Personal Year Reflection

After spending a month on a psychiatric ward I discharged myself in January 2019. This was a particularly aggressive psychic attack aimed at me taking my own life, and discrediting me and my work.
I had spent the last 15 years sharing what I have learned about the power of our thoughts, and the power of the subconscious mind through my books, art and poetry.
I came to realize that as a positive influencer of other people’s minds, I had become targeted.
But why?
By now, I’m sure you realize there’s a covert agenda to promote FEAR, and to control the minds of the masses. My Soul Purpose is to ‘Promote LOVE through Creativity’.
The fact that I’m spreading so much LOVE is a threat to the establishment.
I immediately set about repairing the damage to my mind, which took the most part of last year. But with the help of plant medicines I was able to re-set my brain, and do some deep subconscious repair.


While I haven’t been online, I have been quietly rebuilding behind the scenes.
The first thing I did was to turn my novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ into a film script. During the process, a lot of the scenes and dialogue changed, so I revised the book to match the film script, with the help of my friend Errol Mcglashan (who also helped me edit the First Edition, titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’)
One of my goals is to turn my novel into a film, because I’m aware that many of my people don’t read books, which is a direct result of slavery and colonialism; enslaved Africans were not permitted to read  and write, and even today, many Africans on the Continent are under-educated in order to be exploited. Even those of us who are ‘educated’ have been assimilated into a European ideology which wipes out our contribution to the civilisation of the world, making us feel inferior.
Last year I was also inspired to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe, a global support network for people seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their Soul Purpose. I’ve fulfilled my soul purpose and I’m now ready to help you fulfil yours, using the 4 ‘ologies’!
I’m relaunching my business with my revised novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, and the launch of my Soul Purpose Tribe.
One of the major changes I made to the book was to change it from PAST to PRESENT TENSE. This in itself is symbolic, because I’m  learning to BE PRESENT, and not to live in the past. I also re-wrote many of the scenes, and changed some of the dialogue Suzanne and Charles had. For instance, the conversation she has with herself in the beginning, and the conversation they have on their First Date.

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This book is my life’s work. If I died tomorrow, I would have fulfilled my soul purpose. But I’m still here, so I still have work to do – plus I still have people to pay off from of my failed Gambia project. (I’ve created multiple ways to be able to do that). One thing I know is that there are no failures in life, just lessons to be learned. I’ve made many sacrifices for my work, but one thing I know is that my name will go down in history, and I’m leaving a legacy for my children and future generations.

I’m even more clear about what I’m here for in this lifetime, and it’s not just about helping my people ‘break free from mental slavery’. Through the Soul Purpose Tribe, I will also be helping humanity to unite and fight the dark forces trying their best to take over our minds. Love is the answer! By focusing on creating ‘heaven on earth’ as a Collective Consciousness, we will win this battle and move into a new age with our sovereign human rights as free human BEINGS.

Before joining my Tribe, you are asked to read my book so you can innerstand where I’m coming from. If you resonate with my story, the next step would be to take my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge. Once you’ve completed the Challenge, you will then be invited to join my Tribe.

Remember, HAVE NO FEAR, as that will only make you ‘loosh’ for the dark forces to feed off. Instead, focus on what YOU want to create in your future.


There’s power in the Collective Consciousness, and up to now, our thoughts and emotions have been used against us. After surviving the latest attack, I decided to not hold anything back, and to ‘tell it as it is’. I AM FEARLESS.

If you are in fear about your future, or would like to help create ‘HEAVEN ON EARTH’ read my book and join my Tribe! Start by downloading Year One FREE!

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In your service,

Author | Visual & Spoken Word Artist|Channeler| Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

“When WE heal we’re not just healing ourselves, we’re healing our ANCESTORS and FUTURE GENERATIONS”

‘Promoting LOVE through Creativity!’

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  1. Wow ,You are so cute.I love how you are able to bring your talents to a convergence of monetary flow.Happy belated Birthday.lolly

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