BHM Day 25: Who is The Black Woman?

Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey (Oct 1875-July 1927), a trained missionary and teacher, said “The surest way to keep people down is to educate the men and neglect the women. If you educate a man you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation.” His face appears on the Ghanaian 5 cedis: 🇬🇭

Women can therefore be seen as the agents of social change, since they are mainly the ones raising future generations.

So who is the Black Woman?

Scientifically, she has been called ‘The Mother of all Nations’ because all other variations of human beings came through her (also known as The Eve Gene).

When European men went to Africa and saw the high status Black Women held within their commUNITY, they sought to break that down. They saw that she was the core of the family, and that the family was the core of the commUNITY. In order to break down the whole Black commUNITY, they started by breaking down the Black Woman’s psyche.

Willie Lynch Letter

European men had already conquered their own women, treating them like property. White women weren’t allowed to work and relied on their men financially, who treated them like second class citizens. It wasn’t until after the Second World War that men covertly started the ‘Feminist’ movement. This allowed white women to work, making them think it was their idea, when really, men needed the woman-power because they’d killed off most of their men in the war.

Let’s be clear: This silent war that’s been raging for thousands of years is against all women, including the Divine Feminine, and Mother Earth (the physical presence of the Cosmic Mother).

(White) men became jealous of the fact that their role was to serve the woman – they wanted to usurp her position, so they created religions which removed the Divine Feminine aspect of God, made women subservient to men, and suppressed the Feminine Energy.

In the process of turning everything upside-down, white elitists put themselves at the top of the gene pool, and Black Women at the bottom.

They developed other false ideas like the Darwin theory, which supposedly proved how white people are superior to Blacks. They built a global money system designed to put themselves in a position of power. All their systems were the building of white supremacy using occult (hidden) knowledge stolen from ancient Kemet.

In building this global ‘new world order’, they used their new-found wealth to develop ways to destroy the IMAGE of the Black Woman (and Man). Using their networks of mainstream media, films and literature, they implemented their usual tactic of ‘Divide and Conquer’ by setting Black women and men against each other, claiming that white women were the standard of beauty, then pushing them unto Black men through social engineering.

As a result, dark-skinned women were left on the shelf for them to scoop up (the prize).

While building their system of white supremacy, they secretly studied MELANIN. They know it’s MELANIN which gives Black people superior blood, organs, brains, spirituality, and genetics. While they publicly humiliate and degrade Blacks, secretly they worship them. They know who we are.


The dark-skinned Black Woman is at the top of the gene pool. The more Melanin you have, the darker you are.

Everything good comes from the darkness; in order for food, plants and flowers to grow, a seed has to be planted in the dark soil. A baby grows and develops in the darkness of their mother’s womb. Our thought-seeds are planted in the dark soil of our unconscious mind, before they come to fruition in our outer world. Brown to Black in colour, Melanin is found throughout nature and the Universe.

Who learned about MELANIN when you studied human biology at school? 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♂️ I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t learn about it until my late thirties, which gave me a new sense of pride in my identity as a Black Woman.

In Year Two of Journey of a Sister, I shared everything I learned about MELANIN.

I’ve shared everything I discovered since asking God for “the Truth!” in a beautiful Black Love story, download Year One FREE on the Books page!
Tomorrow, we will dig deeper into who the Black Woman is, the damage that’s been done to her psyche, and what we must do to heal, for the sake of future generations.

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