Intercepting the Inception!

I attended the Ebonyline Business Networking meeting on Wednesday evening, and met quite a few people there who I knew. It became apparent to me that most people assumed I’d had a mental breakdown, so I thought I should explain exactly what a psychic attack is:

A psychic attack is when someone plants suggestions or commands into another person’s subconscious mind while they’re asleep. When the person wakes up, they are not even aware that the idea was planted, and will act on it as if it was their own idea.

The best way for you to understand this concept is to watch the film ‘Inception’ (I watched it again last night on Netflix).


In the dictionary, ‘Inception’ means the beginning; the ORIGIN of something.

But in the movie, Inception means implanting an idea into someone’s subconscious mind through a dream. (In my experience, when I’ve been under a psychic attack I don’t dream).

In the movie, Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is assigned the task of implanting an idea into Robert Fischer’s subconscious mind by going into his dream. This process is called ‘Inception’ in the movie. Dominic Cobb discovers it’s not as easy as he first thought, because Robert Fischer, a multi-millionaire, has built defences into his subconscious, making it virtually impossible to intercept.


In the dictionary ‘to Intercept’ means to obstruct (someone or something) so as to prevent them from continuing to a destination.

In the movie, when an idea is planted in someone’s subconscious mind, that idea becomes their new reality, so that when they wake up from their dream, they act on the idea that was planted, causing them to take a new direction in life.

As you may know, Hollywood has a way of putting things in films that actually do happen in real life. The concept of Inception is real. I first found out about it in 2014, when I was experiencing a severe psychic attack.  At the time, I was meant to be publishing a book for my youngest son; he had written a lovely story, which I was going to turn into a children’s book for his 10th birthday. I did 5 of the illustrations, and had blocked off two months to focus on his book project. I took photographs of him enacting the main character, which I did the illustrations from;

“Woo-hoo, it’s my birthday!…”
Sam opening a letter from one of his family members

I even took my son ‘Azzy’ to the local library for a literary event where he read his story; a journalist from the local newspaper approached us, saying he wanted to write a feature article about my son and his book. We were really excited, but his dad showed little to no interest. My plan was to make Azzy (who’s very creative, like me) a child star, which is why Sam has an A* on his top.

Azzy, May 2014

At the time, I was living in his dad’s house because I’d lost my home 3 times since leaving him when our son was two (I had my own room).

One morning I woke up and had no energy or motivation to even get out of bed. I lay in bed for weeks, while I was meant to be working on my son’s book. This wasn’t like me; my best friend picked me up, took me to the park, took me for acupuncture, and bought me ginseng tablets because he knew something wasn’t right.

As I lay in bed, I asked God (my Higher Self which is connected to my Source) to reveal what was going on.  Later that morning, my son’s father was rushing around looking for something for some meeting he had, and asked me to help.  When I looked in his briefcase I found a book called ‘The Power of Supreme Influence’.  I was intrigued, so I took it to read.

The Power of Supreme Influence front cover

The book shows the reader how to psychically ‘attack’ or ‘assault’ someone in order to get them to do what you want, without them knowing. The technique involves knowing when the person is asleep in order to do the attack. This book was an answer to my prayer. I do not recommend this book as I consider it an unethical practice.

I confronted my son’s father who insisted that he hadn’t read the book and had never heard of the term ‘psychic attack’. I found this difficult to believe, because when I met him in 2000, he had a business called ‘Power Psyche’. He’s also a master NLP practitioner, which he doesn’t make known publicly.

After I confronted him, the psychic attacks stopped – but I came under another form of attack: When I returned to the house after spending 4 months in Ghana in 2016, my youngest son’s father lured me into the garden at 4am, using one of his mind control techniques. 4am is usually the time I wake up, which he would have known, but he usually goes to bed around 2am. However on this particular night, I woke up and went downstairs where he had the garden door wide open, and was standing in the garden. I asked him what he was doing. He said “the cat got out”. I replied “of course the cat got out, you’ve got the door wide open!” I headed back upstairs, thinking “idiot”.

I went back to sleep, but when I woke up at 7am, the room was spinning and I felt as if I’d been ‘zapped’ back to 15 years ago before I started doing any of this inner work on myself – all those negative thoughts and feelings came flooding back!  I might add, at that time I was focused on keeping myself at an extremely high vibration, as I was living in a toxic environment and felt that by keeping myself on a high, nothing would be able to get through my aura.

