Build Your Own WAKANDA!

In between doing The Self Love Retreat, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some lovely people who have been living in the Gambia for years, who have set up businesses and homes here.  I’ve also found some ‘ancestral land’ which I’ve now claimed as my birthright as a returnee, to build a Retreat Home on (for The Self Love Retreat), and also to build a VILLAGE (on the land behind the seafront).  I had the idea to build a village 3 years ago, when I received the premonition that in 5 years time (2020), my people will have to FLEE the UK and USA for their lives, and they will need somewhere to run TO.  Do you have a ‘Get Out’ plan? Also, the next generation of children need somewhere to be raised that is conducive to their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, away from Western ideologies.  My personal intention for building a village is so that when my grandchildren start coming, they will be raised in the village!

I have yet to see the Black Panther movie, but I hear that my people have spent millions of pounds going to watch it, and there’s now a rave about ‘WAKANDA’.  When I showed the video of the land (see previous post) and shared my vision for building a village, people told me they loved the idea, but didn’t have the money.  My thought was that the amount of money we have spent watching the film could have built at least 3 villages!  Of course, we love to be entertained so there’s no comparison, but why not turn Wakanda into reality?

I will be building my own little ‘heaven on earth’, and would love you to join  me!  The land is currently labelled as ‘TDA’ land (Tourist Development Agency), but every time I go there, I feel a pull in my gut that lets me know it’s OUR ancestral land, ready for us to claim!  Are you in?  I’m looking for 50 people to get involved in the Kai Ci Kurbi Village project (Kai Ci Kurbi means ‘Come Home’ in Wollof, one of the main languages spoken in the Gambia), where we will lobby the government for some of the land.  On the beachfront will be the Retreat Home, the village will be behind on the mainland, and behind the village will be farmland for us to grow our own food – you’ve got to see it to believe it!  Why not join me in the Gambia in May to come and see for yourself?  I’ve already started putting things in motion for my part of the land, and if you’ve been thinking about leaving the UK or USA (or Caribbean), you can do the same!

I return to the UK next week, and will be organizing a meeting to share more about the Village project, and how you can get involved; if you’d like to know more, send me a message below.

Make a contribution to The Self Love Retreat Fund, which will go towards buying the land and building the Retreat Home – everyone who makes a donation will be put on the list to receive subsidized places when the Retreat Home is built!  Plant a seed TODAY for the future you want to see BLOSSOM!

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