BHM Day 20: Full Moon Sexual Inner-g!

In yesterday’s blog ‘Sexual Energy is the KEY!’ I said religion was used to suppress our sexual energy because our oppressors knew that’s where our power lies.

Ancient Egyptians were masters at innerstanding the Cosmos, and had taught Europeans that sexual energy is a powerful creative force. When harnessed correctly, it can be used to create things other than babies. Babies are souls who come through the womban’s portal from higher dimensions into this 3D ‘reality’.

On EARTH as it is in HEAVEN

In today’s society, we are taught through the media to dissipate our sexual energy, but our ancestors knew how to build it up and channel it into materializing things created in the 5th Dimension. They also included the power of the IMAGINATION (or Visualisation) to bring things from the non-physical realm into the physical.

In Day 4 of my ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series titled ‘Jesus and His Divine Mother‘ I shared how the woman’s womb is a portal, a mini replica of the Universe. In order to plant your seed of desire in the womb of the Yoni-verse you must know when are the best times. Just as a womban has monthly cycles and isn’t always fertile, the Universe also has ideal periods when to plant your seeds of intention. Her legs are not always open!

According to Keiko’s book ‘The Power Wish’, the two most ideal times to plant your seeds of intention are on a New Moon and Full Moon. You should plant your seed of intention on a New Moon, and give thanks for the seed you planted on a Full Moon; it’s a two-step process.

It just so happens to be a Full Moon today!

Women’s monthly cycles tend to sync with the moon, and our emotions are also affected by the Full Moon, so by visualizing what you want to create, using the right words, and adding positive emotions, you are guaranteed to have your wish granted by the Yoni-verse!

According to Keiko, you can still plant a seed on a Full Moon, it just has to be worded differently. The Universe is partial to certain ‘Power Words’ which when used, increases the chance of your wishes coming true exponentially.

When the New Moon or Full Moon is in your Moon Sign, and you word your wishes correctly, you are in perfect alignment, and therefore stand an almost 100% chance of your Power Wish being granted!

If you don’t know your Moon Sign get your FREE video moon reading here! (It’s also included in my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge).

I’m testing these theories just for fun, and you can too!

So today is a Full Moon in Aries. Each zodiac sign has an area of expertise; being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries specialises in new beginnings, and building something from the ground up for yourself.

‘When you want to launch a business, start a new job, build a relationship with someone, or get a fresh start in a new field, be sure to take advantage of Aries Power Wishes. An Aries New Moon or Full Moon is also helpful when you are at the end of a cycle and want to move on to a new stage.’

Aries Full Moon Power Wish
According to Keiko, the two most likely Power Wishes to come true on an Aries Full Moon examples are:

1) “The new store I opened has been getting great reviews, and thankfully the sales are increasing every month, too. Everything is as I envisioned, thank You so much!

2) “I’ve now made it a habit to TAKE ACTION as soon as I have an in-tuition. Life has picked up its pace, and I’m totally in the flow! Thank You so much!

She also gives other examples for Relationships, Finances, Habits, Personality, and Health & Beauty. The most important thing to remember when writing your Full Moon Power Wish is that you are GIVING THANKS rather than setting an intention (which you do on a New Moon), so always end with THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Full Moon Anchoring Statement

Keiko suggests writing this anchoring statement at the beginning of your Full Moon Power Wish:
“I am grateful that my wish has been granted in the fastest way possible, by the guidance of the Universe. I pledge to share this happiness with the world in every way that I can. I am grateful that the love and the light of the Universe are always with me.”

Recommended KEYWORDS for Aries Power Wishes:
Start, beginning, departure, energy, agility, off to a good start, fast, progress, expand, initiative, enthusiasm, passion, intuition, calmness under pressure, competitiveness, independence, strong will, motivation, vitality, spirit, authenticity, original, pioneer, the world’s first, first in history, start a business, open a store, trailblaze, take the first step, discover, carve out, move forward, have courage, take a chance, overcome, become number one, make up my mind, train, exercise, passionately, boldly, quickly, powerfully, actively, bravely, enthusiastically, fearlessly, optimistically, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, increasingly, more and more, gym, exercise, muscular strength.