But this attack knocked all my chakras out of place. (If you look at pictures and videos of me before this attack, you’ll see the difference.)

At the time, I was having conversations with a woman in the USA who had contacted me after reading my book. She said that what I described in the story about being able to create ‘heaven on earth’ using the power of our thoughts is true, but the ‘powers that be’ don’t want people to know this, so they try to shut people like me down, using their agents. It was her who informed me about ‘Targeted Individuals’.  So I Skype-called her and told her what had happened.  She asked me if I could see any telephone masts from the garden. I told her yes, there are two. She informed me that I was probably zapped by one of them.

I’m mentioning this just so that you get an idea of what I’ve been dealing with, for the sake of waking my people up. You might be thinking I’m weak-minded, on the contrary, each attack has only made me stronger.  I consider myself to be a modern-day Moses, here to lead my people out of mental slavery.

I now realize that everything I’ve gone through (and am still going through) with my youngest son’s father is just part of my path to MENTAL FREEDOM. How can I say I want to lead my people out of mental slavery if I’m still in it myself? So him pushing my mind to its limits is all part of me learning how to build my own psychic defenses, so that I can show others how to do it too.

One day, my inner voice advised me to mix two substances together and spray it in my hair. When I did this, I got instant clarification! Psychic attacks can make your mind foggy, you can’t think clearly, and you make decisions you wouldn’t normally make. (He got me to sign our son over to him for full parental responsibility using a psychic attack, which I would never have done in my ‘right mind’).  I hadn’t been using the spray when I came under this latest attack, which was intended for me to take my life, and to sabotage my own projects, making it very difficult for me to make a comeback even if I did survive the attack.

Well I’m still here, ALIVE and WELL, thanks to your many prayers and spiritual support, and I’m in the process of repairing my mind and getting my life back in order.


In the film Inception, in order to go deep enough into Robert Fischer’s subconscious to be able to plant the idea, they had to create layers; a dream within a dream within a dream.

Having survived this latest attack, I feel as if all the layers of Inception were erased, and I’m starting again with a clean slate.  Since discharging myself from the psychiatric ward on the 7th January I’ve completed two projects, one of them a major project, the second is a short e-book which you can download free in my previous post.  These are projects I should have completed years ago, but they were INTERCEPTED. There are many other projects that were intercepted, like paintings I didn’t finish, books I should have written, trips I should have taken, and my second poetry CD ‘Rise of the Phoenix’. Even my radio show ‘Black Sex & Spirituality’and The 30 Day Self Love Challenge which I started last year were intercepted.

Unfinished painting for revised ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’

In this latest psychic attack I woke up with the sudden urge to kill myself. Leading up to this (ever since I put all my belongings on the container for the Retreat Home in the Gambia), I was under a heavy psychic attack that was causing me to make decisions I wouldn’t usually make, and to sabotage my own work. It had gotten to the point where I said to my youngest son “One of us has to die, and it’s not going to be me!” I’m pretty sure he must have relayed this back to his dad (who has a way of extracting information from you even if you have no intention of telling him).

After taking the overdose of pills I was in hospital on a drip for 6 days to repair the damage done to my liver, before being sent to a psychiatric ward for assessment. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me but wanted to label the psychic attack as a ‘psychotic episode’, and could only offer me chemical drugs, which I refused. (Read my definition of a psychic attack at the beginning of this article again).

The whole experience made me realise that many people in the Black community end up in the mental health system following a psychic or spiritual attack, and are diagnosed as ‘psychotic’, and put on these drugs, which are hard to get off again. This made me decide to include ‘Black people in the mental health system’ as part of my work.

In my blog seriesUse Your Subconscious Mind to Create the Life YOU Choose!‘ I explain why my mind is (was) easier to intercept than other people’s minds, but how each psychic attack has only made my mind stronger!

You can also read my previous blog post ‘Out of theDarkness‘ (if you haven’t already).

I feel as if my mind has been re-set; the layers of subconscious suggestions that have been made over the years have been erased.

And please, keep sending me light, I wasn’t meant to survive or to bounce back so quickly!

Giving thANKHS for life,

In your service,

Author|Poetess|Artist|Faith Leader|Inspirational Thought Leader

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