Use Your Subconscious Mind to Create the Life YOU Choose! (Part 1)

Have you ever heard the saying that we only use 5-10% of our brain power?  Do you believe it?  Well it’s not true! It’s that consciously we only use up to 10%  – the rest is the domain of our sub-conscious mind.

So how did I come to learn about the power of the subconscious?

I stumbled upon this information while trying to figure out what was going on in my own mind.  I’m multi-talented, but was failing at everything; I kept sabotaging my success in my business, relationships, family, money – my whole life was a mess!  So in 2007 I began studying the mind in order to fix my own, and I had no idea that it would take me on such a beautiful journey, which I’m going to take YOU on now…

Let me start by explaining what the sub-conscious mind is, and how it relates to the conscious mind.  Are you ready?  Use your imagination to picture an iceberg…there are two parts to this iceberg; the tip of the iceberg is above sea level; however the majority of the iceberg is underwater. The part you can see above water represents your conscious mind, and the majority of the iceberg which is underwater represents your sub-conscious mind. The word ‘sub’ relates to being ‘under’, like submerged, submarine and sub-conscious.  Therefore your sub-conscious is the part of your mind that is ‘under’ – it’s unseen.  Your conscious mind is on the surface, that’s the part of your mind that you and everyone else relates to.  But your subconscious mind is the bigger part of the iceberg – the other 90%.  See?

Another metaphor I like to use when referring to the subconscious mind is of it being underground; your thoughts are the seeds, your conscious mind is the gardener planting the seeds, and your subconscious mind is the fertile soil that the seeds are planted into.  My painting ‘Black Orchid’ illustrates this perfectly:

The black background represents the dark soil of the subconscious mind.  Her thoughts are the seeds being planted into the fertile soil, which then go through various stages of germination and budding, until eventually they reach full bloom.  She looks happy, so she must be planting positive thought-seeds in the garden of her mind. The affirmation for this painting is “I am blossoming!” which also means “I am prospering!”

Now here’s the catch; whether your thoughts are POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, they still go through this same process.   So are you planting positive thought-seeds, or negative thought-weeds in the garden of your mind?

You can choose whether to grow flowers, or to grow weeds, or like most gardens, they can both grow side by side.  Your job as the gardener is to consciously uproot negative thought-weeds and replace them with positive thought-seeds, in order to keep the garden of your mind well cultivated.  Because whatever’s growing in your subconscious mind will eventually blossom, for all around you to see…🌻

Watch my video-poem ‘Fertile Soil‘ to get a better innerstanding of this process.  I wrote this poem in 2009 when I was learning how to meditate in order to control my negative thinking patterns:

In Part Two, I’ll explain why it’s important to guard your subconscious mind, click here to read it – but before you go, if you’ve in-joyed this ARTicle, share it on social media using the buttons below!

Stay blissed!

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