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In Year Four of her transformational quest of ‘the Truth!’, Suzanne realizes the creative power of her thoughts, and ‘finds herself’ by going within, download it FREE today!




I’ve included an extract from Queen Afua’s book ‘Heal Thyself’, and guess what?  Queen Afua is in town!  I was at the pre-launch last night, where I shot this video of her healing dance:

I am becoming a practitioner and distributor of her products, so that I can help other women heal through my work.  Here she explains the principles of her University:

Get your tickets to her London Showcase TONIGHT, or the Sacred Woman Healing Retreat TOMORROW!

Sunday 16th October FREE DOWNLOAD!

Tomorrow, Years 5 & 6 (joint chapter) will be available to download FREE, I’m leaving the links here now, as I’ll be on the Sacred Woman Healing Retreat!   To watch more videos of Queen Afua performing at the London Showcase visit the Journey of a Sister YouTube Channel! (Feel free to like and subscribe!)





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