BHM Day 10: The Dark-skinned Black Womban

Who exactly is the dark-skinned Black Woman, and why has she been vilified by mainstream media?

As a young woman I would use ‘skin lightening creams’ – until I learned about MELANIN. Learning about MELANIN gave me a new sense of pride in my skin colour, and revealed the root cause of racism.

πŸ–€ MELANIN is responsible for our ability to absorb rays from the sun and turn it into ENERGY (without getting skin cancer).
πŸ–€ MELANIN is responsible for our skin retaining moisture and the saying β€˜Black don’t crack’.
πŸ–€ MELANIN is responsible for our natural ability to pick up messages from nature and the Universe.
πŸ–€ MELANIN is also responsible for our natural ability to create, and our genius.

The more MELANIN you have, the darker you are.

I shared everything I learned about MELANIN in Year Two of Journey of a Sister.

The dark-skinned woman is at the top of the gene pool. White men have the weakest genes, and are at the bottom of the gene pool.

So how did the dark-skinned Black Woman end up at the bottom of society?

Through man-made religions, the media, and social engineering.

In order to usurp her position, white elitists used mainstream media to destroy the image of the dark-skinned Black woman, and put themselves in her place.

Why would they want her position?

Because the Black Woman is the physical representation of the Divine Feminine/Goddess, and they wanted to become like gods on this Earth.

The only way they could achieve their goal was to get her away from the Black man (her ideal match), and cause her to forget who she is, and her innate pow-her.

They know that when the Black Man and Black Woman unite in a high state of consciousness, they can accomplish anything. So they devised covert ways of keeping them apart.

Social Engineering: Black Women, White men

Elitists plan their strategies hundreds of years in advance.

First, they used the media to glorify the white woman, and make her the standard of beauty.

Then they promoted mixed raced babies through icons like Bob Marley. (Many so-called rastafarians started having relationships with white women because of Bob Marley).

Music videos, films, and adverts pushed the ‘Black man white woman’ agenda. ‘Light-skinned women with long hair’ was also promoted. Black men bought into the lie that dark-skinned Black women were unattractive.

Eventually, loads of dark-skinned sisters were left on the shelf – for white men to scoop up. They are now getting ‘the cream of the crop’.

I actually feel sorry for dark-skinned sisters who have ended up with white men due to social engineering, and because no Black man will look at her twice. Some brothers refuse to acknowledge who the dark-skinned Black woman is. They would rather allow themselves to be mind-controlled by what they see in the media.

If I had time, I would study the psychopathic and sociopathic nature of the white man, but I’m too busy studying my own mind in order to fix it from psychological trauma passed down to me genetically. But whenever I think of films like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, I’m reminded of how the white man oppressed his own women, keeping them in a position of servitude. Their whole life seemed to evolve around pleasing and looking good for their men, who were sometimes away for months on ‘voyages’. What were they doing? Trading enslaved Africans and managing plantations. It must have been really hard for these men to come back to these skinny white women after enjoying raping enslaved women for months on end.

Enslavers had a real fetish for Black women, carrying out all their wildest sexual desires on them.

This extract was taken from ‘The Willie Lynch Letter’ which I’ve referenced in Journey of a Sister. Just because slavery was ‘abolished’ doesn’t mean the system of white supremacy was dismantled. On the contrary, we are still living on a modern-day plantation, and they continue to break down our psyche, more covertly.

Now, just as we are carrying ancestral trauma passed down to us genetically, white men who are the descendants of enslavers also have genetic coding. Their ancestors thought Black people ‘had no soul’ and treated them in the worst possible way. Black women were subjected to the most degrading treatment, because he knew she was the core of the family, and the family was the core of the community. So in order to break down the whole commUNITY, they deliberately sought to break down her psyche.

Nowadays, their strategy is to break down our psyche using things we love the most; music, sex, spirituality, and food – especially chicken. Religion was the biggest weapon used against us, as it suppressed our sexual energy, which is where our power lies. (In Year Eight of Journey of a Sister I channelled a scene which explains how sexual energy can be used to create things other than babies).

But I want to let you into a little secret: BLACK WOMBEN ARE POW-HER-FULL! We have the power to restore balance to this planet, with the help of Mother Earth, our Cosmic Mother, and our ancestral mothers. Our womb is a portal, similar to that of the Universe, and when we UNITE and focus on reversing the damage caused by white supremacy, we can collectively create a New Earth.

I’m not saying only dark-skinned women have this pow-her; women in general, as long as you still have your womb, can help create this change. Why do you think they like doing hysterectomies on Black women so much?

Right now, the Feminine Energy is naturally rising in order to create equilibrium (a balance of masculine and feminine energies). Mother Earth is doing this herself, because she’s had enough of the damage caused to this planet by the masculine energy. The male ego is out of control; even now they’re still trying to harness the rise of the Feminine Energy by blurring the lines between men and women; through social engineering, women have become more masculine, and men have become more feminine. They’re even telling our children they don’t have to identify as the gender they were born, causing more confusion for future generations!

Men were supposed to take counsel from their women, because we are more intuitive, and more in tune with the Universe.

Since I started ‘waking up’ in 2001, I became targeted by the government. I’ve experienced homelessness, being seperated from my children, psychic attacks, spiritual attacks, and blocks on my finances to prevent me from doing this work. Every time they attack me the stronger I get, so all it’s done is prepared me for the next part of my journey!

If you would like to join me in assisting the rise of the Feminine Energy, and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’, join my Soul Purpose Tribe. I was led to set it up in 2019 while recovering from a psychic attack which almost cost me my life. Covert government forces have been trying to block me from my mission; visit the Soul Purpose Tribe page, and if it resonates with you, join me!

If you haven’t read Journey of a Sister yet, I encourage you to read or listen to it in order to see where I’m coming from – it’s not my autobiography, it’s a beautiful Black Love story which features my artwork and poetry. Through this story, I’ve shared everything I discovered since asking God for “the Truth!” Click on the book cover below and start your journey of Self-discovery! Available in e-book and audiobooks πŸ“–πŸŽ§

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This is Day 10 of my ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series. OUR history is 365 days of the year, start from Day 1: The Bible & Mental Slavery

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