BHM Day 6: The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

In yesterday’s BHM post I QUESTioned whether the Tree of Life in the bible could have been a FIG tree, as figs relate to FERTILITY?

For today’s ARTicle my QUESTion is:

“Why did Jesus CURSE the Fig Tree?”

I LOVE trees! (the older the better).

I hate to hear of trees being cut down, so for the life of me I couldn’t fathom why Jesus would curse the oldest tree in the world, just because it wasn’t bearing fruit?

That’s like a guy saying to me “You’ll never find love again, now that you’re menopausal and can’t produce babies anymore!”

I wracked my brain to think why Jesus, the ever-loving Son of God would curse a beautiful tree, to the point where it withered and died!

So I asked my Higher Self “Why did Jesus curse the Fig Tree?” while in meditation with a plant medicine.

I looked at my arm; my skin looked like snake skin!

I was given the title for a book I must write, which would answer this QUESTion.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post The Serpent and the Tree of Life it explains the benefits of figs, and why it’s highly likely that the fruit Adam and Eve ate were figs, not apples!

Today, let’s focus on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was situated right beside the Tree of Life.

In my fearless letter to God which I channelled in 2001 (you can listen it on the Books page) I QUESTioned why ‘He’ had placed the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the centre of the garden, if Adam and Eve weren’t supposed to eat of it?

Yesterday we looked at the symbolism in the Serpent and the Tree of Life, today we will look at the symbolism in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In 2018 I went through my ‘dark night of the soul’ which was ‘hell’, but prepared me for the next part of my journey.

Trees have roots. The roots of both the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolize the hidden, unconscious mind, just like the part of an iceberg hidden underwater represents the sub-conscious mind:

Along my journey of Self-discovery, I discovered that our THOUGHTS are like SEEDS, our MIND is the GARDEN, and the SOIL is the subconscious mind, where our thought-seeds are planted:

So going back to the Garden of Eden: Adam and Eve were told to eat ONLY of the Tree of Life, in other words, to only think good thoughts.

In yesterday’s ARTicle, I said the Serpent represented HEALTH.

If the Serpent symbolizes HEALTH, maybe this story actually relates to their mental health…they had a choice to think both good or bad thoughts.

Adam and Eve were tempted to think bad thoughts – and they chose to entertain bad thoughts.

This led to a ‘fall’ from a high state of consciousness, which led to them being banned from Paradise.  Negative thoughts will do that to you.

Adam and Eve were living in Heaven on Earth, before their downfall.

Their negative thoughts brought them down to a lower frequency, which meant they were no longer entitled to live in the high-vibe Garden of Eden.

And that’s why they were banished.

How does that sound? It’s just a theory 😄

So remember, our MIND is the GARDEN, and our THOUGHTS are the SEEDS. As the Gardener of our mind, it’s our job to ‘nip those negative thoughts in the bud’ before they take root, and replace them with positive thoughts, in order to keep the garden of our mind well cultivated!

Watch my video-poem ‘Fertile Soil‘ which features two of my paintings:

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Listen to an extract from Year Three which shows how I’ve weaved my poetry into the story:

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In the next post we will explore the CREATIVE power of the mind...

In your service,

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