Join us on the Kings and Queens Book Tour (London) 1-8 Oct!

I haven’t been on social media much since my return from Florida (see my previous blog post), but a lot has been going on behind the scenes!  I’m in the process of organizing the Kings & Queens Book Tour (1-8 Oct), with the help of Tamar from Kings and Queens United, and Debrose from Natural November – it’s going to be HOT!

Two authors are coming from America to join me on an 8 day tour, which will cover North, South, East and West London!  King Kevin Dorival is author of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘ (I wrote the Foreword), and TC Carrier is author of ‘The Secret Science of Black Male and Female Sex‘.   All our books compliment each others, and throughout the book tour I will be sharing how their books compliment my own, to help us as a community to heal!

The aim of this book tour is to help you identify: What does it mean to be a King or a Queen, how you can become one (if you’re not one already), what type of Queen you are (so you can attract the right type of King), and what a King or Queen can achieve when they work together in unity!  There is no commUNITY without UNITY, and in order to re-build our commUNITY, we must heal our relationships!

Our ancestors built great empires, and we have the key to our greatness buried in our DNA!  How do you access it?  Join us on the Kings and Queens Book Tour to find out! (This will also be an opportunity to meet other Kings and Queens, or King and Queens in the making).  The schedule is as follows:

Sunday 1st Oct, 146 Great Queen Street, Blackfriars EC1V 1-3pm (£5)

Join us at the Launch of the Kings & Queens Book Tour, where you’ll be able to meet both authors for the first time; the topic of discussion will be ‘What Does it Mean to be a King or a Queen?‘  If you’ve read our books, you might know the answer to this question, so come and join in the discussion!  Book your tickets here

Straight after this event, both authors will be on the Panel at the Kings and Queens United relationship event from 4-7pm (same venue), your ticket also includes a meal!  For more info and to book click on this link

Monday 2nd Oct 5-7.30pm, Hackney Central Library, E8  (FREE)

Join us for a Book Signing & Discussion Event of both their books, if you haven’t read them in advance, there would be no point in attending!  Get your copies of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘ and ‘The Secret Science of Black Male and Female Sex‘ today!  Reserve your free ticket  (booking essential)

Wednesday 4th Oct 5.30-7.30pm, Marcus Garvey Library, Tottenham N15 (FREE)

This session is based on Kevin and TC’s other books ‘Courage to Believe‘, and ‘Black Son Rising; Re-awakening the Warrior DNA in Black Men‘.  This session is ideal for men and youth, not to say queens can’t attend! (especially if you’re raising princes).  Both Kevin and TC mentor youth in the USA, and also teach chess, a game that helps our youth to develop strategy ideas.  The most important piece on the chessboard is the queen (I only found that out recently), and learning the game helps them to develop in other areas of life too.  It would be a good idea to purchase your books online and read them before the session; If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow both e-books from their lending library FREE!   Order the paperback, and they’ll sign them for you on the day too!

Thursday 5th Oct 2-5pm, 6-9pm, Ankh Wellbeing Centre, W12 (£15-£25)

These are smaller workshops with each author; King Kevin will be helping you identify What Type of Queen Are You? so you can attract the right type of King!  TC Carrier will be doing a talk on the importance of sexual energy, tantra, and how it can be used to create (things other than babies!)  If you’re still on the plantation (9-5) book the afternoon off work and attend both workshop and lecture for only £25! (instead of £15 each).   Book here

Friday 6th Oct 6-8.30pm, Chestnuts Community Centre, N15  (£5)

In conjunction with Find Your Voice (bro Dougie from SLR radio), this evening is an open Discussion on the topic ‘What Can a King and Queen Achieve Together?‘  The week’s events have led up to this question, and we will be exploring how our ancestors built great civilizations, and what we need to do to reclaim our greatness!  Surprisingly, within all the Black ‘conscious’ organizations I encountered, none of them were doing this!  Book your tickets here

Saturday 7th Oct 2-9pm @ Maat Centre, Tottenham 

2-5pm Youth Session: Courage to Believe/Black Son Rising (£5)

We are inviting community organizations who work with our youth (especially those being mistreated by the system) to bring them along.  Both TC and Kevin mentor youth in the USA, and they are keen to have the opportunity to meet with our youth in the UK too!  The entry fee is to cover the cost of the venue; if you are a black business that would like to sponsor (pay for) our youth to attend this event, please contact me, or the organisations to pay for them to attend, or just go to the Eventbrite page and pay, and donate them to the organization of your choice, such as Manhood Academy, Black Child Agenda, Mentoring Kings.

6-9pm Book Signings, Discussion & Entertainment! (£5)

The topic for this evening is ‘When Kings Meet Queens!

What happens when a brother and a sister unite in a high state of consciousness?  How do we achieve this state?  What is blocking our progress as a commUNITY?  How can we heal the damage caused to our DNA through slavery and colonialism?  Come and discuss!

Between 5-6pm there will be entertainment (including myself), food and drinks will be on sale, and you can also get your books signed!  Book your tickets here

(There are a few stalls available, see the same booking form)

Sunday 8th October 5-7.30pm @ Brixton Library (£5)

This is the last day of the tour, and this event is the culmination of the whole tour!  There will be some surprises, giveaways, and this is your final opportunity to meet the authors before they get back on the plane to the USA – if you’ve read their books you will surely want to meet them and get your book signed (if you haven’t already done by now!)  We will have an open discussion on all 3 of our books, and discuss how we can move forward and rebuild our relationships.  The woman is the core of the family, and the family is the core of the commUNITY.  So in order to rebuild our commUNITY, the Black Woman MUST heal – this is the core of the work I’m doing, and why I’m bringing these two Kings over.

I’ve kept the ticket prices as low as possible, just to cover the costs of venue hire, travel, accommodation etc.  I would love for you to show these authors some love and attend at least one event, and purchase their books!  They are working as hard as I am to help our commUNITY to elevate ourselves, and reclaim our rightful positions in society.

I look forward to seeing you on the tour!

If you haven’t read my revised Self-help romance novel, now titled ‘Journey of a Sister‘ get your personally signed LIMITED EDITION paperback from the Books page! (I wrote the last two chapters after my return from 4 months in Ghana – they are exclusively in the paperback).

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