BHM Day 16: A Modern Day Plantation

Today’s post is taken from an essay I wrote in 2012, titled ‘Are You the Descendant of an Enslaved African?

I didn’t realize back then, that I was going through an Initiation to help free my people from mental slavery – especially the mental bondage of religion. Looking back from 2001, everything I’ve been through I had to go through to arrive here – including the psychic attacks.

Instead of thinking you can’t learn from me because I spent a month on a psychiatric ward and still owe people money, I suggest you listen carefully (the ancestors speak through me). Because despite all the negativity I’ve faced, I’ve proved that I can still come out victorious, without allowing it to tarnish me. I passed my initiation, and I’m ready for the next part of my journey.

The next few posts are going to explain how, despite former enslavers removing our physical chains, they were replaced with mental chains – and what we can do to break free from mental slavery.

Despite the ‘abolition of slavery’, the effects of colonialism mean we are still living on a modern-day plantation.

I will also explain how trauma is passed down from one generation to the next through our DNA, and what we can do to heal, to prevent it being passed down to future generations.

I haven’t changed the original document much, because I want to show that I’ve been on this journey for a long time (20 years). The only things I’ve changed are grammatical errors such as ‘enslaved Africans‘ instead of ‘slaves’, and ‘enslavers‘ instead of ‘slave masters’:

‘Many descendents of Africans who endured the 400 years of enslavement are still suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome:  A dis-ease of the mind, which eats away at the love of Self, love for our people (preferring others to our own), Self-denial (“I’m not African, I’m Jamaican, Barbadian, West-Indian” etc).  Some Black people would rather be anything but African, as if it’s the worst thing you could be.  Let me tell you, while you are seeking to be anything but African, the Europeans, Chinese, and Germans have taken over our Motherland!

The ones who seem to be most affected are Jamaicans – the most rebellious enslaved Africans were taken to the island of Jamaica to be ‘broken in’. They suffered the most horrendous conditions while being transported on a ship commissioned by the Queen, named ‘The Good Ship Jesus’.

And once they were there, things only got worse.

Nowadays, you will rarely find a West-Indian speak of their African ancestry, their religious and cultural traditions before they were enslaved, or even talking about what they went through during slavery.  They seem to have a habit of ‘brushing everything under the carpet’.

What Are the Signs/Symptoms of Being the Descendant of an Enslaved African?

  1. Lack of trust in your own people.
  2. Lack of Self Love (wanting to look/act/dress/speak European instead of African)
  3. An inner rage that is unexplainable
  4. Women: an independent attitude.  Men: a lack of family values
  5. Beating your children mercilessly
  6. Allowing others to abuse you sexually
  7. Believing that Christianity (or religion) will save you, when that’s what was used to put you in mental chains in the first place!
  8. Believing that the lighter you are, the more superior you are (or hating your dark skin)

The Different TYPES of Enslaved Africans, and How You Can Still See Them in Our Community Today: 👀

The House Slave

Enslaved African women were repeatedly sexually abused by white enslavers and their friends.  Apart from their day duties, women were often raped (both front and back passages), in front of their men.  It was not only the women who were raped, since the white man had/has a thing for men and children too. 

The descendents of those who were subjected to the white man’s perversities are more likely to give of themselves freely sexually, and to ‘do as the massa says’. This trauma has also resulted in a lot of ‘downlow’ Black men.

The Field Slave

The physically strongest enslaved Africans were given the hardest work to do, e.g. chopping down the sugar canes, building, whipping their fellowmen (and women). Although not under the constant watch of the enslaver like the house slave, they had to fulfil a daily quota in order to avoid being whipped, having a limb cut off, or being denied food. Despite their situation of not being able to protect and provide for their women, many had the warrior spirit.  It was the field slaves who often rioted, burnt down, and revolted against the white man’s system.

I identify myself as the descendent of a field slave. If you have a warrior spirit, and are ready to fight the system for the liberation of our people (mentally, spiritually, physically and financially), you’re my tribe!

The ‘Uncle Tom’

These enslaved Africans were given certain privileges, which made them feel more superior to their kin.  They dressed like the white man, spoke like the white man, acted like the white man, and believed that this made them better than other enslaved Africans, who they looked down upon.  

There are people within our community today who have Uncle Tom traits in their DNA. They are put in positions that make it look like they’re helping the Black community, when really they are simply keeping them subdued. They will even spy on their own and report back to the white man; this trait has been passed down to them through their DNA.

The Stud

If a man tells you he wants to ‘breed’ you, he is most likely the descendent of a stud.  If he impregnates you and then does a disappearing act, he is most likely the descendent of a stud.  If a Black man’s main interest is sex, he is most likely the descendent of a stud.

Studs were used, like animals, to breed female enslaved Africans to provide more ‘stock’ for the white enslaver.  Many were kept in barns, like animals, for the sole purpose of breeding. The women were brought to them to be impregnated, and never saw them again.  They were not required to provide for the children they fathered in any way, nor did they even know which children they had fathered.  

They usually had large phalluses, which is why they were chosen for the job.

Many men in our community need healing from what their ancestors endured.

The Overseer

‘Mulattos’ were the produce of enslaved African women. These mixed raced children were treated better than Black children because of their white blood. When they grew up they were put in positions to oversee the plantations, acting as a buffer between Blacks and whites.

