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What can I say?

We had a wonderful time at the Book Launch & Discussion of my revised Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ –  it wasn’t video’d (apart from the Facebook Live my eldest sun did with my phone!), but photographer George Eyo captured some of the event:


Five of the brothers who contributed to the book were on the Panel, which worked really well in terms of helping to open up the dialogue.  It was good to see so many brothers in the audience too!

Feedback from Suraj Odekunle, Panel member:

“Great vibration at sister Cezanne’s book launch today. Good hearing the different perspectives from brothers & sisters within the Nubian community.
Great atmosphere just like how the Nubian community should be with more reasoning, no arguing nor being disrespectful.

Glad to be in that environment, instead of being in the ‘IN-CROWD’,  which makes me claustrophobic and anxious. lol

I learnt and listened more than I spoke.

It’s a blessing to witness the birth of Afrikan couples bonding together to make a spiritual commitment on spending the rest of their lives together. So today I put my 2pence in and expressed why I feel Afrikan tradition of bondage is important and why the Anglo-Saxon way of marriage isn’t meant for our people.”


I explained that I revised the book to take into consideration some of the things that had been discussed at previous Book Signing & Discussion Events, such as “Is the ‘white wedding’ a Black Thing?”  

I also explained how I was inspired to introduce the ‘DIY Arranged Marriage‘, and how it has helped me avoid emotional heartbreak.  It involves doing the 6 Month Test; if you follow this process, you stand a much better chance of choosing the right partner before you give your heart, and of getting the ring on!  (If that’s your desire).  As a result of an email I got that morning, saying that the book should have ‘success stories’, I decided to invite other sisters and brothers to go through the processes set out in the book with me to attract our soul mates; if you are interested in taking part, from preparing to meet your soul mate, to attracting your soul mate, to the whole dating process, message me below – it’s FREE!


Siayoum (second in row from left), one of the main contributors to the book, explained what ‘the ring’ symbolized, and while we embraced the symbol, we questioned whether the whole ceremony of signing the register was necessary, since it is a contract with the government, and nothing to do with a Spiritual Union!


“Amazing event from Sista Cezanne Taharqa about her book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘.  I didn’t speak much as usual but I was fully immersed, listening and taking mental notes” ~ Toma Teme

“Thanks for a very warm and special event” ~ Paul Nelson, Author of Ego of a Grasshopper

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book launch and I am glad that I went. Although, I had mixed feelings in regards to your current book ‘How to Get The Ring On Your Finger’, and it being an all male panel. But I was glad to hear from their perspective than from it being all women.
Moreover, I explored the area of being single first and foremost is fundamentally important: to learn, to grow and love one’s self before going into a committed relationship.
Also, I’m currently reading your book, ‘Journey Of a Sister‘, which I am totally addicted to! I’m already at page 43 and can relate to the main character big time!
Thank you sis for all that you do. And keep rising in your power – Asè.”~ Camillea Johnson.

I met some of my Facebook friends for the first time, including Robbie Tate who bought both books:


We didn’t discuss my revised Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ (previously titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘) because no-one has yet read the two new chapters I’ve added!  (Years 12 & 13).  If you purchased the First Edition, you can get the second Edition for only £5 at my events!

Those who bought books were also gifted with a laminated print of my art!

My books and Book Signing & Discussion Events are my contributions to help us heal individually, to heal our relationships, and ultimately to heal our whole commUNITY.

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