BHM blog series Day 1: The Bible and Mental Slavery

As it’s ‘Black His-story Month’ I’ve decided to write a blog every day to honour my ancestors. Shout out to Harriet Tubman for her role in history, helping her people break free from physical slavery.

Most Christians don’t know the history of the religion they have been indoctrinated into, they just go along in blind faith.

As a Christian in my mid-thirties, I reached a point where I had so many QUESTions, like “How can there be a Father and a Son but no mention of a Mother?” and “Why are the majority of women in the bible treated like second class citizens?”

In 2001 I was inspired to write a fearless letter to my Maker, asking all the QUESTions my church couldn’t answer. I ended it by asking for “the Truth!”

I uploaded the letter to my MySpace (remember MySpace?) stating that I was going to be like a modern-day Moses, sent to help free my people from mental slavery – I don’t know what made me say that!

That same year I met my Twin Soul, which triggered my ‘Awakening’.

Since then, I’ve studied the history of Christianity, and shared everything I learned in Years One and Two of my novel ‘Journey of a Sister’. Here’s a scene from Year One:

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water; I still believe in Jesus, but not the white Jesus.

I now understand the power of the subconscious mind, and how it responds best to images. By changing African people’s deity from Black to White, subliminally, it’s had the effect of causing ‘White Saviour Syndrome’. As a result, the white man has so much power, he doesn’t need religion anymore – it’s done its job. White men (and women) can go anywhere the bible has previously been and be treated like gods.

When I was a child growing up in church, I had a bible with beautifully painted images of all the bible characters, including Jesus – who were all white. We were taught to sing songs about being washed as white as snow, and to think of ourselves as poor, wretched sinners. All this is programming the subconscious mind. At home, we had an image of the blonde haired blue eyed Jesus hung on our living room wall.

Even though I left church in 2007, that programming has been very difficult to remove. Do you want to know why?

The subconscious mind is fully programmed by the time a child reaches 7 years old. This is why the Jesuits said ‘Give me a child until the age of seven, and I’ll show you the man’. This is known as The Imprint Period.

And why Frederick Douglas said “It’s much easier to raise strong children than to mend broken adults”.

The whippings enslaved Africans received were to break them down mentally, so they would accept this new religion, and new way of life. They were taught that their African spirituality was evil, and were given a new god to worship.

One of the reasons we are the way we are as a people today, is because we have forgotten to call on our ancestors, and are following what we were taught by our oppressors.

The shackles have been removed from our bodies, and placed on our minds.

And by the way, the same African spirituality they told us not to practice, is being covertly used against us!

In this blog series for BHM, I will be explaining how we are still living on a Modern Day Plantation, and what we can do to break free from mental slavery. I will also share our rich history before slavery, and some of the ancestral messages I channelled through the book.

Tomorrow, I will explain how Christianity was originally an African concept, but was stolen, corrupted, and given back to us in the form of the bible.

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