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In Year Four of ‘Journey of a Sister’, Suzanne learns a way to honour her feelings and deal with repressed emotions.  I also included a technique I learnt called ‘switching focus’; this is where you take your focus OFF the thing that is causing you stress, by staying in the Present, rather than projecting your thoughts to the past or the future – which is  what normally creates stress!

The ability to Switch Focus is not the same as meditation, although they both come under the banner of ‘Mindfulness’.  The difference is, you’re not aiming to create a space between your thoughts as with meditation, but to ‘change your mind’ in an instant.  This technique has helped me to avoid my thoughts spiraling out of control, and allowing fear-based thoughts to take root in my mind!  I used my painting ‘Blue Lotus’ to illustrate Year Four, and my poem-song ‘Equilibrium’ (listen below).



Extract from Year Four:

Every time a ‘vain imagination’ popped up (one that was not in line with her desires) her job was to ‘cast it down’, and stop her mind from conjuring up images of things she didn’t want to happen.

On one occasion, she received a letter through the door from the bailiffs.  They were threatening to come and take away all her possessions if she didn’t pay the bill within the next 7 days.  As feelings of fear and anxiety overwhelmed her, Suzanne began to imagine men banging on her door and forcefully removing her goods.  She knew that she had to take control of these negative thoughts before they got out of hand.  If she continued with these vain imaginations, she could certainly create the event.

Suzanne sat in a chair, closed her eyes and quieted her mind.

Instead of projecting her thoughts into the future, she focused on her breathing; nothing else.  In the past her thoughts would have wandered all over the place but now she was able to slow them right down by bringing her full attention back to her breath.   As she inhaled deeply she noticed how her abdomen expanded.  Once her lungs had filled, she held her breath for a few moments, before exhaling slowly, fully and consciously.

After repeating this a few times, she no longer needed to focus so intently on her breathing; her mind had become a peaceful void free of thoughts.  Suddenly she opened her eyes as she received a flash of inspiration.  Grabbing her notepad and pen, intuition kicked in as she penned a poem:


When the pressures of life get me down,

And the stresses of life make me frown

I’ve got to find a way to get my peace of mind

And create equilibrium.

In order for me to keep my sanity

I must find the balance between my mind, spirit and body

Let go of all the things causing strain on my brain

So I can keep my mental and emotional stability.

So I rise early with the morning sun

To give thanks for all the Lord has done

Take time out to meditate and pray before I start my day

When I focus on all the positive things in my life,

I realize I’m too blessed to be stressed

There are so many things for me to be grateful for!

So by taking a few minutes to switch focus away from

I put my Self in a positive vibration…

(acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste)


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