Panel Discussion with Sophia Stewart (Creator of The Matrix) and Seven (Creator of Strictly Come Dancing)

I was honoured to be invited to join a Panel to discuss the current ‘plandemic’. This is a manifestation for me, because my last two blog posts mentioned the film ‘The Matrix’, and now I’m sitting on a Panel with the Creator! In Part One, we discussed how Hollywood and the mainstream media steal Black people’s ideas without giving them any credit, and what we should do to claim what is rightfully ours. Black people are the most creative on the planet, yet we (as a race) are the most financially impoverished. Seven and Sophia talk about how white people have put themselves in a position of power, and have done their best to whitewash his-story and make it look as if they are the originators.

The host, Seven (top left) is Creator of ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ and a host of other highly acclaimed shows; her Intellectual Property was stolen, and she hasn’t received a penny for her creations. She said “They don’t want us to benefit financially from our creativity.” Personally, as a highly creative person, I can say I’ve also been blocked time and time again from benefitting from my creations. Sophia explains why we are so creative, and why others don’t have the ability to create like us. This is the basis of racism. I briefly explained my experiences of being psychically and technologically attacked, to the point of almost killing myself. In Seven’s previous video (embedded into my previous blog post), Natalie Moore shared her experiences of being a Targeted Individual.

Why are so many Black Women targeted?

Sophia explains it around the 55 minute mark of Part One: The Matrix is a Latin word for the woman’s womb, the stargate, the portal. I channelled this in-formation in Year 8 of Journey of a Sister, including a sex ritual which enables them to create their own little version of ‘Heaven on Earth’. This is why there’s a covert agenda to keep the Black Womban and Man apart from each other.

Sophia says our people won’t read a book. This is due to ancestral trauma; enslaved Africans were prohibited from reading and writing, which still affects some of their descendants today. This is why I’m in the process of recording Journey of a Sister as an audiobook series.

Wadada explains why there’s an agenda to vaccinate “all Black people first”. They want to place a chip in us through the vaccines, which will allow them to control us remotely. Imagine, they’ve already done so much to try and exterminate us unsuccessfully, yet they’ve still created this whole ‘plandemic’ in order to control us. We must innerstand that we’re in a war.

In Part Two, we discussed how to win this war. I was able to share my message of what we as a human race need to do to unite and fight the dark forces that are trying to enslave us and take over this planet:

Everything going on with this ‘plandemic’ is a BIG DISTRACTION. We are moving out of the age of Pisces (governed by religions) and moving into the age of Aquarius, where we will govern ourselves, and our thoughts will manifest much more quickly. This is the time to focus on creating your own little version of HEAVEN ON EARTH. If you don’t take control of your own mind, you’re allowing it to be manipulated by the ‘powers that be’ (not). If they were able to bring about their ‘New World Order’ without OUR Collective Consciousness, they would have done it already. They use FEAR to control us, and you wouldn’t believe the technology they have to keep us down.

Black people are the ones to lead the way to creating Heaven on Earth, because of our natural creative ability. If we continue to allow our minds and emotions to be manipulated through the media (which is owned by the 1%) we will create HELL on earth, and proceed their plan.

What we can do NOW to begin the process of creating ‘Heaven on Earth’:

  • Stop watching tell-lie-vision
  • Stop listening to mainstream radio
  • Stop reading newspapers
  • Limit your time spent on social media
  • Don’t watch videos that trigger negative emotions
  • Write down in detail what ‘Heaven on Earth’ would look like to you
  • Spend time each day visualizing your new reality (with emotion)
  • Create a PLAN for how you will take steps towards your goal

Some people have been on ‘lockdown’ with this ‘plandemic’, while others like myself have been on a Retreat. Use this time to FOCUS on what you want to create moving forward. Things are changing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; do you want to go back to your life-force draining 9-5 job? Or do you want to claim your rightful inheritance as a sovereign human being? As I said, we’re moving into a new age, the Golden Age, where we have the opportunity to create HEAVEN ON EARTH, but only if we stop allowing our minds to be manipulated.

After almost dying, I’m back stronger than ever before. I now feel ready to help us as a human race to create Heaven on Earth. Last year I was led to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe to:

  • Help people to DISCOVER and FULFIL their Soul Purpose
  • Co-create a new Heaven on Earth
  • Do group meditations globally to raise the frequency on the planet to LOVE
  • Study Universal Laws together
  • Help Twin Souls raise the Collective Consciousness

My soul purpose is to ‘Spread LOVE through Creativity’, which I’ve done through my books, art, poetry, events and The Self Love Retreat. I’m now ready to help YOU discover and fulfil YOUR soul purpose, and to co-create Heaven on Earth. If you’d like to be part of my Soul Purpose Tribe, start by reading my novel Journey of a Sister, or taking my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Author | Visual & Spoken Word Artist| Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

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