Your Opportunity to Create HEAVEN ON EARTH this weekend!

I haven’t written a blog in a while, but wanted to share some important information regarding the planetary alignments this weekend. I also want to explain what’s really going on with this ‘plandemic’, and how it relates to my novel.

In ‘Year One‘, I questioned why we have to wait to die to go to heaven, and why couldn’t I just live in heaven on EARTH? Little did I know it would relate to what’s happening right now on the planet.🌎

Since this whole ‘plandemic’ started, I’ve paid little attention because I’m aware of how much it’s playing on the emotions of the masses, and the amount of FEAR being generated by it. Have you noticed how it went from Covid19, to George Floyd, to rioting and pulling down statues? ALL DISTRACTIONS aimed at bringing in Martial Law, forced vaccinations, keeping you prisoners in your own home, and taking away your sovereign rights as human beings.


Not only is the Summer Solstice this Saturday (an astrological gateway), we have a new moon coupled with a solar eclipse on Sunday! This is the perfect time to ‘quantum leap’ into your new reality! (Plus it’s a leap year). OR, you can continue allowing the ‘powers that be’ (not) to use YOUR mind to create THEIR ‘New World Order’! They plan everything around astrological alignment (this all kicked off around the Spring Equinox), and I guarantee you, they intend to make full use of this portal opening!

The main character in my novel is interested in Astrology; she goes through a 13-year transformation, but it’s the last two ‘Years’ that reflect where I am in life right now; I’ve come to realize that we all need to ‘unite and fight’ the dark forces that are trying to control our minds and enslave the human race. It’s not about a ‘race war’, that’s just another ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactic (as is ‘social distancing’).

We are coming out of the age of Pisces, and moving into the age of Aquarius, which is the ‘Golden Age’, a time where we will leave religions behind, and govern ourselves. Our thoughts will manifest much more quickly, so you must prepare by focusing ONLY ON WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE.

This is our opportunity to collectively birth a ‘new world’. Now is the time for us to focus on creating a world of peace, harmony, love for all, and living in accordance with Universal Laws, not man-made laws.

The last two chapters of my novel has a message to ALL humans, to stop allowing our minds to be used to create what the ‘powers that be’ (not) want to create. They are the minority, we are the majority. If they were able to bring in their ‘New World Order’ without mass-consciousness they would have done it already. They need YOUR thoughts and (negative) emotions to create it, stop allowing your mind to be manipulated, THIS IS THE TIME TO FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE!

Do you want to live in HEAVEN ON EARTH, or hell on earth? If we continue allowing ourselves to be governed by beings who clearly don’t have our best interest at heart (if they even have a heart), we will all remain ‘slaves to the system’.

I now innerstand the film ‘The Matrix‘ – WE are Neo, which is an acronym for ‘One‘ – WE are ‘the One’! We are all part of the Collective Consciousness. We all have the power to collectively bring in a new HEAVEN ON EARTH, but we must stop allowing the ‘powers that be’ (not) to use our minds to bring in their ‘New World Order’.


Yes, we are different, but at our core, all humans come from the same Source.

Extract from Journey of a Sister Year Eleven:

‘…We are all connected to each other and to every living thing, including the God-Force that flows in and around us. The dark forces want us to believe that we are separate from each other. They use the same tactics they have always used; DIVIDE and CONQUER.’

She explains that the current world system is designed to keep us as ‘Individuals’, disconnected from each other and our Source. ‘In Truth,’ she writes, ‘There is no ‘I’, there is only ‘WE’. She breaks down the word ‘IN-DIVIDE-DUAL’, explaining that the word actually means ‘to divide into two’.
‘As long as we continue to allow ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that we are separate from each other, we are advancing their agenda, which is for 1% of the population to rule over everyone else.’
The effect of this, she explains, is that on a mass-consciousness level, the human race are powerless to work together to achieve ‘peace on earth’; ‘If we want to create a world where we can all live together in peace and harmony, we have to acknowledge the Law of Oneness’ she advises.
Instead of becoming more civilized with the recent technological advancements, we are becoming de-humanized, she warns.
‘Stop allowing your mind to be programmed through the tell-lie-vision, mainstream music, films, games, newspapers and magazines. Educate yourselves outside of mainstream media. Spend time tuning into your Self. Remember that what you do to another, you do to your Self; if we carry on like this as a human race, we will self destruct!’

