BHM blog series Day 1: The Bible and Mental Slavery

For ‘Black His-story Month’ I’ve committed to writing a blog a day to honour my ancestors, and to help my people ‘break free from mental slavery‘.

Shout out to my shero Harriet Tubman for her role in history, helping her people break free from physical slavery.

This ‘Black His-story Month’ blog series will show how we’re still in mental slavery, starting with religion. I will also explain the symbolism used throughout the bible, and where it originated from.

Just to give you a little of my backstory: In 2001 I was still a Christian; back then I had no knowledge of my African ancestry, who I was as a Black Woman, or of my rich history before the enslavement of my ancestors. I had been totally disconnected from my ancestral roots, which had been replaced with religion. Even though Geneology is biblically important, my original name, language, culture, heritage, traditions, and inheritance had been stripped from me. I was told I had a ‘new identity in Christ’.

Can you relate?

In 2001, I was inspired to write a fearless letter to God, asking all the QUESTions my church couldn’t answer. I ended it by asking for “the Truth!”:

I uploaded the letter to MySpace, stating that I was going to be like a modern-day Moses, sent to help free my people from mental slavery – I don’t know what made me say that – but as a result, I became a ‘Targeted Individual’, and was assigned a government agent, just like Neo in the film ‘The Matrix’ was when he started waking up to the Truth.

In 2001 I also met my Twin Soul, which triggered my ‘Awakening’.

I broke up with him over my religious beliefs, which led to me writing the letter to God, and to the journey I’m on now. I used my natural gifts of writing and art to share everything I discovered in a beautiful story form, now titled ‘Journey of a Sister’. Here’s a scene from Year One, where Charles explains that Suzanne is a displaced African, and needs to find her way back home:

I still believe in Jesus, just not the white Jesus.

I learned that the subconscious mind responds best to images. When Europeans changed all the biblical characters (including Jesus) from Black to White, it had the effect of causing ‘White Saviour Syndrome’, where Africans and their descendants now believe they need a white man to save them.

As a result, the white man has put himself in the position of God. He doesn’t need religion anymore, hence why they no longer promote it. White men (and women) can go anywhere the bible has previously been and be treated like gods.

When I was a child growing up in church, I had a bible with beautifully painted images of all the bible characters, including Jesus – who were all white. We were taught to sing songs about being washed as white as snow, and to think of ourselves as poor, wretched sinners. All this is subconscious programming. We even had an image of the blonde haired blue eyed Jesus hung on our living room wall.

Even though I left church in 2007, that programming has been very difficult to remove, because the subconscious mind is fully programmed by the time a child reaches 7 years old. This is known as The Imprint Period, and why the Jesuits said ‘Give me a child until the age of seven, and I’ll show you the man’. It’s also why Frederick Douglas said “It’s much easier to raise strong children than to mend broken adults.”

Enslaved Africans were whipped mercilessly to break them down mentally, so they would accept this new religion, and new way of life. Natives who escaped slavery were taught by European missionaries that their African spirituality was evil, and were given a new god to worship.

One of the reasons we are the way we are today, is because we have forgotten the tradition of calling on our ancestors, and are following what we were taught by our oppressors.

The shackles have been removed from our bodies, and placed on our minds.

By the time a child reaches 10 years old, the indoctrination is so ingrained in the subconscious, that it’s very difficult to remove.

I hope that you will stay with me for the duration of this blog series so you can free your mind, and in doing so, free the minds of future generations.

In this blog series I will share the his-story of Christianity, how it played a big part in the enslavement of our ancestors, our rich history before slavery, how we are now living on a Modern Day Plantation, and what we must do to break free from mental slavery.

In Day 2 of this series, I explain how Christianity was originally an African concept, but was stolen, corrupted, and given back to us in the form of man-made religions.

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