BHM Day 11: African Spirituality vs Religion

In Years One and Two of Journey of a Sister I explain in beautiful story form, how Europeans flooded Africa with their bibles in the early 1800’s, which was the beginning of colonization. It had nothing to do with ‘spreading the gospel’, and everything to do with mental enslavement of Africans who had escaped physical slavery.

Religion was used as a tool to steal the wealth of Africa, and to replace African spirituality.

They told our ancestors that making offerings to their ancestors was demonic, and gave them a new god to worship.

The reason we are in the state we are today, is because we have forgotten the tradition of honouring our ancestors.

QUESTion: “What happened to the African spirituality that we no longer practice?

Throughout his-story, Europeans have a habit of travelling to other lands, learning from them, then stealing the knowledge and claiming it as theirs. This is what Alexander the Greek did when he travelled to ancient Kemet (Egypt). After learning esoteric wisdom in their Mystery Schools, Alexander stole the ancient manuscripts, burned down their Universities, took the manuscripts back to Greece, and set up his own university.



The bible and other ‘holy books’ were created from these same manuscripts, only they weren’t designed to set us free, but to put us in mental bondage.

In this extract from Year One, Charles explains why he stopped going to church:

They didn’t only steal the wealth of Africa, they also stole our spirituality.

THEY had the bible and WE had the land

Now WE have the bible and THEY have the land!

I visited Ghana for the first time in 2014. This was my first trip to my Motherland, and I was excited at the prospect of the spiritual connection I would make. Here in the UK, I channel messages from the ancestors quite easily, so I was thinking that I’d be channelling on another level when I get to the Motherland!

I was shocked to discover that there was a spiritual void. I was traumatized by images of the white saviour displayed everywhere, after I’d un-indoctrinated myself!

QUESTion:So if we’re not practising our true spirituality, who is??

The reason the UK is so ‘spiritual’ is because they have loads of African artifacts buried underground, and in their museums. Africa, the Motherland, has been raped repeatedly, just as they did to enslaved African women.

Somewhere between 2009-2010, I visited the British Museum. They had one of my ancestors on display, a mummified Egyptian. I felt a pull towards it, and who knows, maybe that’s why I started downloading in-formation from ancient Kemet (46,000 words of Journey of a Sister were channelled).

Ancient Wisdom

Our ancient ancestors were the wealthiest people to ever live. In the Old Testament, having riches was a sign of God’s blessings, and riches was linked to Wisdom. King Solomon was supposedly the wisest person to ever live, and the wealthiest.

Mansa Musa was another Black man who had great riches. Poverty is a curse!

I channelled in-formation in Journey of a Sister about how to use sexual energy to create wealth. So isn’t it funny how these ‘holy books’ deliberately suppress our sexual energy instead of telling us how to transmute it if we’re not having sex?

These new ‘holy books’ also associated wealth with sin.

Scriptures such as ‘It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven’ and ‘money is the root of all evil’ were inserted to program the subconscious mind to reject wealth.

This made it easy for Europeans to steal the wealth of Africa with little to no resistance.

Our African spirituality was replaced with a watered-down version of ancient wisdom, minus all the in-formation that would teach us how to create HEAVEN on EARTH, which is what we are here to do.

In my ‘fearless letter to God’ which I channelled in 2001, I QUESTioned why I had to wait until I die and go to Heaven to experience ‘riches untold’? Parts of the letter feature in Year One of Journey of a Sister:

Instead, the bible was used to manipulate our minds. Europeans learned from ancient Egyptians that our COLLECTIVE THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS are POWERFULLY CREATIVE. So they put certain ‘prophecies’ in their ‘holy books’ knowing that if they could get enough Africans to believe in them, we would create the events through our collective imaginations and feelings. Africans are very emotional and spiritual people. By studying our hue-man nature, Europeans plotted to our natural kind-hearted ways against us.

Their aim wasn’t only to replace our African spirituality with their religions, but to use our minds to create what they want, which was to become like God, and to place us in a position of servitude to them.

They also learned our African spirituality, and are now using it against us. I personally have experienced both spiritual and psychic attacks to prevent me from getting this information out (and to prevent me from benefiting financially from my creations). It took me two years to recover from the last psychic attack, because before, I didn’t know I needed to protect myself by calling on my ancestors, Source, angels and Higher Self for guidance and protection.

I am grateful to those who lit candles, prayed, and held me in love and light while I went through my ‘dark night of the soul’. I’m now asking anyone who’s reading this who knows how to do protection work to cover me spiritually as I fulfil my purpose of helping my people break free from mental slavery.

In this video I’m performing my poem “Who am I?” which features in Year Two of Journey of a Sister:

In tomorrow’s ‘Black His-story Month’ ARTicle I will explain how religion replaced our true worship, e.g. the altar, speaking in tongues, getting ‘in the spirit’, giving offerings, and being ‘born again’.

Year Two: Undoing the Indoctrination

This is a new scene that I wrote for the film script, which is only in the Third Edition of the book, where Suzanne attends her first African History class:

Journey of a Sister isn’t just about slavery, but I had to tackle it (and religion) in the first two chapters of the book! It’s actually a beautiful Black Love story, designed to take you on your own journey of Self-discovery!

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My next step is to turn Journey a Sister into a film, because many of our people are still suffering the trauma of their enslaved ancestors who were forbidden to read and write.

Since the subconscious mind responds best to images, a film will have a much greater impact than the book or audiobook.

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