I’ve faced a lot of adversity for the in-formation I share through my work; after the latest psychic attack I thought “I may as well not hold anything back!”

We were all born with a purpose, but this ‘slave system’ is designed to have you working your ass off to pay bills. Then they’ve created multiple ways to keep you distracted from ‘going within’, such as the entertainment industry (including sports), and social media. There are so many distractions, that you have little time to discover your true purpose.

Yesterday I was at my brother’s house recording ‘Year One’ of Journey of a Sister for the audiobooks. He had the radio on LBC; they said the government is giving LOANS (not grants) to businesses “to help them through Covid19”. In other words, the government is offering loans to businesses who are struggling with the financial problems THEY created in the first place! What do you think will happen to these businesses when they can’t pay back the loans? Once business owners are financially dependent on the government, they lose control of their financial freedom.

The government secretly wants everyone dependent on them financially. There’s a whole load of occult science and dark magic behind the ‘benefits’ system, which was originally designed to keep Black people financially dependent upon them and economically powerless. Now, they want to enslave the whole of humanity!

Here are a few things you can do to maintain your sovereign freedom as a human being:
• Switch focus from all the drama on tell-lie-vision and social media, and focus on creating your own inner world of peace and harmony.
• Refuse to wear the mask.
• Stop purchasing from Amazon, and seek small businesses to support instead (e-books are acceptable).
• Refuse to take the Covid test, unless you’re showing symptoms.
• Visit your friends and family.
• Stop avoiding people in public as if they have the plague.
• Escape all the madness by reading a good book.

I’ve made my self-help novel Journey of a Sister available for just 0.99 on Amazon for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, however when you download the PDF you’ll be supporting my business (my preferred choice), you can download Year One FREE on the Books page.

I’ve also set up a FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge to help you get on track to DISCOVER and FULFIL your soul purpose. Do you want to return to slaving away for the system after ‘lockdown’, or do you want to create a new life for yourself? First, find out what you came here to BE, using the 4 ‘ologies!’

Once you’ve taken my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge you’ll be invited to join my Soul Purpose Tribe, I look forward to creating with you there!

We’re at a crucial point in our evolution as a human race, now is NOT the time to FEAR for your future. Instead, CREATE IT!

This weekend:
• Spend some time focusing on your ideal life; write it down in detail
• Visualize your dream life as if you’re living it now
• Feel excited that you’re creating you’re own little version of ‘heaven on earth’
• Give thanks that it’s in the making!

New moons are the perfect time to ‘plant a seed’ for what you desire to manifest in the future, and this one is supercharged by the solar eclipse, plus the day before, the portal opens – take a leap into your new reality by setting clear intentions (please include PEACE and LOVE for all humanity!)

This isn’t the time to be focused on anything external, it’s the time to GO WITHIN, as this is the only place you can create from. 🧘🏾‍♀️😌

Finally, I thought I’d share the ‘Prayer Affirmation for the Healing of the Nation‘ written by Paradise FreeJahLove (one of my FB friends). It resonated with me so much, I memorized it, and he’s allowed me to teach it as the daily mantra for the Soul Purpose Tribe. The more people repeating this prayer (preferably 3 times a day) will help raise the vibration of the whole planet:

I am a superior being each moment of every day,
I am getting better and better in every possible way
I am a heavenly body living in heavenly space
I am light, light, light flooding the world and blessing the human race
(project your light from within)
I am positively all-powerful, all-wise, and rich beyond measure
I am always bringing great news and good fortune to those whom I treasure.
I am shining like the sun, I AM HEALING everyone, I AM HEALING every body, I AM HEALING every soul, I AM HEALING every creature, I am making the whole world whole.
I am free! And my eternal ecstasy is the dream of heaven on earth,
I am guarded, guided and provided for by the masters of the universe.
I am hearing and seeing everything I need to hear and see,
I am attracting and creating everything I AM to happily BE!

Click here to watch Paradise FreeJahlove share the meaning behind the prayer-poem affirmation for the nation, and to learn the hand gestures that go with it!

Please share this blog with your friends and family and on social media to spread the message FAR and WIDE! 🙏🏾🌎
In your service,

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