Poem-Prayer-Affirmation for the Healing of the Nation πŸ™πŸΎπŸŒπŸ’ž

Last year I crashed and burned; everything I’d been working towards for the past 20 years lay in ruins. I wondered how my life had reached that point, considering all the inner work I’d done healing myself, and creating products and events to help others heal too.

I looked back at my life, and joined the dots back to 2001; this is the year I channelled my ‘letter to God’ and put it up on Myspace. It’s also the year I started my business ‘Creative Art Enterprises’ with the ‘Love Inspires…‘ project (poetry workshops, a CD featuring 10 Black poets, and a Valentine’s Date event, which was very successful). I also met my Twin Soul, which triggered my ascension and caused me to question everything I’d been taught to believe. In my letter to God, one of the questions I asked was “Why do I have to wait until I die to go to heaven? Why can’t I just live in heaven – on EARTH?”

In 2001 I was also assigned a government agent, posing as a Business Mentor; they must have said She’s beginning to wake up!” His mission it seems, was to block me at every turn, and to prevent me and my Twin from fulfilling our Twin Soul Mission. The purpose of Twin Souls meeting is to help raise the Collective Consciousness.

What’s so special about me, to be assigned an agent? The letter I channelled was from a higher Intelligence than myself. It discredits religious indoctrination, and leaves no room for arguments. I was still a Christian when I wrote it, but it set me free mentally, and has done the same for many others; it features in Year One of my novel Journey of a sister’, which is helping people ‘break free from mental slavery’, including religious dogma.

The ‘powers that be’ (not) seek to control the minds of the masses through various systems they’ve created such as Governments, religions and education. I’m sure you realize by now, that your sovereign rights as a human being are slowly being taken away.

Most people are happy living in the Matrix, but if you want more out of life than to live in a slave system, join my love-olution!

As mentioned in my previous blog post, Neo is an anagram for ‘One‘. They knew who he was before he did. They knew who I was before I did! WE are ‘The One’. We’ve been led to beLIEve we are all separate from each other, but in Truth, we’re all part of the Collective Consciousness. Our thoughts are creative. When we focus on something together, THOUGHTS FORM. This is how things materialize. This is the message in my novel.

This is how ‘prophecies’ written into the bible become fulfilled – through the power of collective thought and belief. So now, we must use our Collective Consciousness to create what WE want, instead of what the ‘powers that be’ (not) want. Right now, they’re using FEAR to control us. Fortunately, we are waking up en-mass, and their plan is crumbling. I’ve had no fear throughout the whole ‘corona plandemic’, I was too busy focusing on what I want to create!

Only WE can save ourselves. We must stop allowing our minds to be manipulated by the 1%, who are trying to enslave us all mentally. Our collective positive thoughts on a love frequency can make all the difference in the world!

Because of my purpose, the government agent that was assigned to me was trained in NLP and psychic attacks, yet each psychic and spiritual attack only made me stronger. Just like Neo in The Matrix, I’m learning how to dodge bullets. (Agents don’t look like agent Smith, they look more like me and you).

From next week, I’m going to start doing videos to share my her-story, of how I came to be ‘The One’ to help lead my people out of the mental slavery of religion, and to help humanity create ‘Heaven on Earth’. I’ll share exactly what happened when I went through my ‘dark night of the soul’, and how it opened the way for what I’m doing now with the Soul Purpose Tribe.

I spent most of last year in recovery, while learning how to protect myself spiritually. I also set up the Soul Purpose Tribe, a global support network for people seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their soul purpose. I’m now getting ready to relaunch, and look forward to you joining me on the rest of my journey!

My mission now is to help humanity create HEAVEN ON EARTH through the power of the Collective Consciousness.

We’re coming out of the age of Pisces which governs religions, and moving into the age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, where we will govern ourselves. Our thoughts will manifest much more quickly, so this is the time to prepare for your ascension. Humanity is naturally upgrading its DNA, hence the vegan, yoga and meditation ‘craze’.

This is not the time to be in your mind, as it can be controlled. Your mind should follow your heart, not the other way around. There’s so much mind control on the planet right now, but if you stay in your heart, you can’t be controlled. I now practice being ‘out of my mind’ as much as possible!

I’m only just beginning to feel ‘normal’ again after the latest psychic attack which almost cost me my life. I know many people assume I had a mental breakdown and tried to kill myself because my project failed, and that’s ok, I don’t expect you to innerstand. However, I decided that if they’re going to come after me because of the IN-formation I’m sharing, I may as well include everything in my novel! So last year I revised it and turned it into a film script, because I’m aware many of my people don’t read books due to ancestral trauma (many enslaved Africans were forbidden to read and write).

I’m now getting ready to fulfil my purpose of helping humanity create ‘Heaven on Earth’, which is why I was led to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe. By joining our thoughts together, and each of us focusing on creating our own little version of ‘Heaven on Earth’, we can co-create a new Earth, where we all live in harmony, peace and abundance!

It’s taken a long time for me to feel confident about doing videos or taking photos, as a technological attack in 2016 changed my looks completely. Then the latest psychic attack did more damage, but with the help of my plant medicine friends and healers, I’m on the mend. In this video, I’m teaching the Poem-Prayer-Affirmation for the Healing of the Nation, written by Soul Purpose Tribe member Paradise FreeJahLove. This will be our daily mantra; the more people repeating it daily, the more it will help raise the frequency of the planet! See if you can memorize and repeat it daily too:

Panel Zoom Meeting Tuesday 7th July 7pm

I’ve been invited to share my story of how I nearly killed myself due to Mind Control, it will be on Tuesday evening from 7pm on Seven’s YouTube channel, tune in if you can! In the meantime, watch this preliminary interview, and especially listen to Natalie Moore’s story of what it’s like living as a Targeted Individual:

The above zoom conference is important to watch, as it explains the real motive behind the ‘pandemic’ and what this means for Black people. You can already see how they’re targeting Black people with these vaccines, be informed and be aware.

In my next post I’ll embed the video where I was on the panel with Seven (host), Sophia Bailey (create-her of The Matrix and Terminator), Galactic Clyde, and some other powerful people dropping knowledge of what’s really taking place spiritually and astrologically, and what we need to be doing as a human race.

In the last two chapters of my novel, I channelled a PLAN for how the human race can win this silent war against the dark forces who are trying to enslave us and take over this planet, download it for just Β£4.99

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Once you’ve completed my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge, you’ll be invited to join my Soul Purpose Tribe, and become part of the love-olution to create Heaven on Earth!

In your service,

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