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In the two videos below, I share what I’ve been doing since discharging myself from the psychiatric ward in January of last year. I now see that situation as a ‘necessary evil’, as I was able to witness the mental health system first-hand. It’s not about helping people to heal, but turning them into ‘service users’. I too was offered their drugs, but refused, and because I wasn’t sectioned they couldn’t force them on me. I’ve since decided to incorporate ‘Black People and Mental Health’ into my work, for true mental, emotional and spiritual healing.
In the first video I share a little bit about my her-story, and in the second video I share why I think the First Edition was intercepted:

This book represents my life’s work. I explain why I changed the title from ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ and why I think I was targeted in the first place; I RE-MEMBER WHO I AM, and my job is to re-mind my people of who they are too. I have a new hashtag that I’m using for both Journey of a Sister, and its SEQUEL, Journey of a Brother: #irememberwhoiam
Journey of a Sister isn’t just a beautiful Black Love story; it’s PACKED with ancestral messages and wisdom that I channelled. When I came out of hospital I thought “If I’m going to suffer so much for the IN-formation I’m sharing in this book, I may as well put EVERYTHING in it!” I explained why the Black Woman is scientifically known as ‘The Mother of all Nations’, why ‘Eve’ was blamed for the fall of humanity, why our skin and (natural) hair keeps us in tune with nature, and what we need to do to heal ourselves. I revised it one last time, and recorded it as an AUDIOBOOK.

Ancestral Trauma
Through my research, I discovered that many descendants of enslaved Africans won’t read a book because their ancestors were forbidden to read and write. Many of us are still carrying the trauma our ancestors suffered in our DNA. I have enslaved Africans in my lineage, but through the work I’ve been doing to heal, I discovered that my true lineage is ROYALTY. I also discovered a fast-track to repairing the damage to my DNA (I’ll talk more about this in my next blog).

In this second video, I share one of the scenes that I channelled. This is a powerful ritual that I now feel is our KEY as melanin-rich people to reclaiming our true heritage:

Because I know many of us won’t get around to reading the paperback, I took the time to record it as an AUDIOBOOK. Even if you’ve read the previous version of Journey of a Sister, you’ll still want to read or listen to this revised version, especially before reading Journey of a Brother!

This is a clip from the audiobook, where I’m reading the Intro and the opening scene, which wasn’t in any of the two previous versions:

Pre-order Your Paperback and get a FREE USB with the Audiobook on it!
Download the audiobooks here, and pre-order your personally signed paperback herethe first 1,000 people to pre-order their paperback will receive a FREE USB stick with the audiobook on it, PLUS all my poems featured in the story! Your pre-order will enable me to print 1,000 copies with my artwork in full colour, so you can benefit from the colour therapy in them while you read!

Book Launch: 10th October 2020
I’ll be starting my Book Signing and Discussion Events again in October (BHM), where we will discuss the topics raised in Journey of a Sister openly. The Book Launch will take place in London, England; I’ll also be travelling to other parts of the country and world to share my message, so if you’d like me visit your part of the world 🌎, get in touch!

Boycott Amazon!
I read in the Guardian online this week that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the world’s richest man, gave $118 BILLION to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who have developed a vaccine aimed as a weapon against Black people.
Order your e-book, paperback or audiobooks from my new website, which means the money will come straight to me (via PayPal) rather than going to Amazon. When you order the e-book from my website (£4.99) you’ll find a £5 Discount Code at the end of the e-book, towards your signed paperback. The e-book can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or PC, and features my artwork which incorporates Colour Therapy.

In my next blog posts, I’ll begin sharing my her-story which led to me writing Journey of a Sister, starting with my childhood programming. If you’d like to get an email notification each time I post a new ARTicle, ‘follow’ this blog!
Until then,
Peace, Love, Guidance and PROTECTION!
In your service,

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