Blog Tour BONUS Day! What’s in a Name?

Today is the last day of my Blog Tour with an  article written exclusively for CaribDomain called ‘What’s in a Name?
It explains how the ancient sciences of Numerology and Astrology can help you choose a name for your child that will help them fulfil their destiny! It includes a link to read an extract from my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, where Charles works out Suzanne’s Life Path Number using Numerology, to help you work out yours!
In Year 12 of ‘Journey of a Sister’, you can learn more about the importance of your name, and how it can help connect you to your ancestral roots.
Today is also the last chance to download Year One FREE! (if you miss it, it’s only $0.99!)
If you missed the free read,  start the journey from Year One FREE!
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If you haven’t read my exclusive article ‘What’s in a Name?‘ head over to CaribDomain and read it now!

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