What a Journey!

Journey of a Sister has gone through a transformation!

The First Edition (titled Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!) was published in 2012, and ended at Year Eleven.

After spending 5 months in Ghana in 2016, I revised my novel, added two new chapters inspired by my stay, and re-titled it Journey of a Sister.

Some of the changes to the Second Edition:
• Writing changed from PAST to PRESENT Tense
• Explained what ‘Fornication’ means
• New Title
• Adding two new chapters (Years Twelve & Thirteen)

In 2018 I spent 4 months in the Gambia and witnessed the same ‘system’ as in Ghana, only this time the ruling religion was Islam. I experienced firsthand how difficult it is for returnees to re-integrate with the locals, who may have escaped the Transatlantic Slave Trade, but had not escaped colonialism.

While in the Gambia I was encouraging my people to ‘Come Home’. My vision was for returnees to put money together to buy land and build a village. Unfortunately, my plans didn’t work out and I subsequently suffered a big ‘CRASH’.

It’s taken me over two years to recover, but while healing I turned my novel into a film script, as it’s always been my ultimate goal to turn my book into a film.
Errol Mcglashan (who helped me edit the First Edition) helped with the script-writing; during the process a lot of the dialogue changed – I even wrote some new scenes! I titled my film script MELANIN TWINS.

I then decided to revise the book to match the film script, and to record it as an audiobook so I could reach even more people with the ancestral messages in the story.

For the Third and final Edition, I changed the front cover design back to my painting ‘Black Butterfly’, as its symbolic of ‘Transformation of the Mind’.

This book is for YOU if:

  • You were raised in the faith (even if you’ve left)
  • You’re the descendant of an enslaved African
  • You’re a Black Woman (or Man)
  • You wish to innerstand issues pertaining to Black relationships
  • You have Self Love or self-identity issues
  • You’re on the journey to Self-actualization
  • You just want to read a beautiful Black Love story!

Free Audiobook!

Even if you’ve read previous Editions, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Third and final Edition! Download Year One (Part One) of the audiobook FREE and also Year One of the e-book so you can listen and read at the same time! (optional). The audiobooks feature 14 of my poems including ‘Is this…Love?’ recorded especially for Year Four, and the e-book features 8 of my paintings which incorporate Colour Therapy!

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Join me on a walk through Journey of a Sister!
From Sunday 25th April @3pm GMT, join me weekly to discuss the topics raised in each ‘Year’ of the story, one chapter a week.
Purchase the whole e-book (Years 1-13) for only £4.99 or start by downloading Year One FREE on the Books page, I look forward to you joining us!
In your service,

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