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The two main characters in Journey of a Sister are Twin Souls/Twin Flames, inspired by me meeting MY Twin Soul; the way they met is exactly how WE met in 2001; for a moment, time stood still – it was so profound, I wrote it into the story!

It was so weird, we never discussed it until I started writing my novel 8 years later – that’s when I discovered he’d had a similar experience to me! He shared his version of our ‘out-of-this-world’ experience, which I included in ‘Year Five’ of Journey of a Sister. The purpose of Twin Flames meeting isn’t about them, it’s to help raise the Collective Consciousness. If I hadn’t met my Twin, I may have never started writing my novel, and it’s through my novel that we fulfilled our Twin Soul Mission!

What is a Twin Soul/Twin Flame?

What’s the Difference Between a Twin Soul and Soul Mate?

What is the Purpose of Twin Souls Meeting?

How Can You Tell If You’ve Met (or are about to meet) Your Twin Flame?

Could YOU Be a Twin?

What Should You Do if You Meet Your Twin?

Download my e-book ‘The Twin Soul Phenomenon’ for the answers to these QUESTions, and more! Includes real life stories of people who met their Twins, or are in ‘Twinships’.

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I also shared my her-story of how my encounters with my Twin Soul helped me to evolve, which led to me writing Journey of a Sister.

Meeting my Twin Soul took me to my highest heights and deepest depths – it was a roller-coaster ride! On one hand, I’d never experienced anything so blissful, and on the other, I’d never experienced anything so painful. Meeting your Twin Soul will tear you down in order to build you into a better person again…

This painting is a scene from Year 7 of Journey of a Sister which I never finished, in the video below I explain my inspiration behind writing the scene and paint over it, symbolizing painting him out of my life, ready for a Soul Mate relationship.

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Have you met your Twin Soul? Do you think you might have? Is this your first time hearing of the Twin Soul Phenomenon? I would love your feedback (links at the end of the e-book).

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