BHM Day 17: Break Free from MENTAL Slavery!

In yesterday’s post I attempted to explain how the different types of enslaved Africans on the plantation can still be found within our community today. This is because trauma is passed down from one generation to the next through our DNA, known as Epigenetics.

Plant medicines have greatly assisted my healing journey. They have helped clear both childhood and ancestral trauma that had been stored in my DNA unbeknown to me, because they were buried deep in my subconscious mind. Most of us haven’t even dug that deep, because we don’t even know there’s stuff there that needs to be cleared!

The good news is, we also inherited the Genius Gene and can tap into ancestral wisdom and use it to break free from mental slavery. When we remember to call on our ancestors, we will regain our power.

Religion taught us that calling on our ancestors was witchcraft and demonic, yet it’s alright to call on the blood of a deceased white saviour. This is how deep the mind control goes.

Mutabaruka said:

We have been duped by a system which was designed to keep US at the bottom of society, and the white man at the top. Christianity is part of the system of white supremacy.

I visited Cape Coast Castle in Ghana in 2014, and learned that European enslavers built churches right on top of the dungeons which held my ancestors in captivity. This was their way of showing how they used religion to get the upper hand.

Europeans are notorious for travelling to Africa, our Motherland, and raping, plundering, looting, digging up things they have no business troubling, and abusing and killing the natives.

Of course, they didn’t only do this in Africa, but I’m focused on my Motherland to honour my ancestors for ‘Black His-story Month’.

My parents were part of the Windrush generation, lured to England under false pretences after the Second World War. They came expecting good jobs (only the most educated were targeted) but could only get jobs the British didn’t want to do. I explained how ‘West Indians’ were duped in Year One of Journey of a Sister.

Jamaica was the island where the most rebellious enslaved Africans were taken to be ‘broken in’. I won’t go into the horrors of what took place, but the physical and psychological trauma they endured was deliberately done to break them down mentally.

We (the descendants of enslaved Africans) never received any treatment or compensation for the physical and psychological trauma our ancestors suffered. It has been medically proven that trauma is stored in the DNA and passed down genetically, so many of us are still suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

On top of that, we are also under attack from covert government operations on our psyche (black ops).

Mental Health in the Black Community

Following a religion that was designed to enslave you mentally, wanting lighter (or whiter) skin, compromising who you are to fit into white ‘culture’, not wanting anything to do with African culture, addiction to street or big pharma drugs, a poverty mentality, and lack of love for your self or your people are all signs you’re suffering from a mental illness.

This isn’t a judgement, it’s an observation. We are so far removed from our true identity that we don’t even know who we are anymore. We have spent our whole lives trying to jump hoops to fit into a society that was built against us.

Religion was the main tool they used to enslave us mentally, and to gain control of our Motherland. Nowadays, their main mind control tools are drugs, fake food, subliminal frequencies, mainstream media, the news, Facebook, and music. They no longer push religion because it has already achieved its aim of putting the white man in the position of God, taking over the wealth-creating resources of Africa, and mentally enslaving Black people.

In church, they told us that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed. But what about our ancestors who were whipped mercilessly? Can we be healed by those too? They told us that Jesus shed his blood for our sins, but what about the blood of our ancestors who suffered and died under white oppression? They told us Jesus hung on a wooden cross, but what about our ancestors who were lynched from trees?

Christians have been calling on Jesus to save them from white oppression since the plantations, yet they still went through 400 years of enslavement, and now we are in mental slavery. How do we break free?

By learning to call on our ancestors:

I was born into Christianity and I swear, you have to give up all critical thinking, reasoning and logic to believe everything you read in the bible! Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of Truth in there, because the bible and other ‘holy books’ were compiled using manuscripts stolen from ancient Kemet (Egypt). The problem is, you have to be able to discern the TRUTH from the LIES.

Fortunately, we can tap into ancestral wisdom encoded in our DNA, and Infinite Intelligence through our Melanin. (In future blog posts I’ll explain how).

You don’t need a ‘holy book’ given to you by your white oppressor. It wasn’t designed to set you free, it was designed to keep you in mental bondage, subservient to them, and at the bottom of society. A slave to their system.

As I said yesterday, the 1% who want to rule the world, tested their mind control techniques on Black people first, and are now rolling it out to the whole population.

So this goes to everybody:


Some of you may know that two years ago I almost died as the result of a ‘mental breakdown’. I almost committed suicide from an overdose of pills, and spent a month on a psychiatric ward under ‘observation’. While I was there, one of the workers (an African woman) said to me “I can tell when someone has a mental illness, from when they’re under a demonic attack, and yours is a demonic attack – don’t you know how to do Back to Sender prayers?”

The next day she brought me a book with said prayers, and I never saw her again.

I tried to explain to the doctors that it was a psychic attack (and how I knew that) but because they didn’t have a box to tick for ‘psychic attack’ they wanted to call it a ‘psychotic episode’.

During my time on the ward I realized the mental health system has nothing to do with helping people recover from mental illness, but rather, it’s about turning them into ‘service users‘. They tried to bribe me into taking their drugs with offers of a new home etc, but I refused.

Fortunately, because I wasn’t sectioned, they couldn’t force me to take their drugs. Having seen the effects the drugs were having on the other women, I would say their drugs are as addictive as street drugs.

Plant Medicines

I discharged myself from the ward on January 7th 2019, and went straight to the housing, who put me in temporary accommodation. I immediately set about repairing the damage to my brain from the psychic attack. First, I was intuitively led to forgive the person who had done the attack.

I was then led to use Morning Glory seeds which reset my brain. All the suggestions which had been planted in my subconscious mind (unbeknown to me) were erased.

I was intuitively guided to work with different plant medicines over the next two years for restoration of my mind. I incorporated spiritual baths using salt and herbs for protection, and developed a ‘Protection Toolkit’.

Altar Work

I also learned how to call on my ancestors for guidance and protection.

My sister transitioned last September, along with two other people who were working for the upliftment of our community. They are now ancestors I call on as well.

Of course, I also call on my Source, and powerful protective angels, as well as…well, you get the idea.

So getting back to the point; I now innerstand why the bible says GUARD YOUR MIND.

Our minds, particularly our IMAGINATION, is our most powerful tool. If WE are not using the creative power of our thoughts for our own good, our minds are being manipulated to create what other people want. The 1% have been controlling the minds of the masses for hundreds of years; religion used to be their number one tool, but now the media is. Be very selective about what you watch and allow into your subconscious mind.

I spent years developing my Creative Visualization faculty, but in 2016 it was shut down using some sort of government technology. I was lured into the garden at 4am by my ex, a government agent (who had done the psychic attack). I was ‘zapped’ from a telephone mast, and from that day onwards, my Third Eye was shut down. I stopped getting visions and ‘downloads’, so wasn’t able to write or paint because I only do so under inspiration (see my Art page).

I’m now able to channel again thanks to a particular plant medicine, and I’m still working on fixing my Third Eye so I can ‘see’ again.

There are covert government operations specifically against the Black Man and Woman; destroying their image through the media, trying to prevent them from re-membering who they are and standing in their true power, and destroying the Black Family. They also try to keep us ‘humble and obedient’ with their religions. One thing they fear the most is Africans and their descendants waking up, UNITING, and reclaiming their stolen inheritance.

When it comes to fighting the system of white supremacy, my PEN is my weapon of choice!

(Music by my youngest sun ‘Azzy’)

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