BHM Day 13: Is Church Service Watered-down Afrikan Spirituality?

After yesterday’s post I thought I was done talking about religion! But there’s one more thing I need to explain: How true Afrikan spirituality was replaced with church ‘service’.

First they stole ancient manuscripts from Kemet and turned them into ‘holy books’ to enslave us mentally.

Then they took our Afrikan spirituality, and gave us a watered-down church version in its place. Here are some examples:

The Altar

Our ancestors set up altars to honour their ancestors – in church we were taught to go to the altar to accept a white ancestor as our Lord and saviour.

They told us (white) Jesus died on a wooden cross to save us from our sins, but we were never taught to acknowledge our ancestors who they lynched from trees, in the name of religion.

And what about all our Black heroes and sheroes who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our people, like Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Khalid Muhammad? Why don’t we set up an altar for them?


Our ancestors gave offerings to their ancestors for guidance and protection. In church, we were taught to put ours in the offering bowl.

Speaking in Tongues

They took away our Mother Tongue (our spiritual connection to our Motherland) and told us to ‘speak in tongues‘ (babble).

Getting ‘in the Spirit’

This is an Afrikan custom where someone in the commUNITY would get ‘possessed’ by the spirit of an ancestor in order to relay a message. I still have visions of people rolling around on the floor in church, acting all jittery because they were ‘in the spirit’.

‘Holy Communion’

In Afrikan tradition we put food on our altar, eating some of it ourselves, as we commune with our ancestors. In church they give you the body and blood of Jesus to eat and drink 🤮

The Blood of Jesus

We were told to ‘plead the blood of Jesus’, yet the blood of our ancestors goes unacknowledged.

The ‘Blood of Christ’ simply refers to the messianic and Earth Seated ROYAL bloodlines…..

Some of us come from lost royal bloodlines otherwise known as the Lost Tribes in the Bible.

When we learn to tap into the cleansing power of the BLOOD which is in our BLOODLINE…that’s when stuff really gets real!

The only blood we should be calling on is to invoke the power that’s already invested within our blood and DNA.

Being ‘Born Again’

In Day 4: ‘Jesus and His Divine Mother‘ I showed how ‘primitive’ ceremonies passed people through a giant yoni in order to be ‘born again’. This represents the yoni of the Divine Mother, removed from the Creation story by Western religion.

I feel like I’ve been ‘born again’ – I’m certainly not the same person I was before I went through my ‘dark night of the soul’.

Church Service

Service is not somewhere you go, it’s something you should do every day; serve each other as the gods and goddesses/Kings and Queens that we are.

Western religion was never meant to benefit Black people spiritually, mentally, emotionally or financially. If it was, they would have simply translated the original manuscripts into something that would empower us.

Yet at the Council of Nicea they spent 3 months deliberating on what should go in their ‘holy books’, and what should be left out. When you innerstand that these were the same people who enslaved our ancestors for 400 years, subjecting them to the worst horrors you could ever imagine, why would they now take all that time to give you a book that would set you free?

Instead, their ‘holy books’ were designed to put us in mental bondage after they removed the physical chains.

Halloween is fast approaching, so in tomorrow’s post I’m going to explain why it’s the perfect time to set up an altar to your ancestors, and how to do it!

I started doing altar work in November 2019, after attending a series of workshops with my sister ‘Lady Leo‘ about the true meaning of Halloween. 👻 🎃

After an altar work session, my ancestors commended me; “Look how far you’ve come! You used to go to the altar at church, now you have your own altar!”

My sister joined the ancestors last September. Lady Leo (her community name) was a true commUNITY heroine; she hosted the Children’s Cultural Film Club, a weekly Community Information Radio Show, taught Business using the principles of Marcus Garvey, co-founded Kwanzaa Network UK, and much more! She was the only other person in our family who fought for the liberation of our people, and she’s all too ready to assist me in this work. She is now one of my ancestors who I call on for guidance and protection.


In the past, I experienced all sorts of spiritual and psychic attacks because I didn’t know how to protect myself!

But now, I can’t say I feel sorry for anyone who tries anything this time around!

When my sister transitioned last year, we set up an altar outside her house to honour the work she had done in our community, watch the video here:


Read the next post in my ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series; ‘How to Set Up an Altar to Your Ancestors‘.

In your service,

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