The Story Behind Journey of a Sister (Part 1)

Journey of a Sister represents my life’s work; it includes my artwork and poetry which are creative expressions of my personal and spiritual journey. It’s NOT my autobiography, although I did draw from some of my most profound experiences, such as meeting my Twin Soul/Twin Flame, and questioning my Faith, which led to the path I’m on now.

However, 46,000 words were channelled, meaning they came THROUGH me rather than FROM me; I would wake up at 4am and write until 6am, and in 3 months I’d written 46,000 words which formed the most beautiful storyline; from there, I had to do research to complete the book. The First Edition was titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ (A Black Woman’s Quest for ‘the Truth!’), which ended at ‘Year Eleven‘.

Upon my return from 5 months in Ghana in 2016, I revised the book, changed the title and added two new chapters, inspired by my stay.

What made me write this ‘self-help novel’?

I wanted to share everything I’d discovered since asking God for “the Truth!” in 2001. It all started with the letter I channelled in 2001, in which I was QUESTioning God! Prior to this letter, I had channelled LOVE-ly messages from ‘The Poet in the Sky’, such as“Look to Me!” which features in Year One of Journey of a Sister.

Listen to my letter to God which features in ‘Year One‘ of Journey of a Sister:

This letter marked a turning-point in my life. I have no recollection of actually writing it, just like the sex ritual I channelled in Year Eight of my novel; I simply found it in my journal – I must have woken up in the middle of the night, written it, and went back to sleep. I had no recollection of writing it the following morning!

That same year (2001) I met my Twin Soul; it was so profound, I wrote it into the story – the way the two characters meet in Year One is exactly how I met my Twin Flame! I tried my best to describe the sensation of feeling like we were caught in a time warp, and of time standing still. (He also gave his version in Year Five: ‘Flashback‘) At the time, neither of us had heard of the Twin Soul Phenomenon, but I’m sure it caused a glitch in the matrix! Twin Souls meet to help raise the Collective Consciousness, and we fulfilled our Twin Soul Mission through this book, despite the fact we never had a ‘proper’ relationship. My Twin Soul Mission is to help my people ‘break free from mental slavery’, especially the mental bondage of religion.

That same year (2001) I was assigned a government agent. I didn’t know that’s what he was at the time, but his job was to prevent me from fulfilling my Twin Soul Mission. I was able to join the dots right back to 2001, while recovering on a psychiatric ward from his latest psychic attack which almost cost me my life in 2018. I now realize that the government are aware of who the ‘Neo‘s are in this world. In the film ‘The Matrix’, they knew who Neo was before he did! Neo is an acronym for ‘One’. (I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with Sophia Stewart, Create-her of The Matrix recently).

Why Would I Be Assigned a Government Agent?

When I uploaded my ‘letter to God’ to Myspace in 2001, I stated that I was a ‘Modern-day Moses’, sent to free my people from the mental slavery of religion. I now believe this is what got me targeted. Plus I met my Twin Soul that year. I was assigned a government agent because it was obvious that I was ‘waking up’, and was beginning to fulfil my soul purpose, to help set many more minds free too. I have fulfilled my mission through this book, despite experiencing both spiritual and psychic attacks. Back then, I didn’t know anything about protecting myself spiritually other than ‘pleading the blood of Jesus’. Now, I call on my ancestors for guidance and protection,

Despite me losing homes, being seperated from my children, and money drying up, I’ve still pursued my destiny and written books, poetry, and even painted my collection ‘Nature’s Art‘ while homeless and staying with a friend. Nothing I’ve experienced has stopped me from fulfilling my purpose, in fact, I now see a Divine Plan in everything!

After experiencing my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, I now feel in a much better position to serve than ever before. Since discharging myself in January 2019, I became much more clear about my true purpose; I feel as if I came equipped to de-construct the systems of religion that have been holding my people in mental bondage, especially where their sexuality is concerned. Since leaving church, I’ve learned about the creative power of sexual energy, and have used it to create myself – this is where our power lies! (I’ll go into it in more detail in the SEQUEL I’m currently writing). Religion seperated sex from spirituality, my role is to put them back together again!

While still in recovery, I turned my novel into a film script, revised the book to match the script (much of the dialogue and scenes changed, but the beautiful storyline I channelled remains the same!) and recorded the audiobook! Listen to a sample here:

Download the Audios, only 99p! #BlackPoundDay

If you struggle to read a book, you can now listen to Journey of a Sister which includes audios of all my award-winning poems interwoven into the story!  Download the audiobooks here – you can also download the ebook to listen and read at the same time, and to view my art which features in the story! There’s a £5 DISCOUNT CODE at the end of the e-book towards your signed paperback, so technically, you get it FREE!


When you pre-order your personally signed paperback for just £19.99 (inc. p&p) you’ll get a FREE USB with the audiobook on it, PLUS all my poems which feature in the story! (PRE-ORDERS ONLY, last date to pre-order 1st September 2020)

In Part Two of The Story Behind Journey of a Sister, I’ll share my her-story of what it was like growing up between two worlds, which set me apart from my siblings, made me an outcast to society, but led to the path I’m on now. To get an email notification, ‘follow’ this blog,

In your service,

Author | Visual & Spoken Word Artist| Channeller | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

‘Spreading LOVE through Creativity!’

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