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Since returning from Ghana last February, I’ve pretty much been living like a hermit.

But while I’ve been quiet publicly, a lot has been going on behind the scenes!  I went through a re-branding process that included changing my  name by Deed Poll – I was using ‘Poetess’ because I didn’t want to be known by my (inherited) slave master’s surname; also, when I first branded my Self, I was only doing poetry! I also merged my website and my blog into one, and am now working on developing this site into a resource centre that will help you on your own journey of Self-discovery. I’ve already started by affiliating with Your Black World, where you can purchase the whole Hidden Colors series plus other Black-empowerment products!


I’ve also teamed up with We Buy Black and so far, A3 Posters of my artwork are available to purchase there; I will keep adding to my product range, including greeting cards featuring my artwork & poetry!

Over the past year I also revised my novel and changed the title, and did lots of research for the SEQUEL – Years 12 & 13, which will be exclusively in the PAPERBACK, due out this September!

I had planned to write the sequel while in Ghana; I had expected to be ‘channeling’ like crazy while there, since a lot of my writing was channelled here, I assumed it would be more intense in my  Motherland, but nothing much was coming through, and I never force it!

I came back from 4 months in Ghana feeling somewhat disillusioned.  I had a great time, don’t get me wrong, but I had gone seeking a deep spiritual experience, to re-connect with my roots, but it just felt like I was on a great holiday.  I particularly enjoyed being able to get up first thing in the morning and walking straight onto the beach to watch the sunrise, and to watch it set in the evening.


But I realized that Colonialism had taken its toll on Africa – I’d never seen so many images of the white Jesus!  The people had been brainwashed into thinking that in order to progress in life, you need to dress, act and have a European name; whereas our names and culture stripped had been from us, they were willingly giving theirs away!  It made me wonder who was worse off; those who were taken away on slave ships, or those who had remained on the Continent.  As the descendant of an enslaved African returning for the first time, I didn’t get the ‘coming home’ feeling.

When I got back, I decided to revise the First Edition of my novel, and to change the title, because I wanted to reach more of my church brothers and sisters; I have a burning desire to help free my people from mental slavery, and to remind them of Who They Really Are.  Read an extract from Year One FREE! (← Click on the link to open PDF)

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