BHM Day 5: The Serpent and the Tree of Life

In today’s ARTicle I’ll share some in-formation regarding the symbolism in the Garden of Eden story.

As the story goes, Eve was tempted by the Serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit. She in turn tempted Adam, which brought a curse on the whole of the human race – or was it just Black people who were cursed?

After all, if Adam and Eve were walking around naked they must have been somewhere hot – plus Africa is the Motherland, which means they must have been African.

As I mentioned in Day 4: The Eve Gene, it’s already been scientifically proven that the first woman was Black, and that Black Women carry mitochondrial DNA, which is responsible for all other types of human beings.

And for the internet troll who came on my Twitter:

Here it is from a white woman!

Now that we’ve established Adam and Eve were most likely African, let’s look into the symbology of the Serpent and the Tree of Life.

The serpent has been used since ancient times to represent HEALTH.

Growing up in church I was taught The Lord’s Prayer, but no-one told me that ‘rod’ and ‘staff’ related to my health! (Your rod and your staff, they comfort me).

This symbol is still used today in the healthcare industry.

QUESTion: “If the serpent symbolizes health, what does the Tree of Life symbolize?”

In the above image (bottom centre) you’ll see the serpent wrapped around a cross, inside a Vesica Piscis (see previous post: Jesus and His Divine Mother) which I assume is carved on a church building somewhere. According to the inscription, the Tree of Life symbolizes Fertility. (There’s a fertility centre called Tree of Life in Los Angeles!)

So we have the Serpent which symbolizes HEALTH, and the Tree of Life which symbolizes FERTILITY.

My next QUESTion: “What does this have to do with Eve? Was she infertile before she ate the forbidden fruit?”

And what was the forbidden fruit? We seem to have it in our heads that it was an apple, 🍎 but it’s much more likely to have been a fig. How did I work that out? The clue was in the leaves they sewed together when they discovered they were naked!

Which brings us to the Tree of Life: Did you know that figs are great for gynecological issues? If Eve was infertile, eating figs would have helped her to conceive. Not long after, she started bringing forth new life.

Figs are also great for male fertility; they’re full of seeds and sometimes hang in twos when they grow – just like testicles. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers too. This means this magical luscious fruit helps to overcome male sterility.  Figs are historically known as an aphrodisiac too. This might explain why Eve offered some to Adam!

Does this explain why Adam and Eve didn’t have sex until after their eyes were opened, and they saw each other’s nakedness?

Well according to the bible, after they ate the forbidden fruit Adam ‘knew’ his wife (had sex with Eve) and she conceived.

I don’t have all the answers, but one thing I do know is, Mother Nature has a cure for everything!

BHM Fun Fact:

Imhotep was a multi-genius who lived in ancient Kemet around 2700 B.C. He was the first physician, and chief minister to King Djoser. An adept architect, scribe, engineer and artist, Imhotep was also known for his knowledge of medicine. His medical teachings were among the first not to be completely driven by magic or mysticism; Imhotep had knowledge of anatomy and medical treatments derived from plants. He was later regarded as “the Egyptian god of medicine”.

In Year Two of my novel, I explained how scholars such as Hippocrates were credited with being the founding fathers of medicine, when they had actually learned from Imhotep.

An ancient script by Imhotep (known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus c. 16th century BCE) covers the treatment of over 200 diseases, including 15 diseases of the abdomen, 11 of the bladder, 10 of the rectum, 29 of the eyes and 18 of the skin, hair, nails and tongue.

In tomorrow’s ARTicle, I’ll tackle the topic of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in relation to the Tree of Life. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this Garden of Eden story!

In the meantime, listen to my letter to God which QUESTions the Garden of Eden story, by visiting the Books page!

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