Who should take my 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge?

I was IN-spired to organize the 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge for anyone seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their Soul Purpose, if this is YOU, take the Challenge!

Due to some technical issues with Mailchimp (my ex email subscriber host), I wasn’t able to launch my 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge yesterday as planned, so I’m now in the process of setting up the 5 Day Challenge on a new email hosting service. You can use the sign-up form below, and as soon as it’s ready, you’ll start receiving the emails!

In the meantime, download my FREE e-book DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose! which will introduce you to the 4 ‘ologies’ and prepare you for the 5 Day Challenge!

Discover & Fulfil Your Soul Purpose by Cezanne
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“Who can take my 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge?”

Anyone (over 18) who feels unfulfilled with their life, and who desires to DISCOVER and FULFIL their true purpose.

“What does it involve?”

Each day, I will email you a link to get your FREE Astrology, Numerology, Cardology and Individualogy mini-readings, and I’ll also introduce you to your personal Angel(s). These ancient systems if used correctly will reveal your innate talents, and provide you with a clear road map for your life, which if you FOLLOW, will lead you to your DESTINY! It’s FUN and EASY!

“How long does each Challenge take?”

15 minutes to an hour, depending on how deep you want to go!

When you sign up to join my Soul Purpose Tribe, you’ll receive a welcome email with more information, and you’ll start the 5 Day Challenge the following day.

Sign up now to join my Tribe and take the 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge!

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I look forward to you joining me on this wonderful journey of Self-discovery!

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