BHM Day 10: The Black Womban

As a child, I was nick-named ‘the ugly duckling of the family’ by my eldest sister because I was the darkest of the girls (she’s ‘fair-skinned’).

As a young woman I would use skin lightening creams to ‘even out my skin tone’ – until I learned about MELANIN. Learning about MELANIN gave me a new sense of pride in my skin colour, and revealed the root cause of racism.

• MELANIN is responsible for our ability to absorb rays from the sun and turn it into ENERGY (without getting skin cancer).
• MELANIN is responsible for our skin retaining moisture and the saying ‘Black don’t crack’.
• MELANIN is responsible for our natural ability to pick up messages from nature and the Universe.
• MELANIN is also responsible for our natural ability to create.

The more MELANIN you have, the darker you are.

I shared everything I learned about MELANIN in Year Two of Journey of a Sister.

The dark-skinned melanated womban is at the top of the gene pool.

Extract from Year Eight:
‘Suzanne learns that ancient African cultures were matrilineal, meaning one’s lineage was traced through the mother. Women were the most important element of society; queens didn’t become queens because they were the daughters or wives of kings, they had queens that succeeded queens.

In Ancient Kemet (renamed Egypt by Europeans) Pharaohs were often pictured ruling side by side with their queens. Before making any major decisions he listened to her counsel, because she was the more intuitive of the two. Her Feminine Energy was needed to drive his egotistic Masculine Energy.

Suzanne realizes it’s the lack of Feminine Energy on the planet which has created an imbalance, and that the Masculine and Feminine energies need to become equal to create equilibrium.

She suddenly remembers a part of her poem “I Am What I WILL to Be!” which had come as a ‘download’; “The ancestors speak through me, so listen carefully…”

She recalls waiting to see what ‘they’ were going to say. The next lines she wrote were;

“I am the Original Woman – I was here first!
MAN came out of WOMAN,
HE came out of SHE,
MALE came out of FEMALE
and HE came out of HER,
See, it’s hidden in the words!”

QUESTion: So how did the Black Woman end up at the bottom of society? Through man-made religions, the media, and social engineering.

Man-made religions blamed Eve for the fall of humanity, indirectly blaming the Black Woman. (See Day 3: The Eve Gene)

However before European religions were created, (Black) women held a high position in society. It was the custom among Nubians that when a king died and left only a son, if he had a nephew, the son of his sister would reign instead of his own son. In other words, inheritance came through the woman, not the man.

Yet somehow this had all been turned upside down. The Divine Feminine was removed from the Creation Story, and Eve was accused of causing the downfall of humanity, resulting in women being forced to become subservient to men. The genealogy of Jesus and other prominent men in the bible didn’t even acknowledge women. It was even said that the Gospel of Mary, who was the closest ‘disciple’ to Jesus, was omitted from the scriptures. Religion was used as a tool to suppress the Feminine Energy, which allowed the Masculine Energy to rise. Because men no longer sought counsel from their women, their ego created havoc. They took over religion, politics, law, education, business and agriculture, causing extensive damage to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Suzanne thinks about how far women are from re-membering themselves (putting themselves back together again) and wonders what she can do to help them regain their rightful position in the world.

To be fair, it isn’t all men who think like this, it’s a small group of elitists (white men) who want to rule the world. The only way they can achieve their goal is by causing the Black Woman to forget who she is, and her innate power. They know that the Black Woman has the strongest genes, and they have the weakest. They also know that when the Black Man and Black Woman unite in a high state of consciousness, they can accomplish anything. So they had devised covert ways of keeping them apart. Their strategy was to break down their psyche using things they love the most; music, sex, spirituality, and food – especially chicken.’

Tomorrow I will explain how covert ‘black ops’ are being used to keep Black Women and men apart, and how the same African spirituality that our ancestors were told is evil (before giving us their religions) is being covertly used against us!

Read the next post ‘African Spirituality vs Religion‘.

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