The Rebellion (my letter to God in Year One)

One night in 2001, I channelled a ‘letter to God’ (by ‘channelled’ I mean it came through me rather than from me), which I titled ‘The Rebellion‘. After recording it I uploaded it to Myspace, saying I was going to be a modern-day Moses, sent to free my people from the mental slavery of religion. This is what got me targeted; it was obvious I’d tapped into an Intelligence greater than myself; when you listen to the letter, you’d think I spent ages constructing it, when in reality, I don’t even remember writing it! I simply woke up in the middle of the night, auto-wrote it, and went back to sleep. I was led to include the letter when I started writing my novel in 2009, it now features in Year One:

Some people may call this letter ‘blasphemous’, but prior to me channelling it, I had channelled LOVE-ly ‘messages from God’ such as “Look to Me!” (which features in Year One of Journey of a Sister) “Call Me by My Name!”, and ‘Jesus Never Left You…’

Personally, I think God channelled this letter through me to cause beLIEvers who still follow these organized, fear-based religions to QUESTion their ‘faith’. ‘The Rebellion‘ has a double meaning; it could mean the rebellion that Lucifer started in Heaven, or my own rebellion from the religion I had been indoctrinated into. Nothing in the letter can be challenged, because it’s all scriptural. God has had enough of people taking this Force of Love and using it to keep the masses in mental bondage.

After writing the letter, I produced beautiful poetry and art over the years, which were creative expressions of my own spiritual journey; amidst total outward devastation, I kept my inner world blissful. I lost homes, my children were separated from me, I had limited money, and despite all my beautiful creations, I was destitute. Back then, I didn’t know I needed to protect myself and my work from spiritual attacks. It was ironic that in my letter to God, I questioned why He wasn’t protecting me from the attacks of His enemy, but now I’ve evolved spiritually. I now know how to protect myself.

I now see life like a game of chess; there’s always going to be opposition, but you have to know how to navigate yourself tactically to win the game.

The First Edition of my novel was titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ (A Black Woman’s Quest for “the Truth!”) but that book was ‘blocked’ (game of chess, remember).


I didn’t know I had become a Targeted Individual in 2001. I was assigned a government agent, who’s job was to block me at every turn (agents don’t look like agent Smith in The Matrix, they look more like someone you know). I was assigned an agent because it was obvious I was ‘waking up’ to my true calling in life. My book shows how to use the power of the subconscious mind to create your own little version of ‘Heaven on Earth’. The agent that was assigned to me was trained in NLP and psychic attacks in order to prevent me from fulfilling my destiny – but he failed! The most he’s been able to do is slow down my progress and make it look like I went mad, to discredit my work.

I have a theory, that when you give the government your child’s birth certificate with their date and time of birth, they use it to work out your child’s Life Path, using Astrology and Numerology.

Back then, I was like Neo in the beginning of the film ‘The Matrix‘: I didn’t know who I was (the One to help my people ‘break free from mental slavery‘) – but the government did; just like in the film, they knew who Neo was before he did!

I know what I’m here to do now, but in 2001 I had only just started ‘waking up’, triggered by meeting my Twin Soul.

In my next blog post I’ll explain how I know for sure that I was targeted by the government, and what you should do if you suspect you’ve been targeted. In the meantime, download the audiobooks of my novel Journey of a Sister. I took the time to record it as an audiobook so that many more people could benefit from the ancestral messages in it (46,000 words were channelled). It’s not just a beautiful Black Love story, its ‘a self-help book told in a novel way’.


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