My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)

Listen to my journey with plant medicines (‘magic’ mushrooms, cannabis oil, changa/DMT). I explain why I think they are crucial to our ‘reparations’, which must begin with the MIND (feel free to download):

Sorry if the music is a bit loud, it was playing all night!

I came across plant medicines after reaching a point in my self-healing journey where I didn’t know what to do next. I felt as if I had hit a dead end, so asked God (my Higher Self connected to my Source) “What next?” Soon after, plant medicines found their way into life. Now, they aren’t for everyone, but you’ll know if they’re calling you.

During a session with cannabis oil (in a vape) three letters came up in front of me in big, bold capitals:


I asked “What’s PMP?” and the reply was ‘Plant Medicine Pusher‘. I burst out LOL even though I was sitting on my own in the dark! Then I got another message: ‘Plant medicines are my friends, and I need to get to know them better.’ Your GP pushes pharmaceutical drugs. The dealer on the street pushes hard drugs. I willingly accept my new role as a Plant Medicine Pusher.

Repairing the mind isn’t easy or a pretty sight, but if we truly seek to be mentally free, we must dig deep into our subconscious mind to get to the ROOT CAUSE of our issues, in order to be able to uproot them and plant something new. This is where the plant medicines come in; some things cannot be reached on a conscious level, because they’re buried deep in our subconscious. We could even be carrying trauma passed down to us genetically through our DNA, or trauma suffered as a baby which we don’t even remember consciously.

As I said in the recording, my first encounter with plant medicines was with ‘magic’ (psilocybe) mushrooms. They took me on a deep inner journey through my ancestry, and showed me that the trauma my ancestors suffered had ALTERED THEIR DNA STRUCTURE. The message I got from that ‘trip’ was ‘DNA REPAIR‘.

When we heal, we don’t only heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors and future generations. Funnily enough, clinical studies have proved that magic mushrooms are good for depression! Why have plants provided by Mother Nature been BANNED and made ILLEGAL by the medical establishment, yet they use these same plants to create pharmaceutical drugs that they can sell? For instance, the plant Iboga (referenced in the film Black Panther) has been banned, yet the drug Ibogain was made from it, and is used to cure addictions.

After receiving the ‘spiritual download’ that I mentioned in the recording, I woke up at 4am a couple of weeks later and had a surge of sexual energy! I wasn’t in a relationship, so I put it into creating this video! 🙈

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  1. Grateful for this! Very in-sightful and in-spiring. You have a soft and soothing voice, perfect for recordings. Hoping to hear more in the future.

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