Mother Earth/Nature. It’s time to re-member who she is! (To put herself back together again).

The Black Woman is a physical representation of the Great Create-Her.

I would go so far as to say all womben are, since our wombs are portals that bring souls from the non-physical realm into the physical.

A woman’s womb is a mini replica of the Universe; it also has the power to bring things other than babies from the spiritual realm into this physical world.

If a man wants to MANifest something in this world, he should ask a Black woman who loves him to hold his vision in her womb:

It’s the Black Woman’s MELANIN that makes her in the image and likeness of the Great Create-Her. As mentioned yesterday, Melanin is found throughout nature and the Universe, or Yoni-verse.

The dark-skinned Black Woman was chosen to be the physical representation of the Divine Feminine aspect of God, here on Earth.

The Universe is the womb of the Great Cosmic Mother. Black womben contain the same pow-her within to create, since their womb is a mini replica of the Universe/Yoni-verse.

She has the strongest genes, and white males (who have the weakest genes) have usurped her position, putting themselves in the position of God.

Instead of giving her due honour, he sought to destroy her image, character, and psyche, so she would forget who she is.

Black Women and Mental Health

Western governments have technology which is specifically used on the Black population, to affect us mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. ‘Black ops’ is real (speaking from experience).

Yesterday I shared a small extract from The Willie Lynch Letter, which showed how white enslavers broke enslaved African women down mentally, in order to program her to raise future generations with a slave mentality.

But now their systems are crumbling, and it’s time to reclaim our pow-her, our throne!

Imagine a World

When the Black Man and Black Woman UNITE in a high state of consciousness, there’s nothing they can’t achieve. Hence why covert government operations are hell bent on keeping them apart. They also try to keep us away from our natural environment (nature), and to keep us on a low frequency through bad food, mind-polluting music, religion and poverty. The monetary system was created for one reason only; to put white men in a position of power.

So imagine a world where everything is as it should be; there’s an equal balance of masculine and feminine energy, food and Nature’s resources are distributed evenly; there is no poverty, because everyone is living abundantly. There are no wars, religious conflicts, or politics; there are no governments, because we are governed by our Higher Self, and in-tuition. Children are not abused, so there’s no need to spend the rest of their life ‘healing from childhood trauma’. There’s no need for Big Pharma because we have returned to Nature. We all love one another and recognize that we are all unique, regardless of skin colour. We are free to travel and visit all the beautiful places on this planet, and are not limited by some phoney digits in our bank accounts. We wake up feeling truly grateful because we are able to create our own little version of ‘Heaven on Earth’.

If you’re in a loving relationship, you can do this together.

In Year Eight of Journey of a Sister I channelled a scene where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual. While ‘going through the motions’, they visualized the business that Charles wanted to start, and the seed of desire was planted in her on a New Moon. They used their sexual energy to create a successful business, which allowed Charles to leave the plantation (9-5 job).

Most people have sex on the lower four chakras, which is our lower animalistic nature. The reason it’s possible to have sex without an emotional connection is because the couple haven’t yet reached their heart chakra.

When a Black Womban and Man UNITE mentally, spiritually, emotionally and sexually in a high state of consciousness, they can literally create HEAVEN ON EARTH. In truth all womben can, but the reason a Black Woman’s womb is more pow-her-full is because of the amount of Melanin it contains, which is the same stuff the Universe/Yoni-verse is made up of.

This is how our ancestors built great civilisations. Unfortunately, they taught the technology of the womban’s body to outsiders, who stole the information and hid it from the masses, keeping it within a select few.

If we truly desire to create ‘Heaven on Earth’, we must recognize that our mind is our greatest tool, and we have to learn how to protect it (I learnt the hard way!). We must also learn how to direct it properly.

The only way for us to transform our lives, and our world is to focus on how we would like things to be, not on how they are now. If you continue to watch ‘tell-lie-vision’ and listen to mainstream media, you will live in fear, and will actually contribute to making events unfold. Elitists have to rely on the Collective Consciousness to ‘seed’ their ideas, because the majority rule. If you believe what they say, you will help create it, because our thoughts are creative – and our emotions add the fuel to the fire.

The only way to make a change is to IMAGINE something different to what we’re being told is going to happen, or what we are currently experiencing.

The Universe is conspiring to make your wishes come true, but there are particular times when you can plant your seeds of intention into the womb of the Great Cosmic Mother, just the same way there are only certain times of the month when a woman can get pregnant.

By aligning with the energies of each New Moon (which is the time to plant your seeds), we can co-create a new earth by envisioning our own versions of ‘Heaven on Earth’. (See my post ‘Oh…my…GODDESS!’)

We are all part of the Collective Consciousness and the Collective Unconscious. The more of us who are focused on imagining a whole new world where we all live in Peace, Harmony, Love and Abundance, the easier it will be to create it. This is why I was led to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe.

Random thought: What would it take to bring the Yoni-verse to orgasm?

Lip service, I imagine!

Our words are powerful! When we set an intention on the new moon (write them down and speak them out loud), and actively pursue our goals, the Universe conspires to help us.

If you have a partner, or a group you can practice this with, your pow-her will increase exponentially!

So there you have it, use the energy of the new moon to plant your seeds of intention into the womb of a Black Womban, because she is made in the image and likeness of the Great Create-Her!

Listen to this poem by Sista Zai:

And last but not least, study pantheoGENESIS!

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In your service,

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