What a Journey!

My novel has gone through a transformation!

The First Edition was published in 2012 under the title Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! and ended (quite abruptly) at Year Eleven. It was a brilliant title and cover design (by my Self), but if I had known then what I know now, I would not have put the sub-title!

In 2016 I made my first trip to the Motherland, Ghana. Upon my return I revised my novel, added two new chapters inspired by my 5 month stay, and re-titled it Journey of a Sister.

Some of the changes made to the Second Edition:
• I explained what ‘Fornication’ really means
• Added Years Twelve and Thirteen
• New Title and Front Cover design

Shortly after returning from Ghana and revising the Second Edition, I experienced a severe technological attack which shut down my pineal gland and prevented me from receiving visions and downloads; these were my inspiration to create.

In 2018 I decided that since I wasn’t getting any inspiration to write or paint, I had to do something! I collaborated with some people in the Gambia to organize The Self Love Retreat.

I spent 4 months in the Gambia and witnessed the same ‘system’ as in Ghana, only this time the ruling religion was Islam. I experienced firsthand how difficult it is for returnees to integrate with the locals, who may have escaped the Transatlantic Slave Trade, but had not escaped the psychological effects of colonialism.

While in the Gambia I was encouraging my people to ‘Come Home’. My vision was for returnees to put money together to buy land and build a village. Unfortunately, upon what was supposed to be a brief return to the UK, I came under a major psychological attack which almost cost me my life, and landed me in a psychiatric ward. Fortunately, I wasn’t forced to take their drugs, but I did get a firsthand look into the mental health system; I realized it’s not designed to heal, but to turn people into ‘service users‘.

One of the nurses on the ward said to me “I can tell when people have a mental illness from when they’re under demonic attack, and yours is a demonic attack. Don’t you know how to do Back to Sender prayers?” She gave me a book with said prayers, and even gave me the address for her church to go for ‘deliverance’.

I wondered how I’d ended up there considering all the work I’d done on my own mind.

I wracked my brain to think back to where this had all started, and joined the dots back to 2001, the year I began to wake up and fulfil my calling. I figured “I must be doing something right to come under so much attack!”

I wondered how many others in my community had experienced what I’ve been through.

I vowed to incorporate ‘Black Women and Mental Health’ into my work.

It’s taken me over two years to recover from the latest psychic attack – my brain hadn’t even fully recovered from the tech attack!

However, after discharging myself from the psychiatric ward in January 2019, I was intuitively led to use a plant medicine which reset my brain and erased all the ‘suggestions’ which had been planted in my subconscious mind.

This enabled me to start receiving visions and downloads again. I immediately set to work to rebuild my business which lay in ruins, along with my reputation. Who’s going to listen to a Black Woman with ‘mental health issues’ talking about the power of the subconscious mind?

To add insult to injury, a sellout by the name of Unapologetic Negropean made a video about me calling me a scam artist. I knew it was going to take a lot to rebuild my credibility, but all you have to do is read my book to know that I have dedicated my life to helping my people break free from mental slavery (especially religion), to reconnect us with our ancestral roots, to re-mind us of our greatness, and to reclaim our true inheritance. Sadly, there are a lot of Black men in our community who willingly accept bribes to do the work of our oppressors.

I started learning about the power of the subconscious mind in 2001. With my knowledge I healed myself from depression, healed my inner child, unblocked as a Writer and Artist, un-indoctrinated myself from my religious beLIEfs, and began the process of transforming my life. I came under mental, spiritual and physical attacks because I was sharing my knowledge with my people, who elitists want to keep at the bottom of society so they can maintain their position at the top. Know that this is psychological warfare, not just against me, but our whole community!

I don’t know where I would be now, without plant medicines. Mother Nature has a cure for everything. My brain is not the same, but I’ve picked myself up like the warrioress I am, and am back on my feet.

While still healing, in 2019 I turned my novel into a film script with the help of Errol Mcglashan, who helped me edit the First Edition. During the process a lot of the dialogue changed, and I even wrote some new scenes! I titled my film script MELANIN TWINS because the two main characters are Twin Souls.

I then decided to revise the book to match the film script, and to record it as an audiobook so I could reach those who don’t have the time or inclination to read a book. I’m aware that enslaved Africans were not permitted to read or write, and many of their descendants are still carrying the trauma of their ancestors in their DNA. I would like as many people as possible to receive the ancestral messages in this story one way or another (46,000 words were channelled).

For the Third and final Edition, I changed the front cover design back to my painting ‘Black Butterfly’, as it’s symbolic of ‘Transformation of the Mind’. Another major change I made to the Third Edition was changing the storyline from PAST to PRESENT Tense.

This book is for YOU if:

  • You were raised in the faith (even if you’ve left)
  • You’re the descendant of an enslaved African
  • You’re a Black Woman or Man
  • You wish to innerstand issues pertaining to Black relationships
  • You have Self Love or self-identity issues
  • You’re on the journey to Self-actualization
  • You just want to read a beautiful Black Love story!

Now in AUDIOBOOK! 📖🎧

Even if you’ve read previous Editions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the changes I’ve made to the Third Edition! Download the audiobooks, Year One (Part One) is FREE! and Download the e-book so you can listen and read at the same time! (There’s a video on the Books page with a scene taken from the audiobook: ‘Suzanne’s First Performance’).

The audiobooks feature 14 of my award-winning poems to music, including my heartbreak poem ‘Is this…Love?’ recorded especially for the audiobook (it’s in Year Four). The e-book features 8 of my paintings which incorporate Colour Therapy!

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Join me on a walk through Journey of a Sister!
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I look forward to you joining us!
In your service,

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Spreading LOVE through Creativity!

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