As Aries rules the HEAD, an Aries Full Moon helps you release:
• Impatience, hastiness, impulsiveness, or hot-temperedness
• Anger, frustration, jealousy towards a competitor
• Troubles or worries about the head, face or hair
• Headaches

Close your Full Moon Power Wish with another anchoring:

A Happy Emotion + “Thank You So Much!”

When you’ve written your Full Moon Power Wish, add VISUALIZATION; IMAGINE your life as if your Power Wish has already been granted. Feel the positive emotions of how you will feel when your Power Wish comes true. Visualization speeds up the manifestation process!

My Creative Visualization faculty was shut down in 2016 (by government technology), but with the help of plant medicines, my Third Eye is slowly opening again!

Visualization helps the Universe deliver your Power Wish more quickly and accurately.

Write your Power Wish by hand, preferably with blue ink.

Add a Moon Collage
Cut out pictures from magazines or download images from the internet that represent what you’re MANifesting (or Wombanfesting), and create a collage.

Write your Power Wish on one side of your journal/Power Wish diary, and stick your collage on the other side.

Alternatively, put the collage somewhere where you can focus on it for 10 minutes each day, preferably just before you fall asleep.

Make Moon Water!
Dr Masuro Emoto conducted experiments to show how water records the vibrations in words. By exposing water to the energy of the New or Full moon for two hours or more, you will naturally sync with the vibration of the moon when you drink that water. You can also say “Thank You!” into the water before drinking it. Drinking charged Moon Water allows us to absorb the energy of the moon into every cell of our bodies.

Keiko suggests writing your Moon Wish, and placing a blue glass bottle of spring or filtered (not tap) water on top of it, and exposing it to moonlight for at least two hours before drinking it. Alternatively, write your Power Wish while drinking your charged Moon Water (use a plain glass if you don’t have blue). You don’t have to see the moon to make moon water, it’s the moon’s vibration you’re collecting. Drink the charged moon water within 12 hours (she drinks it within one hour). If you made a lot you can also add some to your bath, or wash your hair with it.

If you’re in a loving relationship, why not try MANifesting with him? Bear in mind that it’s HIS desires that will MANifest!

When I was writing my novel Journey of a Sister, I channelled 46,000 words of ancient wisdom (probably because I had Tehuti on my altar!) While writing Year Seven, I woke up one morning, and saw that I’d unconsciously written a scene where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual. I had no recollection of writing it – I literally woke up, saw it in my journal and thought “This is good! I must include it in the story!”

The scene ended with ‘None of them even realized it was a NEW MOON.’

The next New Moon is on November 4th, and will be in Scorpio, my sign!

Read Day 12 in this series: ‘Enter the Womb of the Divine Mother), and the following blog Oh…my…GODDESS!

Group Intentions
I now innerstand the meaning of ‘One can put a thousand to flight, two can put TEN thousand to flight’. When two people join their thoughts and agree on any given thing it doesn’t double, it goes to the power of ten! When three people meditate together it doesn’t triple, it goes to the power of 100 – and so on…

We can also plant seeds in the Collective Consciousness for a New Earth that we wish to create; one where we all live in Peace, Harmony, perfect Health, Abundance, true Happiness, and are fulfilling our TRUE PURPOSE.

Today, let’s GIVE THANKS that when we join our INTENTIONS together, and VISUALIZE COLLECTIVELY, we have the power to create HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Spend some time today in the Full Moon energy to do a meditation and IMAGINE what it would be like to live in HEAVEN on EARTH. Feel it as if it is happening NOW, and be GRATEFUL that we have the power to CREATE IT when we join our thoughts together.

If all this is right up your street, you’re my Tribe! Start by taking my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge, and read my novel Journey of a Sister – the topic of Year Three is ‘Meditate to Create‘!

Read the next post in this series “Oh…my…GODDESS!”

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