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The two main characters in Journey of a Sister are Twin Souls/Twin Flames. The way they met is exactly how I met my Twin Soul in 2001. It was so profound, I wrote it into the story! This is an extract of their first encounter, taken from The Caribbean Expo (Year One):

…“EXCUSE ME!” she calls out to him impulsively.
He turns, and begins walking towards her. She suddenly feels nervous; ‘What am I doing? I’m meant to be working, plus I’m not in the habit of pursuing men!’ Still, as their eyes meet, she flashes him a huge, inviting smile. He accepts her invitation.
She thinks he’s attractive, and he thinks she’s attractive too.
As he reaches her stand she flicks her hair and says confidently;
“Hi, I thought you might be interested in my posters!”
“Hmmm….they’re nice, did you design them?”
“Yes, I wrote the poetry too.”
He stands silently, reading one.
“I can tell, you’re deep,” he comments when he’s finished.
Suzanne laughs.
“Would you like one?”
“How much are they?”
“Well you can buy one for £4.50, two for £8.00 or three for £10”
He chooses three different designs and pays her the £10.
“My mum will appreciate these,” he says.
Suzanne tries to prolong his stay by rolling the posters up slowly before putting an elastic band around them.
“What made you come here today?” she asks.
She admires his neat, heavy eyebrows which adorn his sparkling dark brown eyes. He’s dressed casually but neatly in a pair of jeans, shirt and polished shoes.
As she hands him the posters he smiles with full, luscious lips revealing perfect white teeth. But it wasn’t his looks that had attracted her to him in the first place – in fact, she couldn’t quite place her finger on what it was.
“My friend invited me.”
He points to another brother at the stand opposite.
“So how long have you been doing this?” he asks, indicating towards her poster display with his tube.
“I’ve only just started actually – you’re my eleventh customer!”
She clicks her number counter.
“Congratulations! What were you doing before this?”
“I used to work in Admin, but I left my job two weeks ago so I could focus on starting my own business.”
“Wow, sounds pretty much like me…”
Suzanne suddenly notices that the whole room has gone silent; everything around them has become like a blurred whirlwind, as if they’re caught in some kind of time warp. In a weird kind of way, TIME LITERALLY STANDS STILL. In this moment, nothing else exists but the two of them. For the two minutes or so that they converse, they both share personal information about themselves, as if they had known each other for ages…

When we first met neither of us had heard of the Twin Soul Phenomenon. In fact, we never discussed what happened that day until I started writing my novel 9 years later, in 2010!

My Twin Flame also gave his version of our ‘out-of-this-world’ experience, which I included in Year Five of Journey of a Sister (‘Flashback‘). The purpose of Twin Flames meeting isn’t just about them, it’s to help raise the Collective Consciousness. I am doing it through this novel, which I was inspired to start writing after meeting my Twin Soul.

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The Twin Soul Phenomenon explains the intense attraction Suzanne and Charles had for each other. While I was working on another (larger) project last month, it brought back fond memories of times spent with my Twin. I had a sudden urge to contact him, but instead, wrote this short e-book! (28 pages).

What is a Twin Soul/Twin Flame? 

What’s the Difference Between a Twin Soul and Soul Mate?

How Can You Tell If You’ve Met Your Twin Soul?

What Should You Do if You Meet Your Twin?

Could YOU Be a Twin?

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I also shared my her-story of how my encounters with my Twin Soul helped me to evolve, which led me to write Journey of a Sister.

Meeting my Twin Soul took me to my highest heights and deepest depths – it was a roller-coaster ride! On one hand, I’d never experienced anything so blissful, and on the other, I’d never experienced anything so painful. Meeting your Twin Soul will tear you down in order to build you into a better person again…

I started this painting a few years ago and never finished it; it’s a scene from Year 7 of Journey of a Sister:

At this point in their relationship journey, Suzanne and Charles had just re-united after a two-year split. After making love, he suddenly swings his feet off the bed and sits with his head in his hands. Slow, silent tears begin to fall down his face. She embraces him from behind and starts crying too. In that moment they both realize that their relationship will never be the same again. His phone starts ringing in his jacket pocket across the room; he looks at her as if seeking permission to take the call. She un-embraces him and gives him a nod of approval. When he answers the phone, it’s his baby mama…

In real life, it was me who had a child with someone else! I decided to paint over it, to symbolize the blank canvas of my new life…

Have you met your Twin Soul? Do you think you might have? Is this your first time hearing of the Twin Soul Phenomenon? I would love your feedback (links at the end of the e-book).

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Watch a short video of me painting over the painting – the person doing the filming is my youngest son who was the baby I had in 2004!

Whenever I think about contacting my Twin Soul, I think of Jill Scott’s song ‘Cross My Mind‘, and that puts things back into proper perspective again!

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