BHM Day 22: Why Did Jesus CURSE the Fig Tree?

I’ve already written a blog about ‘My Plant Medicine Journey’, so this post is about one particular ‘trip’.

In 2019 I was staying at The Fig Tree Sanctuary, which had a fig tree in the garden. As I admired the beauty of it, I thought about the bible story where Jesus cursed a fig tree, and by the following day it had withered and died.

In my mind I kept wondering “Why would Jesus curse a tree?” (I LOVE trees!) and “Why did Jesus curse the Fig Tree?”

I was working with a particular psychedelic plant medicine at the time, so just before taking it I asked the QUESTion “Why did Jesus CURSE the Fig Tree?”

I looked at my arm; my skin looked like snake skin!

I was given a one-line message, which is now the title for a book I’m writing – a lot of what I’ve written for this blog series is content for that book, especially where I explained how FIGS relate to FERTILITY.

There’s so much male chauvinism in the bible; it’s clear that it was constructed by men who despised the Divine Feminine. Yesterday I showed how they removed the Divine Mother from the Creation story, and used their ‘holy books’ to suppress the Feminine Energy and make women subservient to men. They even hid in plain sight how Jesus and the Great Cosmic Mother are related!

I’ve been on this journey since 2001, when I began my ‘Awakening’. I wrote a fearless letter to God, and asked for “the Truth!” It’s taken me 20 years to discover the Truth about the Divine Mother.

Do you want to know why Jesus cursed the Fig Tree, and what the Fig Tree symbolizes? Think back to the Garden of Eden story; when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and discovered their ‘nakedness’, they sewed FIG leaves together…

If you look at these bible stories from an esoteric point of view instead of literally, they will begin to make more sense.

Western religions were created by male chauvinistic white men who despised the Divine Feminine. They had already removed the Divine Mother from the Creation story and replaced her with a ‘Holy Spirit’.

Then they blamed Eve for the fall of humanity (indirectly blaming the Black Woman) which allowed them to use their religions to suppress the Feminine Energy even further.

Then they flooded Africa, the Motherland with these ‘holy books’. This allowed them to put themselves in position of the Black Woman, and usurp her pow-her.

Read Part 2: ‘Why Jesus CURSED the Fig Tree‘.

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