Christianity or Churchianity?

On Sunday I went to church for the first time in about 7 years.

I’ve been invited in the past, but never felt led to go, but this time when my friend Margaret invited me to the launch of a new church, my inner guidance said ‘go’.  Funny, because when I arrived the pastor turned out to be my old pastor from 20+ years ago! At the time Lorna was co-pastoring with her husband Ben, but they had now split, and she was branching out on her own.  I remembered that they had a strong prophetic ministry, and hadn’t considered up until now that I might have started writing prophetic poems such as ‘Jesus Never Left You…’ from being under their ministry:

As soon as Lorna saw me she exclaimed “I was just thinking about you last week!”


Middle: Pastor Lorna Right: Margaret

I thought it was a sign that this was the church I was to start going to, especially when Pastor Lorna’s mentor, Dr Sharon Stone, picked me out as the first person to ‘prophesy’ to.


I must say, despite the fact that I did relate to the prophecy, I couldn’t help imagining Sharon with a scarf over her head sitting behind a crystal ball, or with a pack of tarot cards. I’ve had plenty of ‘readings’ done since leaving church, and the only real difference between her insight and what I was now used to, was that she began with “Thus saith the Lord…”

Everything she said was spot on, right down to me being estranged from my family, coming out of a ‘drought season’, and even referencing an old business plan that needed to be resurrected (my Christian poems and posters).  The best part was when she said ‘God was going to use me to bring about POSITIVE SELF IDENTITY TO OTHERS.’

A few days later I met up with Pastor Lorna over tea to ‘catch up’.  After I explained where I was on my journey she made it clear that for me to be part of her church, I needed to ‘align with God’.

I soon realized that going back to church would only mean getting back into the same dictorial situation, where the ‘pastors’ expect you to follow them without asking any questions.  I’m far past all that.

Many of my (now ex) Christian friends have assumed that because I haven’t been going to church, I have ‘backslidden’, as if you can only know God by going to church.  From my experience, to truly know God, you have to go within.

What is service?

Is it going to church every Sunday, or is it being of service?

A lot of shenanigans goes on in churches nowadays, which I have no intention of getting caught up in.  My intention is to offer my gifts and talents to the world, and in doing so, be of service.

As Charles said in Year One of my Self-help novel;

“…If I was going to go back to church, it would have to be based upon what I know, not on what I believe.”

“What do you mean?”  

“Well I would want to go to a church that met on a Saturday, not Sunday, that acknowledged the Feminine Aspect of God, and that called God by his name, Jehovah.  It would have to acknowledge that Jesus, or Yeshuah, looked more like me, not a caucasian, and instead of making everyone give 10% of what they earn – which is unscriptural by the way – some of the money collected would be shared with those members in need.”

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Listen to another one of my prophetic poems “Call Me by My Name!”

In your service,




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