BHM Day 19: Sexual Energy is the KEY! πŸ—

In Day 13 of my ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series ”Is Church Service Watered-down Afrikan Spirituality?” I explained how European missionaries stole our Afrikan spirituality and gave us a watered-down version in the form of the bible.

Not only that, the same spirituality they told us was ‘demonic’ is what they are secretly practicing against us!

I have personally experienced both spiritual, psychic and technological attacks, and one of the government’s favourite things to do is use us against each other.

Modern Day Plantation

On the plantations, they would make enslaved Africans whip each other, including the men whipping the women. If they weren’t whipping hard enough, they would be whipped. It was do or die.

I’ve been studying the subconscious mind for the past 20 years, but I’m only now in a position to share what I’ve learned about ancestral trauma, and how it affects how we relate to each other.

My Awakening began in 2001, triggered by my first encounter with my Twin Soul. Twin Souls meet to help raise the Collective Consciousness. Our first meeting was so profound, we both gave our individual accounts in Journey of a Sister (mine is in Year One, his is in Year Five).

I was still a Christian, being inspired to write loving ‘messages from God’ in the form of prophetic poetry. (One of them, “Look to Me!” features in Year One of my novel):

I also started my first business ‘Creative Art Enterprises‘ in 2001. I organized a yearly ‘Valentine’s Date’ called Love Inspires… where we explored the true meaning of the word ‘LOVE’ through poetry, music, dance, drama and comedy!

Unbeknown to me (at the time), I was assigned a government agent in the form of an African man posing as a Business Mentor. This is when the psychic and spiritual attacks began. I became homeless for the first time, broke up with my Twin Soul, and my business failed.

It seems the agent’s job was to block me at every turn from fulfilling my purpose. But despite homelessness, financial constraints (done spiritually), separation from my children, and being labelled as having a mental illness, I still continued creating at a high level, and doing my work to uplift my community.

You may be wondering why would they come after me?

In the film ‘The Matrix’ they (the government) knew who Neo was before he did! As soon as he started to ‘wake up’ they sent agents after him.

Neo is an anagram for One, or ‘Chosen One’. We all have our part to play in helping to heal our world; my chosen mission is to help free my people from the mental slavery of religion, whether that be Christianity, Islam or Rastafarianism.

The agent who was assigned to me was adept in mind control techniques.

The last two attacks were meant to finish me, but I’m still here, stronger than before!

I was born and raised a Christian. Being a young Scorpio woman, sex was my #1 ‘weakness’.

Since leaving the church in 2007, I discovered that religion deliberately suppressed our sexual energy because that’s where our power lies.

While writing the First Edition of my novel (titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’), I channelled 46,000 words of ancestral wisdom. In Year Seven, there’s a scene where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual. Instead of having sex for gratification, they transmuted their sexual energy by focusing on what HE wanted to MANifest. It ended; ‘neither of them even realized it was a New Moon.’

I since discovered a New Moon is the ideal time to plant your seeds of desire! 🌱

After publishing Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! I came across a book by TC Carrier called ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘. In it, he explained the whole science behind the sex ritual I had channelled!

In 2017 I invited TC Carrier (and author of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings DesireKevin Dorival) over from America to join me on the Kings and Queens Book Tour. I was under so much spiritual attack that week, I had to go for 3 healing sessions just to get through it!

TC Carrier showing how to perform a sex ritual

I have been under relentless spiritual and psychic attacks to prevent me from answering my calling, and sharing my knowledge. However, I now see it as all part of my Initiation. It taught me the importance of protection, and calling on my ancestors.

This website is heavily patrolled by government agents (and has been for years), but I still decided to write this blog series on it because I’m fearless.

During colonization of the Motherland, Africans were forbidden by European ‘missionaries’ from practicing their traditions of making offerings to their ancestors.

But secretly, governments (controlled by elitists) have been practising Afrikan spirituality and using it against us!

There are heavy ‘black ops’ government operations aimed specifically at Black people, to prevent us from re-membering who we are, and rising to our full potential. They have tried their best to flood our minds with slavery being our only his-story, however, we have a rich history either side of those 400 years.

The system they developed was guaranteed to work for 400 years. That time is up.

Now it’s time for us to pull ourselves out of the pit that was dug for us, and free ourselves from mental slavery.

In Day 11 of this ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series titled ‘Afrikan Spirituality vs Religion‘, I explained how European religion took things such as the ‘altar’ from Afrikan spirituality and gave us a watered-down version. Sex and money were also demonised, which subconsciously made us feel bad about having it.

Religion has been the biggest mind fuck for Black people.

The conscious mind makes up a small part of our mind’s activity. It’s the subconscious mind that we need to pay attention to.

I’m going to show you how slavery and colonialism are still controlling our minds today, so we can begin the process of bringing the old programs to surface, erasing them, and replacing them with new ideas about who we are as a people.

This may not have been a ‘Black His-story Month’ post, but I was inspired to tell a small part of my her-story, to show how long I’ve been serving my community. Now I feel ready to share what I’ve learned about ancestral trauma so we can heal our relationships, and our commUNITY.

I mentioned earlier how enslaved African men were forced to whip their own people on the plantations, including their women.

Since we are living on a Modern Day Plantation and we haven’t healed from ancestral trauma (called Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr Joy DeGruy), there are men in our community who still work for their oppressors, whether consciously or unconsciously.

These men may outwardly appear to idolise the Black Woman, while covertly he’s always seeking ways to break her down.

The government agent who was assigned to me was a covert narcissist; outwardly he would encourage me in my business endeavours, but secretly he was doing everything he could to block my progress.

After the First Edition of my novel had been (spiritually) blocked, I wrote ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’. I was living in his house as I was homeless (another spiritual attack). It was easier for him to have me under the same roof so he could know what I was doing, in order to have it blocked (he wasn’t the one doing the spiritual work). Despite all I’ve done, there were many other projects that never came to fruition once he found out.

So I was very careful not to tell him I was writing ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’. But on the day of the Book Launch I got dressed up. He complimented me and asked where I was going. I said “My Book Launch”. In shock, he replied “You’ve written another book?” and left me standing there while he rushed to his home office (to write an email I suspect).

When the video came out with my Book Launch he sat and studied it intently. Needless to say, that book didn’t take off either.

There was another brother in our community who tried to infect my mind right after I had left the psychiatric ward in 2019. Online, he always bigs up the Black Woman, but when you speak to him he tries to put you down. On this occasion, when my mind was still fragile from the psychic attack, he made a suggestion about one of my sons, which if I had entertained, I could have created. I hung up on him as my spirit advised “He’s dangerous”. He’d had a traumatic childhood, and like my youngest son’s father, had been sexually abused as a child.

Childhood sexual trauma creates a tear in the aura which allows negative entities to enter. But I’ll go deeper into this in another post.

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