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After a particularly vicious psychic attack in November 2018 which had me almost take my own life, I spent a month on a psychiatric ward for ‘observation’. During this time, I sought to get to the root cause of how I’d reached this point in life! For the past 15 years I’d studied how the conscious and subconscious minds work, and even tapped into my own super-conscious mind, which led to me creating original works of art, poetry, and books, in which I shared my knowledge.

I came to realize that as a positive influencer of other people’s minds, I had become targeted. While on the psychiatric ward, I joined the dots back to 2001 where it all began; this was the year I channelled my fearless letter to God and put it up on Myspace. I also started my business with the ‘Love Inspires…‘ project, and met my Twin Soul.

It was obvious to the ‘powers that be’ (not) that I was ‘waking up’, and beginning to fulfil my Soul Purpose, which I’d discovered in 1998 is to ‘Promote LOVE through Creativity‘. By now, I’m sure you realize there’s a covert agenda to promote FEAR, and to control the minds of the masses. The fact that I’m spreading so much LOVE (especially Black Love) is a threat to the establishment. Not only that, but meeting my Twin Soul triggered the catalyst to us fulfilling our Twin Soul Mission, to help raise the Collective Consciousness.

Twin Souls are much more powerful together. I was assigned a government ‘agent’ posing as a Business Mentor (I was just starting my business). He did everything to get me off my path with both psychic and spiritual attacks; I broke up with my Twin Soul, lost my home, moved in with the agent, had his child, lost income, and became financially dependent on him. (Of course, I didn’t know he was an agent at the time). It was in 2014 that I discovered he’d been psychically attacking me, and that’s when everything began to make sense.

As much as he tried, he hasn’t been able to stop me fulfilling my destiny – in fact, each attack has only made me stronger! (LOL)

At the time of the latest psychic attack, I was in the process of setting up a Retreat Home in the Gambia. I had been facilitating The Self Love Retreat there, after a previous (technological) attack in 2016 which shut me down creatively. On this occasion, my youngest son’s father (the agent) had lured me into the garden at 4am through mind control (he used to have a business called ‘Power Psyche’, and he’s a Master NLP practitioner). I was ‘zapped’ by some sort of technology; when I woke up again at 7am, the ceiling was spinning, and I felt as if I’d been zapped back to 15 years previously, before I started doing any of my inner work – I was flooded with negative thoughts and feelings! This was at a point where I’d been practising keeping my vibration high because I thought “If I keep my vibration high, nothing will be able to penetrate my aura.” This is how I now know that ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne was one big deception. I practiced the teachings religiously for 3 years and still got zapped, and my life ended up worse than it was before!

Why was I living with my youngest son’s father when we were no longer together? Through psychic and spiritual attacks, I kept losing my homes, and he’d even got me to sign my son over to him for full parental responsibility, something I would never have done after discovering he was secretly homosexual, and was trying to influence my son to become transgender. At least by being in the house I had a bit more influence over my son.

Being a Targeted Individual (research TI) meant that I was blocked at every turn. Back then, I didn’t realize why they would have assigned an agent to me so early, but just like Neo in ‘The Matrix’, they knew who I was before I did. Agents don’t look like ‘agent Smith’ in The Matrix, they look like you and me.

After emerging from my ‘dark night of the soul’, I immediately set about repairing the damage to my mind, which took the most part of last year. But with the help of plant medicines, I was able to re-set my brain, and do some deep subconscious repair.


While I haven’t been online, I’ve been quietly rebuilding behind the scenes.

The first thing I did was to turn my novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ into a film script, with the help of my loyal friend Errol Mcglashan who also helped me edit the First Edition, ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ in 2010. This book was blocked, hence why I changed the title and set up a new website. One of the reasons why my youngest son’s father wanted me under the same roof as him was so he could find out what I was doing, then block it.

Turning my book into a film was one of the projects I’d been meaning to do for years, but this was just one of the “Don’t finish it/don’t start it” commands that had been planted in my subconscious, unbeknown to me at the time. (If you’d like to learn more about how psychic attacks work, read my blog post ‘Intercepting the Inception‘).

I was also inspired to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe, and my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge. The Soul Purpose Tribe is a global support network for people seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their Soul Purpose, using the 4 ‘ologies’!
I’m now relaunching my business with my revised novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, and the launch of my Soul Purpose Tribe.
One of the major changes I made to the book was to change it from PAST to PRESENT TENSE. This in itself is symbolic, because I’m  learning to BE PRESENT. I also re-wrote many of the scenes, and changed some of the dialogue Suzanne and Charles had. For instance, the conversation she has with herself in the beginning, and the conversation they have on their First Date. I thought “If I’m going to be targeted for the in-formation I’m sharing in this book, I might as well not hold anything back!”

This book is my life’s work. If I died tomorrow, I would have fulfilled my soul purpose. My Gambia project may have ‘failed’, but there are no failures in life, just lessons to be learned. The work I’m doing isn’t just about me, or my children, it’s healing our ANCESTORS and FUTURE GENERATIONS. It’s especially aimed at the descendants of enslaved Africans, and the descendants of enslavers.

Download The e-book (Years 1-13) only ยฃ4.99 for a limited period

I sent this video to my youngest son’s father last year, after an attack which temporarily disabled me, but because I’d learned how to PROTECT MYSELF and to HEAL MYSELF, I recovered much quicker that I should have. “Bring it on!” I said. You’re only making me stronger (LOL). Mali Music has expressed what I’ve been through perfectly, I couldn’t have put it better myself ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿพ

Now I’m even more clear about my purpose; it’s not just about helping my people ‘break free from mental slavery’. Through the Soul Purpose Tribe, I’m also helping humanity to unite and fight the dark forces trying their best to take over our minds. By focusing on creating ‘heaven on earth’ as a Collective Consciousness, we will win this battle and move into the new age of Aquarius with our sovereign rights as free human BEINGS.

Before joining my Tribe, I ask that you read my book so you can innerstand where I’m coming from. If you resonate with my story, the next step would be to take my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge. Once you’ve completed the Challenge, you’ll then be invited to join my Tribe, which has a capacity limit.

Remember, HAVE NO FEAR, as that will only make you ‘loosh’ for the dark forces to feed off. Instead, focus on what YOU want to create now and in your future.


There’s power in the Collective Consciousness, and up to now, our thoughts and emotions have been used against us. I AM FEARLESS. My mission is to lead as many people as possible into a new world, HEAVEN ON EARTH, which WE create through our positive joined thoughts and actions.

If you are in fear about your future, or would like to help create ‘HEAVEN ON EARTH’ read my book and join my Tribe! Start by reading my novel Journey of a Sister – it’s for men too! If you have difficulty reading, I’m working on the audiobook, you can listen to the first part of Year One FREE on YouTube!

Download the full e-book from or

In your service,

Author | Visual & Spoken Word Artist|Channeler| Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

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“When WE heal we’re not just healing OURSELVES, we’re healing our ANCESTORS and FUTURE GENERATIONS”

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‘Promoting LOVE through Creativity!’

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