My ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

What a journey!

I’ve come to realize that what I went through recently was my ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘.

It seemed ironic that I would end up on a psychiatric ward after all the work I’ve done on my conscious and subconscious minds, but now I realize it was an unavoidable part of my journey to MENTAL FREEDOM!

‘Sometimes, in order to FIND your mind, you first have to LOSE it’

I was spring-cleaning my Instagram the other day and came across my Numerology reading posted on 10th January 2018; it was explaining my Life Path Number, and said that once I go through my Dark Night of the Soul, I would emerge stronger, and in a better position to help others! (Read it here).

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

‘The Dark Night of the Soul is a period of utter spiritual desolation, disconnection, and emptiness in which one feels totally separated from the Divine. Those who experience the Dark Night feel completely lost, hopeless, and consumed with melancholy. The Dark Night of the Soul can be likened to severe SPIRITUAL depression.’

I’ve also come to realize that the person who has been pushing my mind to its limits isn’t someone I just met in this lifetime; he has followed me from previous lifetimes, and is simply the vessel being used to push me to develop and strengthen my mental faculties, as each psychic and spiritual attack only makes me stronger!

The two pictures above came up on Google when I typed in ‘Dark Night of the Soul Images‘. They look eerily like my book cover! I designed it back in 2016 using three different images; my subconscious mind was already pre-warning me of what was to come!

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‘The mind is the bridge between your physical perception and your Higher Self. To be One with your Higher Self you have to get OUT OF YOUR MIND’

I survived my ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘ and am preparing for the next part of my journey… πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

On Monday I bumped into a brother from the black ‘conscious’ community. Later that day I met up with another brother and sister to share what I went through, and to get friendly advice. I learned that there was a rumour going around saying I was planning on doing ‘sex retreats’, and that’s why my project to set up a Retreat Home in the Gambia failed. This made me LOL! (My actual intention was to incorporate plant medicines into my Retreats). Considering the fact that I’ve spent 4 months in Ghana and 5 months in the Gambia and had no sex during those times, I’m not sure where that rumour came from, but it DID give me an idea…

In my next post I talk about my insperiences with plant medicines, and how they are here to help us on our self-healing journey. Some of you may have thought they were responsible for my ‘mental breakdown’. I did NOT have a mental breakdown; the psychic attack, spiritual attacks and plant medicines were all part of the process for me to go through my Dark Night of the Soul.

Having emerged from it, I’m on another level!

It’s okay to embrace the Dark AND the Light, as both are required to create balance, like yin and yang. ‘Til next time, listen to my poem-song ‘Equilibrium’ (click ‘listen in browser’ to stay on this page):

Since emerging from my ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘, my life has been transformed; my life plans have changed, and I’m now in complete alignment with my Soul Purpose! If you would like to DISCOVER and FULFIL your Soul Purpose too, join my Soul Purpose Tribe, for more info, click on the image below:

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