Why is it Important to Know Whether You Are the Descendent of an Enslaved African or Not?

Unless you are aware of your ‘status’ you are powerless to do anything to change it.  If you recognise that you are the descendant of an enslaved African, you can then begin the healing process.  If you are not, your job is to help your brothers and sisters to heal.

It’s important to be able to recognise those who are, from those who are not, instead of painting all descendants of Africans with the same brush.  Whether you are or not, it’s our duty to help each other to heal.  We are all Africans – originally.

The Effects of Colonialism on Indigenous Africans

Africans who didn’t go through slavery tend to have more family values and still retain their culture, tradition and languages.  However since the Motherland has been Colonised, it’s shocking to see how many indigenous Africans are seeking to become more and more European; bleaching their skin, wearing wigs and weaves, forsaking their beautiful colourful African garments to wear cheap, man-made European fabrics, seeking more material rather than spiritual gratification etc.

What Can We Do to Heal Ourselves?


First, learn to love yourself; your beautiful black skin, no matter what its shade.  I’ve seen women with their skin erupting from all the bleaching, and they probably still believe that their skin looks better because it’s lighter, when in fact the more melanin you have, the better.  I explain the benefits of Melanin in Year Two of Journey of a Sister.

Love your natural hair; I’m not saying not to experiment, but if you don’t feel right unless you’re wearing a wig or a weave you have a problem. I also explain the benefits of kinky hair in Year Two.

As a community:

Love for our people,

Learn to trust ourselves, re-unite, work together to re-build our commUNITY.  Put our money together and buy land in Africa.  Build businesses together, independent schools for our children; we know the education system is failing our children yet we still keep sending them there!

(I was encouraging my people to put money together to buy land in Africa and build a village when I came under a severe psychic attack which almost cost me my life, and put me on a psychiatric ward for a month. The last thing they want is the descendants of enslaved Africans returning en mass, which is why they did a good job cutting us off from our spiritual roots).

It’s Important to Be Able to Identify the Descendents of Enslavers Too 👀

As well as descendents of enslaved Africans, there are also descendants of enslavers.  In the same way certain ways of thinking have been passed down through our DNA, descendants of enslavers have an ingrained way of thinking too.

How Can You Tell if Someone is the Descendent of an Enslaver?

  • They belong to white supremacy groups
  • They look down on Black people, believing they are of a ‘lower class’
  • They uphold the caste system (the whiter you are, the more superior you are)
  • They ill-treat Black women sexually (and tend to go for dark-skinned Black women)
  • They have a low IQ (you have to, to believe that white skin is superior).
  • They are living off generational wealth made from the enslavement of our ancestors.

In the same way not all Black people are descendents of enslaved Africans, not all white people are the descendents of enslavers – but it’s important to be able to identify them!

Where Are You Most Likely to Find the Descendents of Enslavers?

  • In the police force
  • In prison official positions
  • In the army
  • In South and other parts of Africa – actually, all over the world!
  • In elite classes
  • The Royal Family

Yes, the economies of countries like England and America were built on the backs of enslaved Africans!

Are You Still a Slave?

Are you still a slave to the white man’s system?  Women: do you believe you would look better if you were lighter skinned?  Do you hate your hair?  Men: would you prefer to date a lighter skinned woman (or white) to a dark-skinned sister?  Do you believe your dark skin holds you back in life?  Do you believe the only way to get to ‘heaven’ is through Jesus Christ?  

Worse than the physical slavery, are the mental chains that were inflicted upon us.  Over the 400 year African Holocaust, the brain-washing that occurred, to the point where we no longer remember our names, languages, cultures and traditions, spiritual rituals etc. means that although we are no longer in physical slavery, mentally we are still in bondage.

Recently a good Christian friend of mine called me after reading the first chapter of my book ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ (First Edition). He said he was concerned about the amount of people I was going to ‘lead astray’.  

The process of freeing ourselves from mental slavery is infinitely more complex than cutting off a pair of shackles.  Shackles were used to bring captured Africans across the Atlantic, but the multi-generational slave, descending from many generations, has been enslaved mentally.

When they see us parading in their clothes, walking like them, talking like them, proudly holding unto our enslavers names (instead of seeking to reclaim our original names and languages) and professing their religions, they look at us and laugh, for they know we are still their slaves.

Cezanne July 2012

Tomorrow, I will explain how we are living on a modern-day plantation, and what we must do to break free from mental slavery.

Modern-day slavery doesn’t only affect Africans and their descendants; if anything, it was tested on them first, and has since been rolled out to the whole population! The last two chapters of my novel (written after my first trip to the Motherland) explain why we need to UNITE and FIGHT as a whole human race!

I wrote my novel after watching the film ‘Sankofa‘ in 2010; this is when I realized that I was still carrying the trauma of my ancestors in my DNA. I cried so hard, and asked “What can I do to help my people heal?”

The following morning I woke up, went straight to my mini home studio and recorded my poem-song ‘We Belong Together‘ without writing it first (I was channelling a message):

Shortly after, I started writing my novel. I’ve shared everything I discovered since asking God for “the Truth!” in 2001. 46,000 words were channelled; it’s not just about slavery! It’s a beautiful Black Love story packed with ancestral wisdom, designed to take you on your own journey of Self-discovery (for men too!)

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Read my next post in this seriesBreak Free from MENTAL Slavery!

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