Education for Wealth in the Gambia!

On Wednesday I attended a Round Table meeting in Westminster called ‘Education for Wealth in the Gambia’:

Some ambitious aims were set, including these by High Commissioner Frances Blain:
1) Improving the planning and management of higher education
2) Enhancing basic education and literacy
3) Building new schools and providing science labs and IT equipment
4) Improve qualifications and quality of teachers
5) concerted efforts to effectively raise women’s level of education, literacy and skills, and involve women in development
6) Increase women’s access to modern scientific and tech innovations
7) Training program for women entrepreneurs in food processing, e-commerce, entrepreneurial awareness, management skills, technical knowledge, to run small businesses in the food processing sector
8) Curriculum reform designed to ensure skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired are relevant to the development needs if the Gambia
9) Strengthening higher education, science and technology as part of an effort to develop coherent and sustainable systems for tech skills
10) Human resources development in the form of Commonwealth scholarship tenable in the UK as part of a co-ordinated effort to increase and strengthen national capacities in various areas

Other aims:
• To close the gap between industry and education
• Re-imagine education (90% failure rate this year)
• Make studying in the Gambia fashionable
• Make agriculture fashionable, and find export markets
• Diasporians to invest in small businesses in the Gambia
• Give youth the motivation to want to stay in the Gambia
• ‘Retired but not tired’ – Retired Gambians to become teachers? (Give them something to do)
• The Gambians have so much to teach diasporians too!

A report will be out by December (by Patricia, from Aspire Education Group)

My personal opinion is that we from the diaspora must return home and invest in our Motherland, as we cannot rely on corrupt governments to invest in educating the locals to a high standard in order to improve the economy. As with other parts of Africa, the indeginous people have been under-educated in order for them to be easily exploited by non-Africans, who continue to rape and plunder Africa in the name of ‘aid’.

Be Part of the SOLUTION!

For things to change in Africa, WE have to ‘be the change we want to see‘. By investing in small businesses, buying land and developing, starting our own  businesses, and helping create employment for locals, we can make a positive difference to the economical growth of the Gambia (and other parts of Africa).

I’ve rented this 6 bed house in Gunjur for a year, where I’ll be facilitating healing retreats for people of African descent, especially those who are still suffering from the psychological effects of slavery and colonialism.  There are two Retreats to choose from: The SelfLove Retreat (8-15 November or 3-10 December 2018) and Let’s Build a Village Retreat (20-29 November or 17-24 December).  From February next year I’ll be collaborating with other practitioners each month to provide healing retreats for mind, spirit and body (more info to follow).

If you like the idea of relocating to the Gambia, join us on the Let’s Build a Village Retreat, where a small group of people are putting money together to purchase land to build a small ‘village within a village’.  We’ve also been given some land in Gunjur to build a school and commUNITY centre, which will be shared with the locals. The idea is to integrate within the local community, learning from each other, and creating wealth together.  The Retreat will give you the opportunity to view the land, find out more about the village project, get to meet the locals, see what investment opportunities are available, and meet your potential neighbours!

You can book to join us on any of the Retreats by clicking on the links above for each Retreat, or fill in the Contact Form below.


I’m sending a 20 foot container to the Gambia  next week to furnish the Retreat Home, as well as distributing items to the locals. I’ve received some good quality household furniture, and am also collecting phones, bikes, clothes, shoes, books by Black Authors, text books, pencils, pens etc. If you have something you’d like to donate contact me using the form below.

Get a FREE WEEK stay at the Retreat Home!

Make a monetary contribution to sending the 20 foot container (total cost is over £3,000)  with PayPal (just enter the amount you wish to contribute) CONTRIBUTE  £100 OR MORE TO QUALIFY FOR A WEEK STAY AT THE RETREAT HOME IN 2019!

Help ME help YOU!



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