BHM Day 12: Enter the Womb of the Divine Mother

It’s taken me 20 years to discover that the Universe is the womb of the Cosmic Mother!

Or you could call it the ‘Yoni-verse‘.

Not only that, but a woman’s womb is a mini replica of the Universe/Yoniverse!

A womban can bring things – other than babies – from the unseen realm (5th dimension/Heaven) into this 3rd dimension (Earth) through her womb, which is a portal.

In Day 4: ‘Jesus and His Divine Mother‘ I explained how Jesus’ ministry was represented by the Vesica Piscis, which is the symbol for a yoni:

In Day 2: ‘The Origins of Christianity‘ I shared how Wisdom in the bible is personified as a Woman, that Wisdom was with God in the beginning, and that without Wisdom, nothing was created.

In Day 8: ‘The Blue Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother‘, I shared how the Blue Lotus flower symbolizes Intelligence, Wisdom and Knowledge.

In yesterday’s blog ‘African Spirituality vs Religion‘ I explained how Africa, our Motherland, has been repeatedly raped, removing our true spirituality (Worship of the Divine Feminine) and replacing it with a false doctrine.

Today, we are going to explore the womb of the Divine Mother, the Yoniverse, the Source of creation, Infinite Intelligence, the place where our seeds of desire are planted in order to be manifested (or wombanfested) into this 3D ‘reality’.

Just as a sperm has to be planted by a man for a baby to be born, a spiritual seed has to be planted for our desires to be given birth to in this 3rd Dimension.

‘On Earth, as it is in Heaven’

‘As Above, so Below’

Above is my painting ‘Blue Lotus‘. The inscription written on it isn’t mine, but it sums up the process of manifestation/wombanfestation: Thoughts, Words and Actions.

I’ve been studying a book called ‘The Power Wish‘ by Keiko, which says there are only two days every month when the Universe/Yoniverse is taking orders: the new moon and the full moon.

This makes sense, since women also go through our monthly cycles! The new moon is the time to plant our seeds of desire, and on the following full moon we should give thanks for the seeds that we planted on the new moon. Between the new moon and full moon we must water our seeds with our actions and positive affirmations. I was inspired to write these daily blogs after planting a seed on the new moon in Virgo – be prepared to follow your in-tuition and take action!

Each month the new moon and full moon are in different zodiac signs; when we plant our seeds in line with each sign’s speciality, we stand a much greater chance of that seed coming to fruition.

Above is the geometric shape for the Seed of Life, which symbolizes pure potentiality. If you look closely, you can see that the symbol for the yoni (Vesica Piscis) is incorporated in the design.

The Universe/Yoni-verse is open to receive your seeds of intention around the time of a new moon.

When you plant your seeds correctly, and water them with your spoken words and actions, they will come to fruition!

Once your seed is planted, you must nurture it to fruition.

The above symbol is the Flower of Life, which represents your seeds coming to fruition.

This is a full moon ceremony I did with two other siSTARS:

If you have a Divine Masculine in your life, you may wish to try MANifesting with him! In Year Seven of Journey of a Sister I channelled a scene where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual – a year later they MANifested his desires (a business) and made their first million! Download Journey of a Sister in ebook or audiobooks and start your journey of Self-discovery! (Click on the book cover to download Year One FREE πŸ‘‡πŸΎ)

Listen to this extract from Year Eight where Suzanne dances in trace, sending forth her inner womb message to Charles:

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  1. This is absolute gold you are writing!!!! I love your clear simple explanations of incredibly complex things… you are Wisdom personified!!!! The divine Feminine!!!! Thanks so much for your blogs. I’m looking forward to each one!!!! So excited to see the email from you when the next one is posted. Doing protection work you requested. Love to you.

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