BHM Day 5: The Serpent and the Tree of Life

Today’s ARTicle is about the symbolism used in the Garden of Eden story.

As the story goes, Eve was tempted by the Serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit. She in turn tempted Adam, which brought a curse on the whole of the human race – or was it just African people who were cursed?

After all, Adam and Eve were walking around naked so they must have been somewhere hot; and since Africa is the Motherland, they must have been African.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog The Eve Gene, it’s been scientifically proven that the first woman was Black, and that Black Women carry mitochondrial DNA, which is responsible for all other types of human beings.

And to the internet troll who came on my Twitter…

…here it is from a white woman!

Now let’s look at the symbolism of the Serpent and the Tree of Life.

Were you taught The Lord’s Prayer growing up?

Since ancient times, the Serpent has been the symbol for health. Today, it’s still used to represent the medical industry, but no-one told me what ‘thy rod and thy staff’ meant!

According to the Genesis story, after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they were banished from the Garden of Eden. This meant they had no more access to the Tree of Life, and were therefore doomed to death. However, not long after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam ‘knew’ his wife (they had sex), and she gave birth to twins, Cain and Abel.

So, what was this ‘forbidden fruit’? We were led to believe it was an apple 🍎 but it was more likely to have been a fig. (The clue was in the leaves they sewed together to cover their nakedness after their eyes were opened).

Figs are related to fertility.

Since ancient times, figs were considered the symbol of fertility, and it was later found to be true that due to high amounts of iron present in figs, they can positively help boost fertility. Iron is essential for the ovulation process in females, while low iron levels can affect sperm quality and motility in males.

Could it be possible that Adam and Eve didn’t have sex until after they ate the figs? Their eyes were opened, and they saw each other’s nakedness for the first time. Figs are also recognised as an aphrodisiac because of their texture and aroma – maybe that’s why Eve offered some to Adam!

It stands to reason that the fruit Eve was ‘tempted’ with by the Serpent were figs, because not long after she ate them and offered some to Adam, she conceived.

If you look at the bottom middle picture above, the inscription beside it says the Serpent represents ‘Fertility /Tree of Life’. I’ve already explained in Day 3: Jesus and His Divine Mother how the double-pointed oval symbolizes the yoni (vagina), through which all new life is born.

And there’s a fertility centre in Los Angeles called ‘Tree of Life‘!

If we try to innerstand the esoteric symbolism behind this story rather than looking at it from a literal point of view, it makes more sense.

Later on in this series, I will take you into the womb of the Divine Mother, who was omitted from the scriptures.

BHM Fun Fact:

In the third dynasty of ancient Egypt, Imhotep became chief advisor to pharoah Djoser through his talents as scribe, architect, engineer, artist, as well as his knowledge of medicine. Remarkable for the time was that his medical teachings were the first to not be completely driven by magic or mysticism. Imhotep had knowledge of anatomy and medical treatments derived from plants. It was Imhotep who wrote the document from which the Edwin Smith Papyrus was derived. Hypocrates and other prominent Greek philosophers had actually studied the stolen manuscripts, but didn’t credit their new-found knowledge to ancient Kemet (Egypt).

2,000 years after his death, Imhotep’s status was elevated to that of a deity of medicine, with his cult centered in Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. After his deification, Imhotep was considered the mortal path to the god Ptah, god of creation and fertility, who was supposedly the father of Imhotep.

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