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In 1998 I asked my Creator what my purpose was, and was told it’s ‘to Promote LOVE through Creativity!‘ I’ve been fulfilling my purpose through my Books, Art, Poetry, Events and The Self Love Retreat.

Since emerging from my ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘ (where I experienced a ‘mini-death’) I have emerged a new person, with a higher purpose for my life’s work.

My new purpose is to help YOU to discover and fulfil YOUR soul purpose too!

Do you know what you came here to BE?

When I discovered my Soul Purpose it took me another 4 years before I began to walk in it, and another 13 years before I fully immersed myself in my gifts. Much of this was because I had issues with low self esteem, lack of self-worth, and no belief in myself or my natural God-given talents. It took years of me doing the inner work before I unblocked as a writer and artist, and eventually everything came gushing out!

If I’d had the tools back then that I have now, I may have started fulfilling my purpose much sooner, but it’s never too late! If you would like to discover your life’s purpose and walk in it, I can help! Download my e-book FREE:

In this e-book I introduce you to the 4 ‘ologies’ that can help you DISCOVER and FULFIL your true purpose. I also share how using them has helped me arrive where I am today, in perfect alignment with my soul’s journey!

My recent Individualogist mini reading revealed that I would be entering my Archetypal Initiation Cycle:

I was IN-spired to set up a Soul Purpose Tribe, for individuals who seek to DISCOVER and FULFIL their true purpose in life. If what I’ve written about in my free e-book resonates with you, join my Tribe! I will be sharing the 4 ancient systems that have helped me reach this Pinnacle in my life:

In my free e-book I share how going through my Dark Night of the Soul left me in debt, yet at the same time, it presented me with an opportunity to re-create my life, and start with a clean slate! We can’t always prevent things from happening, but by using these ancient systems, we can be better prepared to navigate through them. I had to go through my ‘Dark Night’ to get to where I am now!

In January 2018, my Individualogist reading said that ‘when I emerge from my Dark Night of the Soul, I would be in a better position to help others’.

I now innerstand that I had to go through my ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘ in order to enter my Archetypal Initiation Period – it was all part of the journey!

Since emerging from it in January, I wrote ‘DISCOVER and FULFIL your Soul Purpose!‘ to help you on your Soul Purpose Discovery journey (and to help you get to know me better). I also set up my Soul Purpose Tribe, which is for anyone over 18 who desires to DISCOVER and FULFIL their Soul Purpose. If after reading my FREE e-book you align with me, join my Tribe! I’ve also set up my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge which starts on Friday 5th April. Each day, I’ll send you links to get your FREE Numerology, Astrology, Cardology and Individualogy mini-readings. By the end of the 5 days, you’ll know your Life Path Number, will have your Astrological Birth Chart, will know your Birth Card, and will know your Archetype. What is an Archetype?

You will also receive free mini-readings for each ‘ology’, and I will also introduce you to your personal Angel. In my free e-book I share who my angel is, and how I work with him, download it free now:

By working with two or three of these ancient systems alongside each other, you’ll get an even clearer picture of your Self, and what lies ahead for you. For instance, my Destiny Cards also foretold my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’; it seems that the age 52 is a ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘ period! The other day I was helping a friend to innerstand his Destiny Cards report, and he too is going through his Dark Night of the Soul, at age 52! Another thing we discovered from his Destiny Cards (and Individualogy), was that he was not aligned with his soul purpose. He was adamant that he wanted to be a professional musician, but his readings were saying his natural gifts were working with large groups of people and in sales. Now he’s considering his music as a secondary pastime, so he can fulfil his true purpose!

Does your life currently look like this?

You can’t always avoid pitfalls in life, but with the right tools, you can prepare for what’s up ahead, and navigate your way through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns.

Download my e-book for a brighter future!

As a collective, we are currently in a ‘3’ Universal Year, according to Numerology. This offers us the unique opportunity to write a NEW STORY for our lives, both individually and collectively.

In my e-book I show you how to work out your Life Path Number. Knowing this will help you innerstand the path you are to take in life, if you desire to walk in your true purpose.

Right now, I’m in perfect alignment with my soul’s purpose, and it’s a great feeling! Do you want to wake up excited at what each new day holds for you? Do you want to go to sleep feeling grateful for the synchronicities that happened, to let you know you are on the right track? Do you want to be better guided by your in-tuition?

Join my Soul Purpose Tribe, a support network for those who truly desire to get to know their Self, and to fulfil their Soul Purpose.

Start by downloading my e-book FREE:

I am committed to helping you DISCOVER and FULFIL your true purpose; when you join my Soul Purpose Tribe you will automatically be enrolled into my free 5 Day Soul Purpose Challenge, sign up below!











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This journey is not for the faint-hearted! You have to dig deep if you really want to get to the root cause of your issues, to uproot them and plant new ideas that will support you on your new journey.

If you’re ready, join my Tribe!

In your service,

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